Blessings in a Puja brings motherhood

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A childless Australian Indian visits her mom at Mumbai to perform a puja to become mother. Will she succeed? How ? read on Luxury

That morning I was going to In orbit mall at Vashi from my mother’s apartment at CBD Belapur. Suddenly I could see lot of crowd almost blocking the road. I was cursing the Indian public who never bother to block roads for trivial causes. I badly wanted to return to Sydney where I lived with my husband. I had come to India to attend a marriage.

I asked the driver to check the reason for blockade. After a few minutes he returned and told that a man was performing a body building show and he normally does it for a living. I cursed him and asked the driver to take some other route. But I could see that the crowd was thinning and in a few minutes all dispersed. I became slightly curious to see the person for some reason which I didn’t know. May be, I thought why Government is not encouraging such people. I lowered the window glass and saw the person was packing. I involuntarily gasped on seeing him.  What a body he had. Great abs, broad shoulders and shining skin.  Then the car passed and crossed the place. I was thinking how such people get encouragement in Sydney by the Government and sports organizations but in India he was in streets.

I reached in orbit, mall and did some shopping. On return I could see that same person was now performing in the lawns of the shopping mall. Curiosity ebbed me to stand for a while and see the show. I was now mesmerized by the person who perhaps had the best body and a truly handsome face. The driver brought he car and waved at me and I returned home. Somebody had put a pamphlet in the car about the body building show and I read it. His name was Pawan Sharma from Haryana and had won many such shows in his state and Punjab. His phone number was there and had informed that anyone who want to organize his show can call him. I don’t really know why I kept the pamphlet in my purse. Soon I reached home and had lunch and slept. Evening I was to attend the reception at Leela Hotel near airport. I got up by four and went to a parlor for make up and reached Leela by seven with my mother. The dinner was over by ten and we left. At gate I saw Pawan standing and again curiously I asked driver to stop and spoke to him. I told that I saw his show for a while near In orbit mall and I liked. I spoke few words of encouragement and he thanked me. He told that he was waiting for an auto to go to CBD where he lived. I asked him to be seated in the car as I was also going to CBD. Hesitantly he sat in front seat beside driver. On way he spoke about his shows in Delhi and his intention to compete for international events. He was staying alone in a 1 BHK apartment in CBD. On reaching the place he got down and thanked me for my words of encouragement and for the lift given in my car. Again, I cannot tell why but I all of a sudden asked if he was busy the next day. He also was bit surprised but replied that he will have to take some rest and would be at home all day. He waved me good night and left.

Next morning, I was thinking of Pawan. After breakfast I was reading news and suddenly, I thought of speaking to him. I had his number and dialed him. After a minute he picked up and I told that I was Seema who had given him lift in car. He wished me a very good day and we spoke few general talks. Then he asked if I could join him for a lunch as he was free that day. I thought for a while and agreed, as I wanted some change from routine home food. (My mon is a pure veg and I at Sydney was used to nonveg too and thought I can have a change).

Before I proceed it is necessary to tell readers about myself. I am Seema basically from Indore. But my parents settled at Mumbai even before my birth and for all reasons I am a Mumbaikar. I am the only daughter for my parents, and they were quite rich as my dad is a businessman dealing with import export. I grew up as a rich spoiled girl in school and college.  Due to the rich food at home I was a chocolate girl firth from beginning and as I entered college, I was quite bit at my bosom wearing 34 at age of 18. My dad never stopped me from any activity and hence with his encouragement I learnt swimming, yoga and was a regular at gym. So, I had maintained very good figure envious to anyone. But my dad always had an eye on me and discouraged friendship with boys. Obviously, I did not encourage any boys in college to be my friend. After graduation, I worked at a nearby private company for a year to pass time.

Then my parents arranged my marriage with Akash Sahoo, who was also from Indore and had settled at Sydney in Australia. It was exciting to go to Australia after marriage. Setting up new house at West mead, buying new furniture from IKEA, shopping, sightseeing at Diamond harbor etc. was too good to believe. However, I shall have to confess that nights were not that sweet for me. All my expectations and anxiety of sex, of wild sex, of close intimacy, seeing seventh heaven were all dashed to ground. It was all like a wet cracker just burning the wick and putting off. But still I did not complain and tried to get whatever satisfaction I could from that two-minute mating once a week. Three years passed with no further hopes for me.

My parents and in laws visited and stayed for few months. We went to Gold Coast, Melbourne and Canberra and spent good time. My mother in law frequently asked me as to why I had not conceived. I gave cryptic replies that we are still young and wanted to enjoy few more years. She was not convinced, and I know, she decided that I was at fault. Funny with old generation about their thinking. She even asked my husband and he had no answer.  But I conceded with my mom about my ill fate. She was worried about me. She was happy with how I was leading luxurious life in Sydney with Cars; good house and the income of my husband was also too good.  But she understood my problem and told that she will consult some astrologers, priests and perform some pooja. I kept quiet not wanting to disappoint her.

This time my mom and mother in law insisted us to visit and perform the pooja which they had lot of hopes. That was also one of the reasons for our visit. The pooja was a month away and as it was December holidays, we came early which allowed me to attend the marriage also. When I stayed with mom my husband stayed with his parents and used to come in the evenings. So whole day I was free.

At six in the evening Pawan send a message asking me where to meet. I decided to be the host for the event knowing Pawan’s financial status was not very good. I asked him to meet near Leela Hotel at seven. I told mom that I am going out for dinner with a friend and would be late which I will call again and tell. I left in a cab instead of dad’s Benz. When I reached Leela it was half past seven and Pawan was waiting in the lobby. He got up and held my extended hand. I was wearing a black net with sequin work and a backless, sleeveless blouse.  Pawan complimented me and I smiled. We were led to a corner seat in the dining hall. I called for the menu and was going through. Pawan looked perplexed with the price, I think but I told that I will order, and it would be my party.  I ordered for some starters and two scotch. We were now freely talking, and he told me about his parents at Haryana and I about my Sydney life. We finished one then second and finally ended with a third.  It felt very good to have some drink after long time.

I then ordered Chicken, fish and few rotis with rice pulao.  We ate slowly talking and as I was in a great mood after drink, I never noticed my pallu dropping down and resting on my left arm throughout the dinner.  Few times I did notice Pawan staring at my deep cleavage and I somehow got excited to show off my asset. So, I did my level best to show as much of my flesh as possible and enjoyed his uneasiness. We finished with a dessert. The time was quarter past ten. We took a cab and first went to Pawan’s flat to drop him. He called me inside as a courtesy and I went in. He had maintained the house very clean. There was on bedroom with a clean bed and a small TV.

I sat on the bed and Pawan asked me if I would like to have another small peg of scotch. I don’t know why, but I nodded my head and we sat enjoying the drink chatting. We had finished second peg when my mon called me. I was then only noticed that the time was half past eleven. I knew that in my state of drunkenness at that night it would be difficult to hire a cab and my parents would notice the smell. So without thinking much I told mom that I was held up in friend’s house and would return home in the morning. Pawan was listening to me and was pleasantly surprised with me deciding to stay back.

Pawan cleaned the bottles and I freshened up. He had bathing robe which he offered me to wear at night. I took shower and came out in the robe and had nothing inside. Pawan had changed to a half pant and was bare chested. He looked very strong and sexy. Without any preliminaries he came to me and hugged. I put my arms around me and we kissed. It was the first very hot, wet and long kiss I ever experienced. We continued our rain of kisses as Pawan opened his mouth to welcome my tongue. By then my robe had fallen to the floor and I was fully nude. In one swift move he lifted me and placed thighs on his shoulder with legs hanging on his back. I held his head for support and he was supporting me with his hands on my bums. I pushed forward and Pawan’s tongue pierced into my vagina.  He was gyrating his tongue as I was moaning and shouting. He continued relentlessly and I shuddered and was shaking when I got my first orgasm.

Without moving out his tongue little bit, he took me to the bed and laid me flat and continued licking my wet pussy. I was now dripping, holding his head and pushing further down, moaning and shouting in ecstasy unable to bear the heavenly experience and together not wanting it to end. My already intoxicated body because of five pegs of scotch, this fantastic experience was a bigger intoxication. I raised my legs and circled around his head pulling him down and simultaneously he raised my hips and placed a pillow below which provided further access to his dominating tongue. The experience was so wonderful that I never wanted it to end. I was now profusely flooding my own secretions on to his face and I could sense a stream of watery fluid flowing down my hip valley on to the sheets. But Pawan was licking and there appeared no sign of stopping. He extended his hand up and I guided them on to my breasts which were no hard and heaving wanting his touch. Not disappointing me his both hands squeezed my boobs and nipples. Slowly he let go of my pussy and came on top and started suckling my nipples and his hand took the position between my thighs. My hands circled him and was caressing his back, pulling on to my breasts. We stopped for a long kiss which acted as a break. We exchanged our breath for air and saliva for our thirst.

I widened my thighs to welcome his awesome penis which was probably three times bigger than my husband. When he was entering in to me I felt as if a wrist is being pushed inside. As I was by then flooding my lubricants the entry was accomplished with a few thrusts. His huge testicles touched my thighs. I hugged this great person who was showing gates of heaven. I circled his back with my arms and his legs with my legs and pulled him inward. It was a perfect union. Cent percent packed piston and cylinder. Soon the piston started to act. One two three hundred, and countless strokes up, down, up, down, up, down I was drenched with my oozing orgasmic fluids. There was a flood in between my thighs, a flood which I had never experienced, a flood in which I wanted to drown, yes, yeah, I was moaning, I was shouting, and my breath was very heavy. I clinched my fist on the satin sheet and dug my nail on Pawan’s back. Our mouths met and melted again and again. When our saliva was exchanging in mouth he ejaculated and filled me fully, completely and I firmly held my thighs tight lest the sacred drops of elixir would overflow. I held him tight not wanting to waste the nectar of life.

We lay satisfied, and tiered. I rested my head on his big biceps and he hugged me. My legs were on hi sleft leg and his right legs were on my legs. His tool pressing my thighs. His hand was on my breast, playing with the erect nipple. We never bothered to wash even. We spoke about our first meet and how things turned thereafter. I told about my child ambition and the pooja scheduled in the coming month. Pawan told that now that he is with me my ambition will be fulfilled. Yes, now Pawan was my God. I had absolutely no doubt that I will conceive. I was holding his semi hard phallus in my right hand In about half an hour he was ready with another rock hardness.

I continued to fondle his big bags and stroke the shaft. Pawan was enjoying the sensation and was suckling my nipple with frequent moaning. His finger entered my vagina and I felt it as big as the penis itself. He was rubbing my clitoris and I was exciting his weapon. Kisses, kisses and more kisses, sucking, squeezing, fondling, caressing all foreplay in the books of sex were happening between two hungry bodies. Pawan lifted me on his top. Placing my knees on either side of Pawan and resting my elbows on the bed I widened my thighs and sank on his flag post slowly and completely.

I rested on his chest for along time with our copulation intact, out lips, our mouths celebrating the occasion. Pawan was caressing my back, my hips. Then the involuntary actions started prompting me to move up. Every down stroke was complete, his hard head of penis striking my cervix, his balls banging on my thighs and Pawan holding my boobs each time. I was jumping like proverbial jumping jackal. Experienced unbearable multiple orgasms and in one swift move Pawan turned me down and came on me all without disengaging. This time he made love for much longer time and again filled me womb completely with his hot thick semen. We rested. I did not want to wash the top up that had happened to my vagina. I cherished it, I liked it and I was thirsty for it much more.

That night the powerful, energetic Pawan and the ever ready, sex hungry Seema had sex three times and then both got sound sleep. When I opened eyes, it was half past eight. Both were still nude. Looking at a sleeping Pawan, brought smile on my face. I felt proud as I had succeeded. I was hungry.   I got up, put on the robe which was lying on floor and then went to kitchen. His kitchen was well organized, and I tool milk from fridge, coffee powder was easily locatable. I prepared hot coffee and took to the bedroom. Sitting by his side I pressed my lips on his to wake him up. He hugged me lightly and we kissed a fantastic good morning kiss. Pawan sat and we had coffee together.

While I was holding the coffee mug in my right hand, my left hand sent inside the blanket and searched his tool. It was semi hard then. As I caressed and stroked his penis, he was ready with a steel hard tool. We finished cored and bending forward and holding his penis I started licking it all along the shaft, the pink strawberry and the big heavy balls. He was growing each second of my foreplay and finally when I was ready I pulled him on to me and he entered me as easily as a hot knife would go in butter.  We made love for very long time and he ejaculated fourth time before we got up. We were hungry and Pawan ordered some breakfast from a nearby restaurant. We took bath together and then reluctantly I left.

Since then we were meeting daily in the afternoon for about three hours except on weekends. In the coming days the arranged pooja was also performed and the priest blessed me to become a mother soon. I knew that I would certainly be a mother, thanks to Pawan. After pooja my husband left for Sydney as he had no more holidays. Before leaving he expressed confidence that with the blessings of God, we will be parents soon. I smiled and told that I too believe very soon we can be parents.

After Akash left Mumbai I was meeting Pawan daily in the afternoon from 1 to 5 and return home. Week ends I spent whole night with Pawan. I could tell some reason or other to mother like spending time with friends, shopping, got late in friend house, going for movie etc.

That very next month I missed my periods. I waited for two more weeks and did a home test with a pregnancy kit and it was positive. I met Pawan that afternoon and broke the good news to him and we celebrated with one of the best sexual adventure to celebrate my conception. After two more weeks I met a gynecologists and pregnancy was confirmed. I told Akash, my in laws and parents. All were happy. It was a rere occasion when I was happy, Pawan was happy Akash was happy, my in laws and parents were all happy. I told Akash that Dr has advised not to travel in the first trimester. That gave me three months of spending happy time with Pawan. In my fourth month I left Mumbai and reached Sydney. I was in constant contact with Pawan.

It was very difficult to spend time without Pawan. But I was happy that I was carrying his child in my womb. I gave birth to most handsome baby boy who looked very much like me which helped me to dispel any suspicion which might have come up in mind of Akash. Meanwhile Pawan had applied for immigration to Australia under Sportsman quota and without Akash knowing I also sponsored his application. When the child was three months Pawan came to Sydney. I told Akash that a brother of my Classmate in Indore is coming and would stay with us till he finds alternate accommodation. Akash agreed. Pawan stayed in our house for ten days and they were again most happy, satisfying period of my life. Almost daily we had sex in the afternoon. After ten days Pawan got an apartment near our place and shifted. He also got a job in Paramatta.

One afternoon when I was resting on Pawan I asked if he would like to get married. He told that he will not marry as long I am in his life. He was clear in his mind. As long as he had me he would not think of another woman. Now it is all sex year old story. Our son is sex year and I got another daughter from Pawn. She is now two years. Luckily till now no one has doubt or come to know about our relations. So far so good. I pray God who helped me  to become  a mother to also help me to maintain these issue discrete.

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