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This is the continuation of my previous episode about their trip to Ooty. In this part she transforms into a whore and will be detailing the events that lead her to fuck a stranger. CHEATER MOM. Lesbian

This is the continuation of the last two parts of my narration MY MOM’S ILLICIT AFFAIRS : Part I & II about my mom. Please read the earlier episodes if you are a new reader for better understanding of the events. (You can search it in search stories or else you can type the correct story title in Google. It would be a great experience I swear.) I was overwhelmed with the response that I have received for my earlier posts and am grateful to all those who responded. I expect your support in this episode too.

The next day morning, I was late to wake up from bed since I was late to sleep. Then when I woke up, my mom was missing in my room and I slowly peeked into his room to see whether she was with him, but they were missing there too. Then when I went to hall, I saw him hugging her from behind and kissing her as she was preparing tea.

He was pressing her boobs and was evident from her dress as her first two buttons were open and one boob was out of her lace bra. As soon as I entered, she told she was making tea and he was helping her because she was finding it difficult to stand without support as her ankle was aching badly. Her left boob with erect nipple was still out and she suddenly adjusted her dress when she understood that I saw it.

I then acted cool and asked her how was she feeling then, for which she told “I was not able to stand in the morning and only because of him (Suresh), I am able to walk. He made me walk in the morning holding my hand.” Saying this she hugged him around his waist and was walking towards me with a tea cup. I then told her to take rest and we can drop today’s programs.

She then said “No baby, don’t simply waste your day for this. I will take rest here and moreover he has promised me to take me to a doctor by 10 or so. So, you continue your plan and go along with the rest of the families in the resort.” I then understood she was executing her plan to get me off the room so that she can enjoy the rest of the day with him without thinking about anything.

He also told “Lakshmi, the trekking and trip they arrange in this resort is best in the business and you should not miss these activities. Most of the people come here mainly for this. And don’t worry about her as I will take good care of her and provide whatever she needs.” Saying this he winked at her and she gave a naughty smile back. I then told in my mind, “I know you are taking good care of each other’s pleasure.”

I then acted as if I was convinced to go alone and told her to call me if there is any emergency. She was happy hearing this and she told Suresh uncle “Dear, please take me to my room as I need to give her money for her expenses today.” Hearing this he came near her and told her don’t stress your leg like this and lifted her in his arms and started to walk towards the room. I was shocked to see this as they were doing such things in front of me itself. His one hand was clearly pressing her boobs when he lifted her. I then stood there while they went inside and came back with money and placed her in the couch.

While he was placing her on the couch, she told him “thanks a lot my dear strong man” and gave him a kiss on his face. I acted surprised and asked her about this when he was not there. For which she replied “I already told you he is my good friend and you even saw the effort and care he gives me. So, I don’t find anything wrong in appreciating his good deeds. He was also happy after that. Didn’t you notice? I told you already that we must do our best to make him happy.”

I said ok and she gave me Rs.2000 and told me to enjoy your day and do shopping of dresses that I liked. It was a huge amount at that time but I understood that this was given to me for leaving them alone for the rest of the day so that they can fuck at their will. I took the money and went to room to get dressed to go for trekking.

By 9, Suresh uncle came to my room and told me to have breakfast from the dining hall in the reception area and bus will be waiting there at entrance by 9.45 am. He also told that he has asked to serve them breakfast to room as mom was finding it difficult to walk. He then took me to the dining hall and showed me the boarding point of the bus. He then told the room boy to bring food for two people to our cottage and went back.

But I had other plans in my mind. I had no intention to go out trekking when I could see such hot fucking in my room. I had breakfast and slowly returned back to the cottage and sneaked in through the balcony that I have kept open earlier itself. I then went and took a corner spot in the balcony from where I won’t be spotted easily. Even though if I get caught also, I was confident that I can tell her that I know what was happening between them.

I gained courage and started to peep through the window. My mom was in her bathroom and came out after sometime wearing a bathrobe and got herself fresh for today’s fucking. She then started to apply mild makeup and apply body lotion on her body. She was looking sexy as her bathrobe was shorter than knee length for her. Her milky white thighs were clearly seen and the lotion that she applied added more glow to her skin.

She then slowly walked into his room and lied next to him on bed. She then started to kiss him on his face, eyes and lips. She then went down and unbuttoned his shorts and pulled it down. He was not wearing an under wear and his cock was in semi erect position. She then started to play with it without even him asking her to do. She was mildly stroking it and kissing it from top to base. She was slowly started taking it into her mouth and it started to stiffen.

She was in such a mood that she would do anything to get her pussy filled with a cock. He also slowly started to get aroused and started to push her head to his cock. He then untied her bathrobe to see that she was not wearing any undies. She herself then removed her bathrobe and threw it to the chair. He then asked her to bring her pussy to his mouth so that he can also eat her simultaneously. They were now lying side to side (almost like a 69) eating each other. He started to play with her pussy lips and slowly stimulated her clit. She was starting to moan as he was stimulating her.

Suddenly the room bell rang. She suddenly stopped and he told it will be their breakfast. She then told she will get it and took the bathrobe and wore and went to the door. She then got up from bed and wore that bathrobe and went to the door. I was amazed that she has now become so bold to go to door just wearing a comparatively short bathrobe that just covered up to her thighs. He was lying in bed itself and just covered himself with a blanket.

Then the room boy entered and set up everything on the table and she gave him rs.100 as tip and told him that they will call once they are done. He also then called and told him to tell reception to mark their room as DND (Do Not Disturb). They didn’t want anyone to disturb them again. As soon as he went, she walked back to the room and removed her bathrobe and got into bed with him. She removed his blanket and his cock was still standing tall. His erect cock was a magnificent site and was making me also attracted to him. I too felt like tasting his dick.

She then continued to suck his dick while he was playing with her cunt. He was inserting his fingers also in between and suddenly he started to suck her pussy. The moment his tongue touched her pussy she jerked and he started to show his skills with tongue. He was inserting his tongue into her pussy and she was moaning. Her sounds were increasing and she was not able to suck his dick as she was totally lost in the pleasure.

She was telling “please don’t stop, this feels amazing. Keep sucking baby, hmmmmmm…… yessssss…. Oooooohhhhhhhhh.. aaaahhhhhhhh….” He then started to chew her pussy lips using his lips and finger her simultaneously. He then stimulated her clit with fingers and sucked her pussy. She kept on moaning moving her head from side to side and suddenly she gave a severe jerk. It was her first orgasm I guess.

Her pussy was glazing now due to her juices and saliva. He was still drinking her juices. Then she again started to suck his dick and started to suck his balls also. He was also enjoying it as she was stroking it and sucking it at the same time. He then asked her "Will you do as I say? You promised me yesterday that you will." She then said "Of course baby, whatever you say. I am your slut and you need not ask me for it. You just tell me and it would be done." She was in that much pleasure that she would whatever he says.

He then told that he has a great fantasy that only she can fulfill. He told he was sure that she will also enjoy it and will be a secret. She told "you say darling, I will make it happen." What he asked was really shocking. He then told her "Darling, I always dreamed of seeing you getting fucked. I am sure that you will also enjoy it more when you know that I am watching you getting screwed."

My mom was also a bit shocked to hear this, "Oh baby, but that will be very risky. If someone comes to know it will be a big problem mainly because we ourselves are not wife and husband. How can we trust that third person because if he blackmails us later, it will ruin our families?", she asked. He then made her change position and made her lie alongside him on his chest and was still fingering her pussy.

"I have a person whom we can trust. It won't create any problem in our lives and I can guarantee that", he told her. She then said "if you are so confident then tell his details." The answer that he told was shocking for both of us. He told he is the MD of this resort. She was surprised and was seen from her expression. But he kept on fingering her and she could not say no. He said he was telling about his friend Mathew, who is MD of the resort.

He then said that he was a really nice guy and would be of great use for us if we make him happy as he is a great business man and has resorts in many places. If we can also include him, we can make sure that we can get great discount in all our future trips. She was confused but his stimulation of her pussy stopped her from denying his request.

He then told her that he will call him here and you must seduce him as it will be more exciting for him. He also added that he will move out of room in between so that she can get some time alone with him and do her magic to seduce him. She told how she will seduce him as he might think of me that I am a cheap prostitute.

"Don't be so open just give him some naughty glances and hints and moreover he is a womanizer so he won't miss a chance to get on bed with such a beauty queen", he convinced her. She still looked confused, he then told her that "Let’s have breakfast and get ready soon as he will be coming to room by 11 am” and kissed her.

She also got up and went to have breakfast with him. He made her sit on his lap and had food from a single plate. They were often feeding each other. As soon as they finished their breakfast, he told her to get ready as he will here anytime.

He then told her to wear anything sexy and be closer with him once he moves out making him feel that she was impressed in his looks. He then told her to not wear any bra inside as she will be more seductive without that. He told her that make sure that Mathew doesn't feel any doubt that we are a family and also act as an unsatisfied house wife.

She agreed at last and went to her room to get ready. She then sat in front of mirror and started to put make up. She applied bright red lipstick and a pink eye shadow. She then asked him whether she should wear mangalsutra, for which he said it would make her look sexier. She then went to her bag to wear her mangalsutra and took out a pink panty which was of satin material and wore that.

He was lying in the bed and watching her getting dressed giving a wicked smile at her. She then smiled back in a sexy manner. She then applied little deodorant on her under arms and neck. He then took her pink night dress and wore it. She was looking extremely sexy in that dress as it was just below her thighs. She tied the knot in middle and got almost ready "How do I look?", she asked him.

For which he hugged and told that she looked awesome and any man can get a hard-on seeing her. Even though he was praising her whatever he told was true. The shape of her boobs was clearly visible and her erect nipple was seen poking over her night dress. Anyone could make out that she didn't have a bra underneath.

As she was ready, I heard a car coming and stopping in front of our cottage. Then I heard a door bell and Suresh uncle went and welcomed him in. He looked a tall, middle-aged man but looked really fit for his age. He was wearing a white t shirt and jeans. He then came in and sat on the couch and started to chat with him. That's when Suresh uncle called mom "Lechu, please bring a coffee for my dear friend." Then she said "coming dear" and brought a cup of coffee.

From his face itself it was evident that Mathew was excited by her looks. She walked in and handed him the cup. Her cleavage was also visible while she was serving him the coffee. His eyes were stuck on her boobs and it was evident from his look. She also gave him a naughty smile and Suresh uncle acted as if he didn't see anything unusual.

He introduced them each other and it seemed he was impressed by her looks from his hungry glances on her body. He couldn't keep his eyes off her and was looking at her ass when she turned to move and sit with Suresh. She then sat near Suresh uncle with her legs crossed and major part of her fleshy thighs exposed and his eyes were clearly stuck on her.

I was amazed to see the change in my conservative and traditional mom after he started to fuck Suresh. She is now sitting in front of a stranger without any tension with half of her body exposed and was even ready to get fucked by him. I understood that she was always a bitch and Suresh has just ignited the fire in her. She then was looking directly into his eyes and was smiling at Mathew, while he was talking with Suresh.

They then started to talk to each other and he was asking her about her qualification and family. She also asked him about his family and he told that he was a widower and his only son was studying in UK. They were talking friendly for some time and suddenly Suresh stood up and told he has an important call to attend and walked out.

After sometime he came back and told he has some important client meetings and need to use a computer with internet facility. Mathew told that he can use it in his office and told him that he will take him there. Then Suresh told him that he need not come and told him to speak with mom till then and will join them for lunch. There was a clear disappointment seen in my mom's face and Mathew noted that.

Suresh then soon left and mom then was sitting silent suddenly. Mathew then asked her what happened. She said nothing and when he compelled, she suddenly started to weep. He then moved to the couch where she was sitting and asked her to explain what happened. She was trying to evade the question but at last she spoke out.

"He is always like this. He doesn't give any value for my feelings and emotions. He is always after money. I had lot of plans for our trip and see how he is spoiling everything. I have even sent my daughter alone with other families for trekking so that we could spend some time together. All this has been ruined", my mom said crying. I, then thought that this bitch not only fucks but also acts well. He then might have thought it as an opportunity and slowly touched her shoulders and consoled her. He wiped her tears off her face and made her lie on his shoulder sobbing.

“Don’t worry dear. I would have never left such a beautiful and lovely wife for anything. Being a widower myself, I can understand how much difficult you might be feeling as I am experiencing the same”, he consoled her and run his hand through her shoulders. She didn’t show any change in expression and he became more confident. “What should I do to make you happy? I am willing to do anything to see bring back that smile on your beautiful face”, saying this Mathew kissed her forehead.

She didn’t respond much and was now hugging him more tightly across his hips. He then slowly put his hand across her shoulders and brought it near her boobs. His hand was on top of her boobs and was grazing it occasionally. Since there was no objection from her, he gained more confidence and started to praise her saying, that she has a wonderful body and he should feel blessed to have such a beautiful wife etc. and slowly put his hands into her night gown and touched her boob.

She acted as if she was shocked and said, “It is not safe as Suresh might come back anytime.” He then understood that it was ok for her but her only fear was getting caught by her husband. Then Mathew said he has an idea and will manage that. And took his phone and called his office and told the manager there to take Suresh for a tour around the hotel and keep him busy for next 2 hours.

She was now happy hearing this and she smiled at him in a sexy manner, “you are really naughty”, she said. He then told her that he won’t be coming anytime soon and went and locked the front door. Then he held her towards him and kissed her on her lips. He kissed her lips and slowly she also opened her mouth and started to cooperate with him.

His lips were chewing her lips and she was standing with her eyes closed. He then slowly untied her robe at her waist and opened her night gown at front. Her boobs were out now and he was looking at it hungrily. “Wow, what a lovely body you have. Today is my lucky day”, he said and started to touch her boobs. He was pressing her boobs and she was running her hands on his back. He then removed the gown and threw it away.

She then hugged him and guided him towards our bedroom where me and mom used to sleep. She then entered and lied on the bed with her hands covering her boobs wearing only a panty and her mangalsutra. My mom was now transformed completely into a cock hungry slut.

She then smiled at him in a naughty way and he then came on top of her and moved her hands apart and kept looking at her boobs. She then closed his eyes with her hands. “Please don’t look at me like this sir, I am feeling very shy”, my mom said. “Your boobs are really a lovely sight, dear. I don’t understand how not he could notice such a beauty being wasted. It is in good shape and is large enough also. I would love to suck them all day”, Mathew said.

That’s when I noticed that Suresh uncle was peeping through another window on the opposite side of the room. Now I understood that mom and Suresh uncle had planned this and that was why she brought him into our bedroom. “Since he doesn’t appreciate that, I have also been alone for long. Now I don’t see any point in wasting my life for someone who doesn’t care for my feelings. You have it sir, you might be missing your wife know. Consider me as your wife and take whatever you want”, she replied.

He was excited to hear that and he then started to kiss her lips again and was pressing her boobs at the same time. Now she was also kissing him back nicely and tasting his lips. Her mangalsutra was obstructing his hands and she asked him whether she should remove it. “No need dear, I feel more aroused to fuck a woman with her mangalsutra on. It makes me more erotic”, Mathew said. “You dirty devil, you are really a horny guy”, she replied.

He then started to kiss her on her neck and slowly came down kissing her boobs. He then pressed one of her boobs and started to suck her nipples.  She then let out a huge sigh as he started to suck her nipples. He was sucking her boobs nicely one at a time while pressing the other one. She was also pressing his head into her boobs to keep on sucking.

He was sucking each boob for at least 5 to 10 minutes and she was moaning in pleasure. When in kiss itself his hands started to move down slowly exploring her navel and his fingers were playing there. Then he still went down and slowly started to explore her holy hole. I think he was fingering her down there. Then she broke the kiss and was lying on the bed with closed eyes. I think all the foreplay that Suresh uncle did made her that hot as she could not stop responding to any chance to get a cock.

Now his hand slowly started to move down towards her panty and touched her pussy region over that. He started to massage her pussy over her panty and she was moving her legs in pleasure. He then came down and kissed her belly and slowly inserted his fingers into her panty. “Your pussy is already dripping, dear. It seems that only a cock can satisfy her thirst”, he said.

He then slowly went down and removed her panty and started to smell it. She then closed her eyes and covered her pussy with her hands and acted as if she was shy. She was acting nicely to make a feeling that she was an innocent traditional wife. “The smell of your pussy is so addictive dear, feel like sucking and drinking every drop it. Moreover, it is so neat without any traces of hair”, he said.

She smiled hearing this and opened her eyes and was happy to receive such compliment. “Wow sir, you can do whatever you want. Please make me feel good. I am at your will”, she said. He then spread her legs and brought his head between her thighs and started to suck her pussy. I was also amazed to see my conservative mom lying nude in front of a stranger wearing only her mangalsutra and letting him suck her nipples and pussy.

Her nipples have become erect as he was sucking and giving love bites on it. His fingers were exploring her pussy and he was inserting his two fingers inside. In between he took his fingers out and gave it to her mouth so that she could taste it. She sucked and tasted her pussy juices and sucked his fingers clean. She started to moan heavily now “oooohhhhh, aaaaahhhhhh, yessssss, deeper, Ohhh my godddddd. It feels soo goooodddd.”

He then kept on sucking her pussy and his saliva was seen all over her pink pussy. He was inserting his tongue into her while stimulating he clit. He did that for some time and her breathing kept on increasing and was mumbling some words and I guess she had an orgasm. I too was stimulating myself now and my panty was already drenched from morning itself.

“Wow, that was awesome sir, never had such a beautiful orgasm in my life. Now let me pay you back for all the pleasure you have given me.” I thought how can she lie this convincingly as she was enjoying orgasms since yesterday and now, she was saying that never had such a wonderful experience since long it seems. As of now, I thought she cheated dad and fucked Suresh uncle as she loves him. Instead she was waiting for a chance to open up and to get her wild pleasures satisfied.

She then made him lie on the bed and came on top of him. She then slowly removed his t-shirt and he had a good fit body with broad shoulders and masculine chest. She then kissed him again on his lips and now she was taking the lead role. She was taking the initiative to get his tongue in her mouth and taste him. She then came over to his chest. It was not as hairy as Suresh uncle’s but more fit. She was kissing his chest and started to suck his nipples.

He loved the feeling when she sucked his nipple and was clear when he started to moan in a low voice. “That feel so good dear, keep sucking”, he said. She was kissing his chest and sucking his nipples for some time and inserted her index finger into his navel and fingered there. He was enjoying her moves and was lying in bed with eyes closed. He also kissed him there and told him he has a strong body. She then started to go down, unbuckled his belt and removed his belt from his jeans.

She then unhooked his jeans and slowly pulled down his jeans. He also helped her to remove by lifting his ass so that she could remove it easily. She then came out of the bed and pulled his jeans at the end and removed it. He was now just wearing white underwear and the front part had already formed a huge bulge because of his throbbing erect cock.

She then came back on top of him and started to kiss him on his lips. Meanwhile he took her hands towards his cock and made her touch it. She was acting shy at first and then slowly started to massage it over his brief. While sucking his nipples she was playing with the hard cock in her hands. She was massaging his cock over his brief and I thought what a change she has underwent after she started an illicit relation with Suresh uncle. She is now turning into a sex starved bitch.

She was pressing his cock and also his balls and he has already started to show signs of excitement. Then she slowly removed his brief and his thick 6-inch cock sprang out. Even though, the size of his cock was similar to Suresh uncle it was much thicker in diameter.

“Wow, you are really blessed with a wonderful cock; it is so big and thick. I don’t know how am I going to take into my small hole? My husband has a really small dick compared to yours. I have never taken such big cock. You are going to tear my pussy to put it inside me. I fear”, she said. I felt she was repeating the same dialogues she said to Suresh uncle. But he was excited hearing her praising his penis size. She has now turned completely into a whore and knew how to please his men.

“Bigger the better you will feel, and I will show you how to use it to satisfy the needs of a sexy woman like you. I know what will make you feel great in bed. It will give you lots of pleasure and all you must do is just lie on bed with your eyes closed”, Mathew replied. Mathew then slowly stood up and bought his cock near to her mouth. Without even saying anything she started to take his cock into her mouth.

She then started to kiss his dick and was kissing and playing with his balls. He had a cock of similar size of Suresh uncle and she was excited seeing his cock as a glow was seen in her eyes. She then slowly started to pull down the foreskin of his cock and slowly started to suck the head of his glorious pole which was standing erect in its full might. She was taking the cock slowly into her mouth and was sucking it. She was going on sucking it and was sucking it deep. And he was also enjoying her tongue skills as he was on bed with closed eyes and was moaning lightly and saying to her “yessss… like that… keep sucking baby… you are an awesome cock sucker.”

She then kept on sucking and at a point he said that he was about to cum and exploded a full load of cum into her mouth and she was almost gagging. Then she drank all that and few drops were dripping out of his mouth. “What a huge load of cum u gave? I was breathless and gasping for air. It was really thick and tasty also. I never had such an experience. First time I am sucking such a big cock as my husband’s cock is just like a small bubblegum and doesn’t even give half of your cum load”, she said licking the last drop of cum from his cock.

He then said “that’s because you have not been in the hands of an experienced man who can give you lot of pleasure that even u can’t imagine. I will show you ecstasy today in sex. He then started to kiss and taste the lovely hole that Suresh was sucking and fucking few hours back. He then was admiring her pink pussy, “you have a wonderful body dear that can make any man mad. Your pussy looks so fucking hot and is dripping already with fluids that you leaked during our foreplay.” He then started to suck all the juices that she has leaked and started to put his tongue into it. But he didn’t suck for long time again and asked her whether she had condoms in room. She went to the next bedroom and took a pack from Suresh uncle’s bag and gave him. She then took out a condom and wore on his throbbing cock and lied on the bed so that he can fuck her.

He then slowly tried to insert it into her hole. He was very professional in fucking also. He parted her legs and started to push his dick into her sloppy pussy and slowly was inserting it deeper and deeper. She was moaning and enjoying every moment of it. She was blabbering and saying, “fuck me hard dear, fuck me. Don’t stop. Please continue. Make me your slut. Make me feel the pleasure.”

Soon he was fully inside her hole and was slowly increasing the speed. I don’t understand how long will she lie and enjoy like this. She was fucked her pussy apart today early morning by Suresh uncle and now by afternoon she was in bed for Mathew. I understood that she can take a cock in her pussy for a real long time. I also figured out that she is very horny and is not easy to manage alone by a man. He was fucking her non-stop and his pace was increasing. She was bouncing in the soft double cot bed due to his hard fucking and she was hugging him and kissing him in his neck and chest and wherever she could. Then within few minutes he was about to cum and was seen from his expressions.

Then he kept on ramming her in full force and came inside her and made loud grunt like sound. She was also fully satisfied from her looks and came and removed his condom from his dick. She then drank all of his cum, “We should not to waste such tasty and thick cum. You won’t be getting chance to have it every day, so make most of the opportunity”, she said.  I also was amazed to see how my mom can turn into such a whore and take all the cum of a stranger all inside her and enjoy the feeling. She then got up from bed and came near his cock and started to suck off the juices and cum from it. She was drinking every drop of it and soon she started to give another blowjob to him.

And to my surprise within another 5 to 10 minutes of sucking his cock got erect again and this time he was harsher. He then lifted her in his arms and was pounding her pussy from underneath in standing pose. This time he even forgot about wearing a condom and started to hump my mom fast. He was also moaning this time as he was also getting tired as he was lifting her as well as pounding her. Her moans were louder and she was kissing him on his lips in pleasure. He kept on ramming her pussy for another 10 minutes and pulled out his cock made her lie on the bed and ejaculated all over her face and mouth.

He was so tired now and he collapsed on to the bed after the second round. She told she was totally satisfied today and gave him a kiss in his lips. She was so happy from her face, “I have never been fucked in the position that you fucked me last. You are really strong. My husband can never even lift me, forget about lifting and fucking me”, he praised her. He smiled hearing this and said he was happy that he could make her satisfied. They both were on the bed and Suresh uncle was looking all this through the window and gave her a thumbs-up sign when he was collapsed in bed.

Then she got up from bed and went to washroom and took a quick shower and came back to him wearing only a towel and lied near him. “I had sex many times with many women from all over the world. But rarely only I feel so satisfied and exhausted. You are really an amazing woman”, Mathew said. She then told him “Sir, but I have only one request. Please keep whatever that happened here within ourselves and never let Suresh know about it. He may get mad and will ruin my family life.”

The horny bitch was acting innocent in front of this man. He said it will be within them and told her it was time for Suresh to come. He then took out his visiting card from his purse and told her to call him if she needs any help. He also said that you will be given a 50% reduction in tariff for the stay in any of my resorts. Just call me before booking and don’t tell Suresh about this.

She said she was so happy to hear this and then gave him her mobile number and told that she will call him to come to our home for a day when she was alone. He said ok and got dressed up. She was still in her towel and when about to leave he held her close to his body and unwrapped her towel and sucked her boobs and pressed her ass. He then finally kissed her lips and told her to get dressed.

She was now walking along with him without wearing anything. Only her mangalsutra was present on her body and she was looking sexy with that. She then got her dresses and wore it and got ready. By now the time had passed 1 pm, and then Mathew called Suresh and asked whether he will be back anytime soon. He told he was getting lunch for them and came back soon with lunches for them.

They then had lunch together and mom was acting as a decent wife in front of them. She served each of them and was brushing both their bodies at her will. Both the men acted as if everything was normal and after sometime he was about to leave. Suresh uncle then accompanied him to see him off and I was shocked to see what happened there.

“She is too good man. Better than all our previous women and I am ready to waive off all the room charges”, Mathew said to Suresh and gave him 2 bundles of rs.100 notes. I guess it was Rs.20000. He gleefully accepted it and gave a respectful goodbye to him. Then he put the money in the pocket and went near cottage and called “Lechu, I am back.” She was actually being used by Suresh for money. She without knowing this was obeying whatever he was saying to get her bodily needs satisfied.

He then came and hugged her and told her that she has done a wonderful job. I saw through the window that he was satisfied to the core and now we can ask for discount in any of his resorts. Now you just decide where to go next. She was happy to hear that, "Anything for you my darling, you know that I would try my best to satisfy your dreams and will try my best to do whatever you ask me to do", my mom said.

She then hugged and kissed him on his lips and said to him that he was also good in bed, but no one was as good as Suresh uncle. She also said that what he said was true, as the site of him watching them in action made her hornier at that time. I now understood that she was being fooled and used in all possible ways by him for his benefits. He was using her physically for his pleasure and also getting financial benefits from her; now even selling her body for his financial gains. I actually felt little bad for her at that moment.

She then asked him what to do in the afternoon for which he told that they can have fun in the pool. And lifted her in his arms and took her to the pool side. She was kissing him all the way to the pool and I felt that this bitch won't be satisfied at all. There were strict instructions that you should not use casual dress to enter the pool and use only swim wear. He then made her sit in the relaxing chair that they have set near the poolside.

He then asked her whether she had any swim wear with her. She said she will go and bring it from her bag. "It's ok even if you don't take it out now; since we won't be wearing it for a long time if we are together in pool", he said and kissed her. She was smiling hearing this, "Ha ha, you naughty. You know how to make me do whatever you want", she said and continued to kiss him. While he was kissing her, he then slowly untied her robe and slowly removed her night gown and threw it away. She was now just in her panty and he made her lie on the chair and started to suck her nipples.

He was also pressing her boobs and sucking it at the same time and slowly removed her panty down and made her naked and threw her into the pool. He then removed his t shirt and followed her and entered into the pool. He was just wearing white shorts and when it got wet, it was evident that he was also not wearing anything underneath it. He the hugged her and took her in his arms underwater.

She was enjoying everything like a small girl in beach with full excitement and joy. There was no shyness or inhibition in her to stay naked in that pool. It was a private pool but still it was open at top. He then started to feel her body and kiss her lips staying in pool. He was grazing her entire body and he was fingering her pussy in water. She then removed his shorts and threw it on to the chair.

She was now holding his cock and stroking it while he was fingering her. He then made her sit on the step of the pool and spread her legs to get a good view of her pussy. He was fingering her pussy and then slowly went between her legs and started to suck and chew her pussy lips. She was moaning and I could see her face expressions clearly and it was turning me further on.

Then he kept on sucking there and, “You are a really horny guy. You know how to really satisfy a woman. My husband never even took me to pool”, she said to Suresh uncle. Then he kept on sucking the hole through which I came to this world and she was going mad. She was moaning louder and her sound was beyond her normal moans. I understood she was having great pleasure and was nearing a great orgasm.

She was moaning again and she is getting ready for another session. There is nothing stopping this bitch anymore. She was now in such a mood that she wanted her pussy stuffed with cock all the time. She then started to moan loudly while he was sucking and fingering her. He was now inserting his two fingers into her while sucking on her clit.

He then came out of water and made her lie on the side relaxing chair and started to fuck her. She was now enjoying his thrusts into her and was lying hugging him. She was moaning and he kept on ramming into her pussy, “I am cumming again dear, please don’t stop”, said my mom. He pounded into her for some more time and he too ejaculated into her and lied on top of her.

Then I decided to make an entry and went silently out and rang the bell. They then wore their dresses in a hurry and acted as if they were happy to see me. They opened the door and asked me about the trekking and why I came in between. I told I was bored as I was alone and so returned soon. Then in the next two days also they were kissing and fucking like rabbits whenever they got chance during day and night.

After that she has turned into a whore. Now she is having illicit affairs with many men at the same time. In my next post, I will detail about how her outlook towards life changed after this affair. She was willing to compromise anything to satisfy her dreams. My next post will be only if you respond to my current post. You can mail me at

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