fucked boyfriend in front of his foreign clients (work from home)

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A sensual event when silk fucks Nick and juices out his big cock, hard in front of his clients rings I have always been needed by many men, maybe because I have a body that attracts all.
I met Nick (my present boyfriend) on Facebook when he asked me a question "why did you not call me after our last meeting".
We met and fucked each other a lot of times, but the one incident  I wanted to first share with you guys is this one.
All my sex stories have happened and that's how I am inspired to write about it. My name is silky, Dad named me this as I have silky hair. Nick, when he first fucked me , He mentioned that I was like  butter in his hands and my body was silky. So I understand the reason why my parents named me that.

It was a rainy day. My boyfriend and I moved in together to our new home. We have saved a little money to buy our own home by the countryside.
The moves and Packers dropped in our luggage and I got busy unpacking the stuffs.
My boyfriend had to attend to a very important meeting that day and he was going to work from home.
He unpacked his laptop and got busy on his laptop with the video conference with his office colleagues n international clients.
I was unpacking all the stuffs and placing them in their places when I saw my penis toy that I ones was gifted by my ex-boyfriend. Though it was a toy but was jelly type n on touching it, it felt so real and ones you on the button, it would get hard and vibrate.
I held it in my mouth and switched in the button n as it got harder, I got turned on. My pussy started asking for it. I started feeling an urge of getting one inside me.
In pulled down my denim shorts and held the toy near my inner thigh.
That's when I boyfriend entered the room and saw my high. He had his laptop in his hand and told me -"wow honey, we got a break n one of my top clients will be online, I wanted a new shirt to wear".
I looked at him with my seductive eyes n guestured him where his cloths were kept. He wore his shirt n no pants n I saw his penis sticking out under his brief, he went back again with his laptop. He turned back and told me -"enjoy till I come back".
I was all wet but wanted him to dig in me. I went to the room where he was on the laptop. I saw 4 other foreign clients of his on the screen. They couldn't see me as I was not near the webcam.
I stood opposite him and got off my bra under my silk top. He looked at me. My breasts stuck out n my nipples was hard and he could see it sticking out from under my silky sleeveless top.
I crawled under the table n saw his penis getting harder. I touched it, he was busy listening to his client but I could feel that he was getting wild and was only controlling himself. I got off his brief and his penis stuck out. I held it in my hand and started to play with it. I licked out n got it in my mouth.
As I was doing that, I was getting all wet and I did not care of his meeting. I crawled from under the table and my back was facing the laptop. I sat on his lap and I couldn't hear anyone talking. I kissed my boyfriend so passionately digging my tongue inside him and sucking his lips and tongue. His hands reached my top and he ripped it apart. I got his shirt off and that's when I heard someone say -"fuck her". And the other said -"if you can't, I will". I could feel the heat in the air.
Nick my boyfriend, reached for my breasts and held it in his mouth n I moaned out loudly -"Aahh". My naked back was facing his foreign clients and one said -"she looks hot, I wish I could have her". My boyfriend's hand reached near my butt, held it high and removed my lingerie panty. The clients now saw my naked butt. I heard someone moaning from the laptop too.
I got so horny by that moan that I wanted to be fucked hard by my boyfriend. I held on to his head while he was sucking my breasts hard.
He slid lower and kissed my tummy n now sitting on the table where the laptop was kept. He helped my widen my legs and licked my pussy. He sucked it and got his tongue inside me. I was really high and moaned out loud with his name -"Aahh, yes Nick, get me baby". I felt his tongue inside me, I felt his tongue was doing the job of the penis as I felt it deep inside.
Someone said -"Fuck her hard". The other said -"take her down".
It was like I was their new project and they were having a meeting on how to fuck me hard.
My boyfriend's cock is really long and hard, I held it in my hand while he was busy smooching me. I was lying on the table with my legs spread n he with no mercy on me and he slid inside me. I screamed out loud and one guy said -"fuck look at her breasts, it's so beautiful". That's when my boyfriend put his hands on them and squeezed them.
Now he was all ready for the race inside me. He held the table n started to pump me in. I am so on n wanted more of him.
Aahh, oh God, I love you Nick, fuck me and tear me apart".
He then turned me around and took me from behind. His clients looked at my face and I saw everyone's eye on us.
One of his client was holding his cock and giving himself solve pleasure.
I was all high and my boyfriend shifted my body towards the lady side and held my right leg on his shoulder and took me from the side. I moaned out loud and was dripping all wet.
Fuck me harder Nick, Aahh, Oh, hmmm, yes you digger, yes, more, Aahh, yes.
Silky u r so fucking hot, here you go bitch.
I loved it when he called me his bitch. We moved towards the chair and I was then on top of him, (again facing my back towards his clients), with him inside me. I was riding on him and out parts made slap noise. Slup slup slup slup.... thap thap thap and we were all moaning in so much pleasure and fucking that even laptop near us was shaking.

"Fuck you Nick"- I enjoy you so much every time i fuck you and get drilled by you like an animal 

He was about to cum and I always love this part deeply to my senses as it always made me feel the remark he gives me - he planted his seeds in me and having his hot cum in my warm pussy makes me feel so comfortable and gives my brian eternal sense of pleasure...!!
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