James Makes A Decision About Anne's Relationships

Anne Buckley   March 13, 2019   | 11307 Views
James is upset about his wife Anne's relationships with her lovers. To marry Anne he signed a prenuptial agreement to share her with other men. Anne has an overactive libido. She has had this since she was 11 years old. She is now in her early twenties and beautiful. Frequently the phone rings at home in the evening or phone messages from men for Anne are received. Anne is gone a lot. Lesbian

My name is Anne. My husband James and I have been married for 2 years. We are in our early twenties. We met in college. We married after our college graduation. I have a prenuptial agreement in writing with James. I told him I wanted to have sexual freedom.  To be shared with men. I was honest with him. I was not going to cheat behind his back.  He insisted he didn't care. He loved and wanted me.  Now he is changing his mind. I am having fun.  It's the 1970's. It's women's liberation. Sexual freedom. Open marriages. James never thought I would be so popular and wanted by loving men. My best friend Carol and I party together. She is single and beautiful. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. I have long brunette hair with blonde highlights and hazel eyes. We are petite, 5'2", with large breasts and "cute bubble butts."  I have had men say I have "bedroom eyes." Carol and I work together at the hospital in Administration. We are together so much people think we are sisters. We also wear the latest trend in clothing.I noticed James is spending more time away for his job. He met Julius and Terrance the two basketball players. Carol and I became their "Queens of Spades." They are our lovers and Masters. They are 7 ft. tall. We are with them when they are in town. They share me and Carol. We love these potent Black men. We serve them. Our bodies are for their use.Their isn't a night that I am alone when James is away. In the summertime at night some of the Latin men from the business club would take me up on the mountain overlooking the town.  The towns people call it "lovers lane." it really is quite dark but you can see the town's lights. The night breeze is cool on the  mountain.  Usually 4 or 6 Latin guys would be in the muscle car.  I rode in the backseat getting kissed, French kissed, finger and hand fucked.  They parked the car and put blankets and pillows on the hood of a 1970's Pontiac muscle car. They took my blouse and shorts off and fucked  me on the hood of that car. It was spooky, scarey, and erotic being fucked on a car on the mountain by guys I couldn't see. They would take me back to an apartment and fuck me some more. I would stay the night and have them take me home in the morning as I had to go to work. It bothered James I had "hickys", bite marks on my nipples. The consolation for me was the stimulations and intense love I received from the guys.Not too long ago James was home. The phone rang and Dr. Carlos my lover and gynecologist called. He is President of the Latin American Businessmen's Club. He called to remind me the Club is having another fund raiser. He invited me and Carol as guests. We are considered friends of the Club. 
I told Carlos my husband James is home. Carlos said, "bring him. He will learn and see how Latin men love you and Carol. The guys have a surprise for you and Carol."I told James about the invitation to the club. I said, " I know Dr. Carlos from the hospital and he is my gynecologist. He is also President of the Club."
James is impressed with the invitation and that I know local dignitaries. 
I was thinking. He will be in for a big surprise.Friday night James drove to Carol's apartment.  She was ready and happy to see us. 
When we arrived at the Club we were escorted to President Carlos's large roundtable. Carol was seated to his left and I to his right. James was seated to my right. Carol and I kissed  Dr. Carlos on his lips. Our photos were taken kissing him and standing next to him. The officers of the Club stood and applauded us. James was surprised at what we did.Drinks were brought to the table. Dinner was served and the Latin band played dining music.  Even James was enjoying himself. After dinner he spoke with members and especially with Dr. Carlos. He thanked Dr.Carlos and the officers of the Club. Dr. Carlos tapped his water glass. He thanked the officers and members of the Club for another successful dinner. After a short speech he turned over the next comments to Club Officer Juan. Juan said, "on behalf of  President Carlos and officers of the Club we want to thank Anne and Carol for their love of the officers. For their support of our Club. We are making you lifetime members of our Club. Every member stood up applauding us as we received our lifetime plaques. We were each given a large beach bag full of envelopes with money vouchers from each business as a love gift. The businesses names were read aloud as showing their appreciation to us. We were handed the microphone. Together we said smilingly, "Thank you President Carlos, thank you officers,and members of the Latin Anerican Businessmen's Club.  WE LOVE YOU.!" The men in the room stood up, applauded and cheered us. A cake with two lighted candles was placed in front of us. The candles represents me and Carol. Carlos said, "ladies, blow out the candles."We did.  Again more applauses. Cake and coffee are served. Champagne is also poured and the members toast us.The Latin Band plays dancing music and Carol and Anne have partners taking them to the dance floor.  Carlos arranges having other girls to pull James to the dance floor to distract him from watching Anne having a wild time with the guys. Especially fucKing guys in the booths.  At midnight Carlos invited the officers of the Club to his home. He also invites Anne, Carol and James.  James follows the cars up a hill to Carlos's home. The driveway and home are well lighted. Once inside the home Carlos gives the girls and James a tour of his completely restored two story Victorian home. The furniture is of the era. The girls had already had the tour however James doesn't know that. Eventually he will figure things out. James and the guys are watching soccer on early morning TV.  Carlos winks at us. We  left the room to freshen up. We came back naked and beautiful. Carlos is sitting in his favorite TV cushioned chair. We  sat at his sides in his
chair kissing him. His fingers find our shaved pussys. The guys and James are focusing their attention on us and not soccer. Carlos stimulates our clits getting us to moan. Carlos said, "take the men to the loving room. When finished come be with me." We led the men to the "loving room." James sat looking Carlos. Carlos said, " you better join in or you will lose Anne." James went to the room. We were sucking cocks, pulling cocks, being finger and hand fucked. The guys made sure James was last in line and watch as they licked, sucked my breasts nipples while they finger, hand fucked my clit and pussy.  We were moaning  One of the guys said, "we are going to fuck your wifes ass. She likes it. She begs us to fuck her ass. We all ride her bareback. When were done she will be ready for you. She will be dripping in our cum. Every man at the Club fucks your wife. We love her. Both Anne and Carol are loved by us."When the guys finished fucking our pussys and ass,  we asked the guys to spoon the sperm from our pussys and thighs into a cup. I asked  James to feed me the sperm. I smiled as I ate it.  When Ifinished  eating the sperm I said, "thank you James. Thank you for sharing me. I love you. I want you to fuck me now. I want you to feel other men's sperm in my body and on my body. I want you feel the love they squirted me with. I am now one with them." The guys watched as James  fed me their sperm and then he fucked my cum filled ass and pussy. My body is  coated with their sperm and James fucked my cum soaked body. Anne and Carol showered together and 2 guys bathed them. Anne and Sharon were ass fucked in the warm shower. Again, James watched this activity.  He realizes Anne is happpier having many lovers.After showers we join Carlos. I kissed James goodnight as Carlos has his hands holding our waists and we enter his bedroom. I said, " Carlos loves me and Carol. We are his for the night."
James said, "he was going home. Call me if you want me to come get you."
After that was said the bedroom door closed.Later Sunday morning we showered with Carlos. He fucked both our asses. He is very potent. That is why we love him. He satisfies both of us.I said, "Why don't we get James and take him to breakfast?"   We got into Carlos 's car and go to my apartment.  I went inside and found James watching. TV. I said," we are going to the diner for breakfast. I want you to join us."
James replies, "He is leaving early as he has a long drive to the work site.  He also said, "he wants their marriage annulled. He said my sexual appetite is overwhelming  and my erotic behavior with many men is too much for him to handle.   He has an an attorney in town that they both can use. He said he will give me  75 percent of the cash saved and invested. He said he loves me and hopes I understand.  I kissed him with a tear in my eye. I said I understand and I will sign the annulment papers.I went to Carlos's car. I apologized for taking longer with James. I told Carlos and Carol what happened. Their consensus is  I am free to make my own decisions. We celebrated my new emancipation. I am free. We went to breakfast.
During breakfast Carlos asked what Carol and I are doing tonight, Saturday night?  We have no plans we said. 
Carlos said," Anne, would you like to celebrate your new freedom?"
I said, "yes."
Carlos said, "what would like to do?"
I replied, "Carol and I like to go to Club Deja Vu We dance and love the party atmosphere."
Carlos said, "I will take you. Anne, would you like an after Club party at my house?"
I smiled and said,"yes." 
Carlos said,"How many Latin Club members would you like at the party?"
I looked at Carol. I said, "we are best friends Carol. How many do you think?"
Carol said, "twenty?"
I said, "each?"
Carol laughed and said, " I am open to whatever. I like to fuck."
I said to Carlos, "forty guys of your choice?"
Carlos said, " I can accommodate  an after hour party of that size  at the Latin Club.
you will be well loved. The party will be next Saturday night at midnight."
We kissed Carlos and thanked him."The following week I found how quickly that word was on the street in town that "Anne" "the hot wife" was getting divorced and available.  When I got home from work there were a lot of phone messages from guys wanting me to call them or they would call back. The Latin club officers were especially caring.  They took me to dinner.  Then we would go up to the mountain park at night where there are picnic tables and lovers lane.  The guys would put  a pad and blankets on a picnic table.  They pulled my shorts and blouse off. There were 2 cars with guys.  Twelve guys fucked me at a hidden table at the park. It was fun, stimulating  and fulfilling.  I ate so much sperm it was leaking at the corner of my lips and down my chin. The guys when finished fucking me used wet wipes to clean me as I was dripping with sperm. 
Club officers took me to the Club to bathe in the large shower.   Four guys joined me and bathed me. I got on my hands knees raising my ass, lowering my back welcoming them fucking my ass.  One of the guys invited named Luis invited me
to his home with four other guys that live there. I had a change of clothes for work with me. Luis said he would take me to work.  At the apartment the guys opened a sofa bed for me. They put fresh linen on it with blankets. I took my clothes off in front of them. I was tired. I laid down naked and was joined by Luis and 4 other guys. These guys love me. I was awakened during the night with cocks in my pussy and ass.  I finally got some sleep. In the morning I showered early, alone, and got dressed. I awakened Luis. He took me to my apartment. I kissed him. I asked him ,"if I could stay some more nights at his place?"
He replied, "We love you Anne. The guys want you to stay. Of course. Mi Casa Su Casa." Saturday night at almost midnight Carlos took me and Carol to the Latin Club. The members used to heavy dining tables next to each other with twin mattresses fastened down covered by sheets. 
Carlos announced in Spanish and English that I was officially free of husband James.  The guys applauded. He said Anne and Carol want to celebrate my liberation with the Latin club officials they love. We had the men undress us. This is a 40 men gangbang the we wanted.After  two hours and 45 minutes Carol and I had continuously pulled, sucked cock keeping the guys stimulated to fuck their ass and pussys.  The guys repeatedly fucked both of us  girls 3 times each making the total for each girl 120 times fucked our ass and pussy. The last two guys were asked to remove the sperm from our pussys and thighs with a spoon putting it into a cup. They did.  We asked Carlos  to feed us a full four ounce cup each of our lovers sperm. Other guys watched us swallow every spoonful. When we finished the guys applauded us. We told the guys their sperm is in us . They are now in our hearts.Anne Signs The Annulment Papers And The Fun Begins....cont'd

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