First encounter of the boss's wife

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Young mechanic gets drawn into the boss's wife's sexual hunger. Lesbian My name is Chris and this all began when I went for a job interview at a small family ran garage. When I meet the most amazing women ever. 

As I entered the office for my interview I was was met by this gorgeous woman who took my breath away when I first set eyes on her.

Her name was Paula she was 5ft2 but she had a massive set of tits they looked amazing in her tight fitted shirt that was see through. You could sed the out line of be lace bra and her nipples that where pushing against her bra and sticking out. As she walked from behind her desk she stunned me even more. She was wearing a very short skirt that showed off her muscular legs that could easily crush a man skull if she want to. 

As we sat down and started the interview I could help but notice that Paula was pushing her tits out every time she learnt forward showing my her cleavage at the same time. We spoke about the boring thing in a job interview what they expected of me and so on.

Paulas husband Dave came in and introduced himself and again told me what he wanted and he wasn't sure if I fitted the job role. 

After about 20 mins of basically staring at Paulas tits the interview came to and end and I got up shock her hand and has I walked out she said " I hope you had a nice view?" and winked as I walked out. Shit I had been caught and there was no way I had got the job. 

When I arrived home all I could think about was the size of Paula's tit and how much I wanted to stick my cock in them. I had a wank dreaming about Paula's tits and ended up having the best orsgam I had ever had. 

I couple of weeks passed and I haven't heard anything from Paula about the job. Maybe because I got caught looking I didn't get it, when all of a sudden my phone rang it was Paula telling me I had the job and I start the following Monday. I was so excited I had another wank looking forward to seeing her tits again. 

My start date came and I turn up to the garage excited and nervous. As I walked up the forecourt I saw Paula in the distance standing talking. As I walked up to the office she turned round smiled and came and greeted me. I had to hide my hard on as it was pushing out of my trousers causing a tent.

After a good few months things were going great I had settled in nicely and everything was good. 

Dave had to go out with a the other lads to pick a breakdown up that was about an hour away it left me and paula on our own.

I was working on a car when I needed to take some paper work to the office as I approached the office I could hear Paula moaning and calling my name. As I got to the door it was open slightly, as I looked through the gap I could see Paula leaning back in her chair with one leg on the desk and the other over the arm of the chair spreading her wide open. I saw her hand disappear down between her stretched legs and move very very fast. She was moaning and saying "that's it Chris lick my pussy come on I am going to cum faster faster." As I stood at the door my cock grew instantly and I started to rub it through my trousers. 

After what felt like a year (probably only 2 minutes) I got my cock out and start slowly rubbing it while watching Paula moan louder and louder now fucking her self with a small pink dildo. I was getting more and more turned on when all of a sudden my phone rang trying to get hold of it to shut it up I fell threw the door making Paula scream "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!" 

I stood there in shock, I didn't know what to do I just froze I had my cock in my hand and didn't know what to do. I wanted the whole ground to swallow me up. 

I finally maganged to answer back " I... I am so sorry I just want to come and give this paper work back and I heard you and I" it all came out so fast it sounded like a load of jumbled up rubbish. As I stood there with my cock in my hard pointing to the ceiling and pre cum dripping down it I thought I have blown it and lost my job.

By this time Paula had repositioned herself in her chair staring at me. I thought she was going to call her husband and the police I really thought I was screwed and not in the good way.  She got up and walked over to me she was wearing a long skirt that came to her knees and a nice shirt that had a couple of buttons open showing her very nice cleavage off. As she approached me I thought she was going to hit me. Instead she looked me in the eyes and said " I haven't been fucked hard in years!" I didn't know what to do or say I was stuck in the same position with my hand trying to cover my trobbing cock. Now my cock isn't massive but it is thick and has pleased many women that have fucked it.

As we stood eye to eye I could see down you top and Paula's nipples started growing and push against her top showing me she wasn't wearing a bra. She grabbed my hand off my cock and placed it on her tit and started rubbing it I could feel her nipple rubbing against her top and growing hard. As I was rubbing her tit Paula grabbed my cock hard which made me jump a little bit. She let go slightly and start moving her hand slowly up and down my cock.

While she was wanking me off she saw loads of pre cum dripping down my cock she rubbed her fingers all over the end of my cock and collected some of my pre cum and ducked her fingers just inches away from my face. I about came there and then. Damn she knew how to work up a young man. 

She pull my hand off her tit and got on her knees staring directly at my cock it was about poking her in the eye that's how close she was. Paula took my cock and stuck the tip in her mouth licking the pre cum off. 

Paula processed to slowly slide my raging hard on down her throat and then back out again. Like I said my cock isn't that long but it is thick and paula had to work her jaw muscles to take me all the way In. As she went to work on my cock I could feel her tongue moving all around my cock she licked it from the bottom up when she pulled my cock out, then licked around the tip and then worked her way down to my balls where she spent some time on each ball. I could feel my balls tighten as I was I close to cuming. I said to Paula " I am so close keep going and I am going to cum down your throat." with that paual got faster and faster. Pushing my cock further down her throat and then back out as I came out of her mouth it made a popping sound, then she would slide it all the way in again. The faster Paula went the more I was going to cum. 

After a couple more minutes I shouted "I AM CUMING OMG HERE IT COMES" I grabbed Paula's head and held her mouth all the way down on my cock. I came and came about 5 large loads shoot out of my cock and hit the back of Paula's throat. She swallowed every last bit and as I pulled my cock out of her mouth she left it open to show me she had swallowed it all. 

Just was we had finished I was doing my trousers up went paula said to me " I can't wait to feel that cock split my pussy open and make me scream." Then Dave walked in and asked what was going on. Paula looked at me and just said "Chris is just booking some holiday" I just agreed and went to walk out, and just as I did Dave sat at his computer and Paula gave me a sexy wink and lifted her skirt up showing she had no pants on and was soaking wet. 

I went back to work with a massive smile on my face and looked forward to our next encounter  

To be continued............  

First story's ladies and gents so any feed back would be great but please be kind 
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