Wife path of exploration

lasyamachiga   April 23, 2020   | 20769 Views
A newly married wife who ends up in a path of sexual exploration with her sexual partners stepmom I am a married woman. I got married very in mid-2019. It was an arranged marriage. I was a virgin before marriage. After having sex with my husband, for the first time, I liked it a lot. We had good sex. Initially everything was ok, after a while my lust and desire for sex increased. 6 months into marriage I wanted more and more sex. During the day I would some times masturbate watching porn. As time progressed I started doing it more and more. I watched a lot of porn in my free time and thought of many fantasies. After that, I decided to stop watching porn. I thought socializing would help my condition. I went for a walk and a guy asked me out for a date. I wanted to just have fun and chat for a while, I played along flirted with him along the way. In the end we exchanged numbers.
He was a jobless guy passing his time. After my husband has gone to work. I would msg him and talk to him. Unfortunately due to my husband's nature of work he frequently goes on business trips. I went for a morning walk and I ran into him. We flirted with each other. He grabbed my hand I did not say anything, we continued flirting.
He suddenly told me that he like me and he felt like kissing me. I just laughed. He went straight to my lips. I did not resist him. His lips were on mine we exchanged out tounges, but it did not last long. I lost myself in lust. My cravings for sex and pleasure returned. I told him that I liked it and want more of it. He told me that he lives nearby and currently stays alone. In 5min we were at his place. We went straight to the bed room. We started kissing each other everywhere, stripped naked. I pushed him onto the bed, grabbed his penis gave it a few strokes to make it rigid. I pushed it into my pussy, into a face-off sex position. I told him that I am craving for a steamy lip-lock. We kissed each other, tongues crossing each other, the saliva was dripping onto our bodies, but we continued kissing passionately. I liked the saliva off his body. He did the same and in that process moved to my breasts. I started rocking my body, riding on his thick dick, while he was busy licking my nipples and sucking the life out of me. He occasionally switched from left boob to right boob to my lips. We continued it for 20-25 min and after that, I went for the cum, rocking my body much vigorously, making loud moans, for about 5 min. when he said that he was going to cum I took out the penis from my pussy and watched him cum. He put his finger into my vagina and rocked it vigorously and 2 min I was done too.
After sex we lay naked on the bed for a while. I confessed to him that I was married and talked with him. I apologized to him for hiding about it, also I told him that I enjoyed the ride. He said that he liked me. He suggested we become sexual partners and I readily agreed to it.
I asked him about the bathroom and towel for cleaning. He got off the bed and put his hand around my waist and showed me the bathroom. I held on to his hand suggested we should at least wash together. I turned on the shower and hugged him. we kissed each other in the shower. I rubbed soap and cleaned him. He turned off the shower and rubbed the soap on to my upper body and spent a lot of time squeezing my boobs. I turned on the shower to let the soap off my body. He held me close with one hand started giving me a lip lock. I played along, placed my hands around his neck and held me tightly. While I was enjoying the steamy lip-lock in the shower (and water), he slowly moved his other hand to my pussy. With so many things happening I was lost and could sense his hands near my pussy. The moment his fingers entered into my pussy I became alert. I withdrew from liplock. He started fingering my pussy. I was in pleasure, but it was not comfortable for me. He forced me into a lip-lock and fingered my pussy. It was nice. We continued for a while. Later, I bent over and went into a doggy position. He thrust his dick into my pussy and banged me from behind. I made loud moans enjoying the play. It was fun doing it in a shower. I told him I was going to cum and made loud moans with heavy breaths until I finally cummed. He washed me and we came out. Once again on the bed naked but this time one of his hands on my breast, massaging it. The shower sex was awesome, it was something I have never done. But I was kinda unhappy that I could not make him cum for the second time. I don't like being in debt. So, while his hands were on my breasts massaging, I put my hand on his dick playing with the balls. I teased him for a while without holding his dick. I suddenly grabbed his dick and he got up and sat on the bed. I got up from laying on the bed. We quickly started our lip-lock, with one of his hands on my breasts and the other around my neck. I started jerking his dick. We continued for a while until he cummed.
After this we both kinda thought it is enough for today. He washed and came back and while I was halfway dressing. He sat on the bed naked while I got dressed. We agreed on staying in touch and having sex at least once a week. He booked a cab to my home. While waiting for the cab. We kissed each other. On my way back home I thought about our sex and I am excited to have more ....
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