The secluded beach

Butta17   May 13, 2018   | 16784 Views
It was a few days before our vacation, and my girlfriend and I were getting excited about the vacation to Hawaii.  She has been a few times with family and friends.  This… cheating

It was a few days before our vacation, and my girlfriend and I were getting excited about the vacation to Hawaii.  She has been a few times with family and friends.  This is the first time where its just going to be us two, the whole vacation. We have took some small vacations to the coast or out of town for a weekend, but nothing this extremely like this. I decided to shave my whole body so I can look better my girlfriend.  She like it when I am shaven.  I was having a little trouble with the shaving, not really, I call my girlfriend to help me. She was thrilled to help me. I  got 5 pack and muscular arms and chest. Plus most of upper body is tatted.I  called her and she got in the restroom.  She told me to strip. I got completely naked and She started put the shaving cream on.  She did the front upper body and she kept jacking off and teasing me  then she did the back. She slap my ass a few times. Once she  was my ass, she told me bend over, she said I would fuck you,if I had my dilldo with me. I said no you won't. Then she did my front, I hold my dick so she won't cut it and she can around him. After the shaving,I showered while she watch.  I jacked off for her and cum. The next few days we made it to Hawaii.  She all the tour stuff and all the stuff that she has been to. The day has come where we go to the beach where no one is around.She was wearing a long tank top that covered her two piece in a thong form. I was wearing a tank top some small  swim trunks that barely reach my mid thigh. My girlfriend loved it . I had a surprise for her because I had a very revealing thong underneath.  We walk around some hills and then down some hilld. We finally made it. I looked at how blue the water is and how no is around.She took off her tank top, and I saw her in her sexy swimsuit. I had a semi on. She notice and laugh.  I took my tank top and then I took off my shorts, and she saw me in my thong. The thong had my dick dangle straight down.  She screamed loudly in joy, when she saw that  We bought a lunch bag fill with liquor.  We were listening to music,drinkin and playing in the water. Then she said let' get naked. She start taking off her swim suit andi follow her and got naked too. I went in the water, while she tanned. I notice she took a pic of me when I just got out the water, and you could see my dick dangling.  She yelled out I got my new screen saver for my phone. I got back to her and kiss her.  She said I am putting it on Facebook too,but I would put a smilly emoji on dick area. She took a few of us, especially one showing my butt and her butt. After she put her phone down. I started to kiss her all over and then I started to have sex with her. We both came . Then we got up and went in the water and started having sex in there as well. That was one of the best times I had being naked.

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