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Its my 21st sisters have given me kiss as wish , but my mom have not wished yet.she surprised me with her natural gift to me. cheating

  TODAY IS MY 21ST BIRTHDAY.MY SISTERS HAVE WISHED ME IN THE EARLY MORNING.THEY LEFT FOR WORK & SCHOOL.MY CLASSES ARE OFF DUE TO HOLIDAY.                                                                                                                                                                                      I am having breakfast with my mom.our house hold maid is in kitchen.looking at me , she smiled........" Garry today is your birthday & my gift is waiting for you                                                                                        (Garry) i am desperate to see it                                                        (Lousie)wait for maid's departure than you will get it  ."  & after some time , my mom came in my room & took me to her room.I can see bottle of wine , butter cake , icecreams and a long artificial vibrator on we are sitting on sofa.she kissed my lips and pulled my bermuda to make me nude.I put my hand on her tops.....took it out & can see her big boobs caged in i took her tongue in my mouth to suck & started pressing her boobs.we are enjoying french i pulled her bermuda downwards to make her nude.                                                                                                                                                                                                               My mom LOUSIE as well as her son GARRY is complete nude.we are drinking wine & she is holding my penis.after some time she took me to bed with a stray , butter, icecream and dildo is on we are sitting on bed.....she hold me in her arms & looking at me kissed my lips as well as face............." wishing you happy birthday with my natural gift to you thats my buttocks                            (Garry) i accept your hottest gift but i think you will be in profit giving me your sexy ass                                                             (Lousie) for sure i have given you birth for these days you mother fucker...."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        My mom pushed me on she is on my top....she have kept herself in opposite direction.....her hot body is above me......her face is near my penis and my face is in between her she is kissing my penis & looking above the sky , i can see my mom's while putting my arms on her waist i put my face in between her strong thighs & while kissing her cunt i can feel my mom's mouth on my penis......she is a nice cock sucker.she is moving her mouth faster than a bike on road.she sucked it for some i put my fingers on her vagina.....licking her cunt with my tongue.......she is now moving her tongue on my penis.I am fucking her vagina with my tongue.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Readers can imagine a 21 yrs. guy sleeping on bed & her 39 yrs.old mom is on her a a 69 position , we are making love to each others sexual organs.she is moving her tongue on it & i took my mom's vagina in my mouth to suck and lastly......she started giving me a nice blow job.I am sucking her gloryhole to make it cum , but its tough to make a 39 yrs.old lady cum.we left each other.                                                                                                                                                                            MY HOT MOM LOUSIE IS SLEEPING ON BED.....WITH HER SEXY BUM......IN UPWARDS POSITION.......I PUT BUTTER ON HER ROUND SHAPED ASS.......PUT IT IN HER ASS CRACK........I LEANED DOWN TO LICK HER BUM & MY TONGUE IS LICKING HER ANUS HOLE.NOW I PUT ICECREAMS ON HER ASS CRACK......PUT MY TONGUE ON IT & STARTED LUCKING HER ANUS HOLE.....ASS CRACK & VAGINA ALSO.MY PENIS IS NOW LIKE A IRON ROD.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     My hot mom is now on her knees.she is like a bitch on bed on her knees and elbows.I took my position while holding my penis......i pushed my penis in her ass hole.......which have been 1/2 of penis is inside her ass.....while holding her waist i am pumping her ass hole with speed & power.she is bit in long & thick penis is penetrating her ass she started moving her ass.........looking at me........." garry make my ass like a boiler than fuck my cunt                            (Garry) sure my hot mom i will fuck your vagina also ." after 5 minutes of hard fuck un her ass , she cried & moved her ass forward to take out of my penis from her ass.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I moved to washroom .my hot mom came under cascade & we both are having bath she is sitting on her knees sucking my penis.she sucked it for while & i started licking her vagina......fucking cunt with tongue is my addiction.I am licking it like a i took her vagina in my mouth.....while sucking it i can hear sexy voice........." oh garry...............suck it hard.......i will cum.....i will pee......." & after some time her vagina left hot water in my mouth......i have tasted her cum as well as pee.                                                                                                                                                                                       we are back on bed.she slept on bed in a missionary position.........i pushed a pillow under her big bum......she have spread her legs wide her bum is just above the bed and i can see her both hole.......anus hole & glory i knelt down and pushed my prick in her vagina........i am fucking her wet cunt with speed & power.......after 5-7 minutes i put some icecream inside her ass hole......pushed my penis inside her ass and while holding her boobs and waist , i started fucking her i am pumping her ass in speed and i leaned on her body....kissed her lips................." your gift is awesome but sisters have cheated me                                                                                                                    (Mom) wait for night you will get it ." & i rammed her ass for 15 minutes and than ejaculated my sperms in her anus hole.............we took rest.

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