Lust started in Society LIft

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A sex hungry childless home maker seduces her neighbor and gets gift of motherhood Luxury Lift service on New Year Eve,

Hello, I am Benjamin, an Anglo Indian from, Panaji, Goa. My great grandfather was a Portuguese and mother a Goan. Naturally I had the DNA and genes of a European National, bit of red complexion, blue eyes, tall. I always maintained best health, 6 AB figure as it was very important in Airforce where I served till I took Voluntary retirement and settled in Thane, Maharashtra.

I started my own small scale business of export / import and operated from my residence. I had purchased a flat at Harmony Apartments on God under Road. I yet married when I was 26 and now I am 32. We had not planned for kids, as I was in Airforce till very recently. Now two months ago, at her fifth month itself my wife went to her parents for delivery who are at Betul, in Goa.

I was staying in 16th floor of the apartment. There was a small family of husband and wife just above my flat on 17th floor. They were also childless and I thought that they too had planned to enjoy for few more years. I had spoken to that gentleman on few occasions during society meetings. He was middle aged and looked bit aged, though I didn't know his actual age. But I could see that his wife looked very young though I had never spoken to her. My wife had probably befriended with her. I had seen that their names as Mr Bharat Goswami and Sudha Goswami. I had seen on the society name board on ground floor. To be true I was very much impressed with her beauty and figure. I could compare her with the TV actress Anweshi Jain, or Poonam Pandey or Sherlyn Chopra. So in this story let me call her Anweshi. She Had huge boobs, slim waist and round hips. I always was meeting her in the life while I was returning from gym. But I paid no further attention.

One afternoon as usual I was returning from an office function and I was late. It was half past ten at night. I was waiting at the lift door and I saw Anwshi also was coming to take lift. I pressed the switch and held it open for her. She thanked me and entered. As she came running her pally had fallen on to her arms and her heavy bosom were heaving up and down and my eyes were fixed on them. She saw it but didn't make any effort to cover. There was a small smile on her face. And all of a sudden the lift stopped and power was off. The lift descended to the ground floor and there was full darkness. I tried to contact maintenance but could not as there was no network inside lift. After few minutes I was able to see feeble light from the fan opening of lift. Anweshi was also scared and asked me as to how much time it would take to get power back. I didn't know also. Suddenly we heard some feeble noise and a big rat entered the lift from the same fan opening of lift. She also saw and was damn scared. As the rats were moving on the floor, without any further hesitation or asking she came near me and hugged tightly. She even lifted her both legs and stood on my shoes. . I assured her not to be scared. At this time my face was directly in front of her cleavage. Her arms tightened around my neck and her heart beat was loud. She didn't try to withdraw. Then the power was on and she let go of me and stood on the lift floor. She had lowered her face and I told her sorry. But she smiled and left as the lift had approached her floor. So was it was a clear invitation to me? I was feeling lonely in absence of my wife since two months.

Suddenly one day Mr Bharat knocked door and surprisingly invited me for lunch. I was almost sure that Anweshi must have asked him to invite me. It was a festival that day and he told that I must have homely lunch with them, as I might have been bored with hotel meals. Yes I really wanted to have some good home meals. So I consented gladly. I dressed and got ready by 12, wore a red T shirt, Jeans Pant and looking at mirror, I was convinced. Mr. Bharat opened the door and welcomed me in. I could smell fragrant dishes being prepared in kitchen. After few minutes Anweshi came to Hall and wished me. She looked astonishingly beautiful and her deep neck gown didn't hide much. Mr Bharat brought three glasses and three cans of cold beer.

Bharat ji served all the three glasses and called his wife. She replied that she is changing her kitchen clothes and will join in two minutes. We waited and she came and how! She was wearing sleeveless, backless black blouse on a net saree worn not less than four inches below her sexy navel. She sat in front of me and we cheered for our first meet of friendship. I was eying her almost continuously and four eyes were meeting often. While taking snack, she was dropping her pallu giving her full bosom through that 9 inch deep V neck. She was asking me about the delivery date of my wife and how much I might be missing my wife. In asking this question I could see some mischief in her smile. But I replied very casually. We finished one can each and Bharat opened another three. Anweshi didn't stop and we all gladly finished the second can.

Then the lunch which was a star hotel recipe with roties, chicken, rice, kheer, two subjis. I ate full belly and my eyes could not move from her huge boobs which she had almost kept for my exhibition without even putting her dropped pallu. Mr Bharat ji was unmindful of the games his wife was playing with me and teasing me.

I was thinking of how to pay back this courtesy of a stupendous lunch treat (and the treat to my eyes by voluptuous Anweshi). Yes next week was Christmas and every year I was getting complementary dine dance invitation from a famous club at Khar. It was an elite club where many movie stars were also attending. So before leaving I told that the Christmas-eve and New Year eve would a party from my side and they must not say no. But Mr Bharat immediately told "thanks Mr Benjamin, but I am going to Mangalore, my home town, on 22nd December as I have to get my mother treated for Cataract" He added that as his wife would be available she will certainly attend. I looked at her. Did I see some teasing sparkle in her eyes? Was it my imagination? I didn't know, but somehow I felt very happy on how the events were turning in my favor.

I big them very good night and returned home. Next day was a Sunday and as usual I prepared my coffee and came to balcony to read newspaper. As I was reading I noticed some cloth had fallen from Anweshi house on to my balcony. I decided to pick it up and return. I picked it up and noticed that it was undergarments of Anweshi. Curiously I looked at the tag and bra was 38C and pantie was 28. Wow, what a figure! I sat and started thinking. Had she thrown it intentionally? For me to read the size? After seeing how she was teasing me the previous afternoon, it was quite possible. I smiled and smelt it. It was fragrant with her perfume. Yes, it was not a washed and put to dry cloth but was intentionally thrown on to my balcony as the perfume was fresh. What should I do? Was my own question. An hour later, I took bath, dressed my best attire and went up and knocked the bell. Just few minutes, Anweshi, opened the door and welcomed with a wide grin.

I sat and she gave me water and I apologetically handed over the pocket containing her undergarments. She took, saw and told sorry for what happened. I carefully observed her. She was wearing a sheet inner part of a two piece nightie and it was evident that she wasn't wearing any undergarment. Her nipples were almost piercing out of that thin material and perfect round melons were proudly standing erect. She brought breakfast of beaten rice and coffee. Mr Bharat was not at home. She spoke freely with me and with each movement of her hand and crossing-uncrossing of her legs her entire ivory smooth body was visible through that nightie. Her arms were also frequently crossing pushing up her bosom for showing much more of that beautiful globes. With lot of difficulty in controlling myself, I finished the breakfast and left thanking her. When she stood up, again the nightie parted and showed her most beautiful ivory body for a second or more. I rushed back home. At home, I had to take a cold water bath to control. I by now concluded that she had intentionally dropped her undergarment to my balcony. How she was absolutely unmindful of exhibiting her exciting inner beauty without any hesitation. It was certainly a direct invitation to flirt.

I was eagerly waiting for two more days for 24th evening. On 24th I took courage and called her. She wished me happy Christmas-eve and I reminded her of the dinner and midnight party that evening. She initially tried to refuse (may be trying to tease me?). But finally agreed. I asked her to be ready by 8PM. She asked if there is any dress code and I replied that there was none and she can wear any dress of her liking. She told that she would think and wear some traditional dress. I went to church in the afternoon. Then I went to a men's parlor and got myself completely trimmed, facials and I was satisfied with my look. I was looking like the Pak TV Actor Muneeb Bhatt. Satisfied, I reached home, had a long hot shower. Was looking at the cloak often. Finally it was half past seven and it was half an hour more. I decided against taking any drink as I had to drive and didn't want to smell bad in presence of that angel, Anweshi.

I, somehow spent some more time and ten minutes before 8, I was at common ground, near my bike. My Sunny Car was under some repair during its warranty period. So I decided to use bike. I was looking towards the apartment exit waiting the spot her. Lo, she finally appeared and how! I was mesmerized and came back to life only when she came near me and waved her hand. Her perfume was intoxicating. I greeted her and asked if she would be ok in bike. She said that normally she likes bike rides but with that dress she preferred car. She had her car key and offered to go in her car.

I thanked her for her offer and asked if I can drive. She gave the keys to me and we walked to her car. It was Honda Activa and was in best condition. I opened the door for her and then we started towards the party venue. It was at Khar but I decided to go via Inorbit mall at Malad. I parked the car and we went in. I straight went to a western cloth store like H&M and chose a shimmering gown and couple of sheer, two piece night gowns. She thought that I bought for my wife and I didn't tell her at that time. From there I drove to the party hall which was near an old church between Khar and Bandra.

As soon I entered, I was welcomed and while entering she stumbled a bit and as a customary gesture I held her hand and she just smiled and thanked but did not leave my hand. We walked in hand in hand. The hall was well decorated and lot many high society guests were present. I was glad that Anweshi had dressed very well and almost she was a show stopper. I felt proud to be with her. There was a stage and some church priests were present, a music troupe was also invited who were to sing carols. Soon a volunteer announced the program. The hall was dimmed and each wished other. Few bartenders were serving drinks. We two sat in a corner round table.

The waiter came to us and wished. He gave the menu and waited for order. I thought of ordering Vodka, which normally ladies like. But to my surprise, Anweshi immediately ordered 2 big Chivas Regle. Just few minutes the drinks arrived and we cheered each other for a memorable Christmas-eve. Some chicken starter was given as complimentary. We started to talk in general, about shopping, about Goa. She asked me about the delivery of my wife and I told that in another two months she is due. Anweshi told that they were married for seven years and she is still waiting for mother hood. I joked that they should enjoy as much as possible before deciding on kids. She intervened and told that she has now decided.

First peg, she ordered for second and then third, all double pegs. I knew she was already high. Lastly she told the waiter to bring two small straight. I has really astonished with her capacity and how she ordered for straight! But she was still ok and was talking all sorts of topics and few non veg jokes. The actress who was called to compere the program announced that all can assemble in ball and dance for next ten minutes and lights would be off for two minutes before midnight. Then we can wish Christmas and have dinner.

I stood up and gave my hand for her support. She held and stood up but I could see she was little bit off balance. I circled my arm around her slip waist and kept one on her shoulder. She too circled her arm around me and the music began and we started to dance. I was holding her and her huge boobs was pressing my chest. I tightened my hug and she didn't object. I was getting hot with her closeness and brushing bosoms. Fifteen minutes later one more announcement and then the lights were off. The time was about two minutes to be in darkness and silence. Our hugs became tighter and my one hand slipped on to her round bums. She kept her head on my chest and we danced in silence. The lights were no on and we came back to the dining table.

The dinner was superb. She called waiter and ordered pack of Marlboro cigarette. Though I am not a regular smoker I did smoke occasionally to give company to friends. This was a special friend today. She put the packet in her purse and we left. I thought it is better to ask for a driver to drop and the manager obliged. Normally on such nights they used to keep many drivers to drop guests home. We both sat in back seat and the driver asked for the address. As he drove to the national highway, it was dark and windy. Anweshi came nearer and I put my arm around her neck and held her shoulder. She kept her head on my shoulder and slept.

We reached home fast as there was no traffic on road. I could see that she was almost out of this world and was finding it difficult to balance. I tipped the driver and guided her to the lift, holding her waist. There were no one in the apartment to see us. I took her to her floor and she gave the key of her house. I opened the door and guided her to seat on sofa. She sat and had closed her eyes. I asked if I have to make her sleep in her bed room. She nodded smilingly. I lifted her and took to the bed room. I lay her on the big round cot. I asked if I could leave but she held my hand and pulled me on to the cot. She dragged me on to her and holding my face up she joined her lips on to mine and told that I can't leave till she permits.

In a fraction of second she had undid all her clothes and pulled my clothes in a hurry. She switched off the main light but only a small blue night light was on. We were laying side by side, fully nude, hugging and kissing as if there is no tomorrow. She parted her lips, inviting my tongue to explore her sweet smelling mouth. We kissed million times, exchanging our saliva. It was very hot, very wet and yielding. Her one hand was stroking my phallus and other on my back. She pushed my head on to her huge boobs and urged me to suckle the stray berry type of nipples. As I sucked, and fondled her boobs, the pink turned red and then to purple and finally to black. She was not just wanting me to suck her boobs but urged me to bite all round her perfect round hemispheres. I bit leaving my teeth mark. Anweshi was an electric wife, a llghtening on bed. She then pushed my head further down widening her thighs and put her legs on my back. She had arrested my head between her soft, fragrant baby pink petals. I slowly licked the vulva, then the clitoris and inserted two fingers deep and softly massaged. She was moaning loudly and in put my tongue deeper and increased speed. My hand were on her bum pushing her upwards. Anweshi pulled one of my hand and placed on her nipple asking me to squeeze them one by one. My penis was now dancing and perhaps had the hardest in my life time. It was throbbing up and down wanting to enter her. But she didn't allow me to stop. Soon she squirted on my face wetting my whole mouth and chin. She was getting continuous orgasms and her moans turned to shouts. I could feel that I was growing fatter and longer as she held my balls and was fondling them with all love and affection. In a swift move she turned and started to lick my shaft, the pink strawberry globe and the testicles. They were very big as I had not mated since four months.

I reached a stage when I could not wait any longer and I begged her to allow me to enter. She smiled and told that I have to stay back and I gladly agreed. I raised up and slowly centering on her lowered inside her. The entry was not very easy though she was flooding with her orgasmic juices, as her pussy was very tight and mine was very big. I could know that she did not frequently had sex with Bharat.

I suddenly remembered that I was not taking any protection and asked her if they have stock of condom. She put her finger on my lips and asked me not to talk of any protection and she wants only skin to skin attachment. On hearing this I further got excited and became harder. She now slowly moved her hips indicating me to start. Religiously I started my upward and downward movements. She had widened her legs and kept her legs on my shoulder providing me more access for hundred percent penetration. I rested a while keeping my head on her foam bosom. She had locked me from behind with her long legs. I could feel my testicles touching her silky pussy. We were locked from top to bottom. Head to head, mouth to mouth, her breast to my chest, legs and of all important is my penis almost embedded in her pussy. I never had experienced this much of sensation with my wife. This was the zenith of excitement and satisfaction of a woman's body.

We changed position several times. She was a live wife when she was on my top. We never got satisfied with the number and duration of kisses. I could feel my building up and told her that I was about to cum. She changed position, and I came on her top. She again completely locked me with her legs and I lay still on her. Her nails were biting on my back and she was herself biting her teeth against her lips. Her hair was spread on the pillow and her arms were round my back. I slowly started in drops, in spasms and finally in gushes. I lasted my flooding for umpteen time and finally it sopped. I was almost feeling giddiness due to enormous ejaculation. We kissed as a sign of gratitude.

We lay side by side indulging in after play. I was caressing her back and her hand was on my thighs. Often we hugged, kissed. Talked about that evening's program. She confessed that she had intentionally dropped her undergarments to my balcony. She told that few months when she had seen me first in swimming pool she had fallen for me and had decided to somehow have me at any cost. I told her how she resembled Anweshi Jain and why I nicknamed her as such. She laughed loud shaking her Anweshi trade mark melons.

We slept for some time. The evening's drinks, hectic sex took us to sleep soon. She slept holding my tool in her hand. Even while sleeping often we kissed and cuddled. Before dawn, we had copulated two more times, both times leisurely and it lasted much more intensely. I almost spent whole time in her house till Mr Bharat returned. He was a busy person and mostly stayed in his business place or on tour. So almost every day afternoon we could mate. Two months flew like two seconds. My wife delivered a baby girl and I told Anweshi. She smiled and told that I will be soon father again. It was a great pleasant news to me. But I always expected this would certainly happen as we never used any protection and had hectic sex. Her hungry body was very fertile and my seed were also equally fertile.
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