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Hey guys my name is Twinkle Asher. I became 20 this March. I am from Mumbai, India. I am basically a guju Panjabi. I am currently approaching my Second year from Thakur College.… cheating

Hey guys my name is Twinkle Asher. I became 20 this March. I am from Mumbai, India. I am basically a guju Panjabi. I am currently approaching my Second year from Thakur College. With I am also persuading Chartered Accountancy (C.A) and currently doing my article ship for the past 3 and a half month in Mumbai itself. I stay with my parents in Borivali, Mumbai. I have no other siblings. My Bra size is 34b. My vital stats are 34b-28-36 approx. I am sure this is what most of you guys will be interested about. I am whitish fair with long hair. I am 5’6” in height and approx 62kgs in weight. Just for better imagination for my readers, I am a look alike of Krystal D’sousa who works in TV serials and daily soaps.  I am a perfectly normal college going and a career oriented girl with bright ambitions in life. But I also have a dark personality which is always hidden in real life. I am a SUBBMISSIVE slave. I am being trained by a 50+ old guy who stays in the just opposite building of mine. His name is Suresh Maheshwari. He is a married guy with two kids of around my age. He is a dominant partner I have been blessed to have who understands the other side of my personality and also helps me to live that personality in real. He owns his own business and earns a pretty huge amount. We have officially signed a slavery contract in which it has been stated that I am a property to him in all senses and he has all the authority to use or destroy me in any possible ways be feels comfortable in. It’s been 1 and a half year by now and we have been sailing pretty smoothly in our secret relationship. We have been continuously indulged in physical as well as mental submissive slave sexual relationship.

It was 22th of March 2015. I was in my college attending my lectures as usual when I received a text message on my cell phone with the following text, “ Today 11:15 am, my office in Kandivali . Sharp.” It was pretty normal for me to get such message because every once a week I get a called in that office for his personal entertainment. But, this time just a couple of days had passed before I had got a call to reach the office. I was quite surprised because this hasn’t happened ever before in the past one and a half year. So as soon as my college got over at 10:30 am I gave a call to my office head that I will be late to work by a couple of hours due to IT Practical in college. So after the call was done I took my Scotty from the parking area and rushed to Suresh Sir’s office. I reached his office perfectly on time. Like always, this time too the office was empty. I kept my bag on the front desk and straight away moved towards Suresh Sir’s office. But today I could hear a few people discussing certain things quite loudly. I paused for a second before knocking the door. But with no clear idea about the conversation going on in the cabin, I quietly knocked the cabin door twice and seek the permission to get in. Soon after getting the permission, I got inside the cabin and faced towards the ground after greeting Suresh Sir. While getting inside the cabin I quickly took a glimpse of the number of people sitting in front of Suresh Sir. They were two guys. Suresh sir soon said, “Twinkle! Accha hai tu time pe aagai, yeh hai mere bahut purane dost Anil Rathi aur Ramesh Shetty.” (Twinkle! You have come at the right time; these are my very old friends Mr.Anil Rathi and Mr.Ramesh Shetty.) I gave them a glance for a couple of min, greeted them good morning and again faced towards the ground. My habit of facing towards the ground was taught by Suresh Sir during my training sessions. This habit shows respect towards your Master. Suresh Sir continued, “Yeh hai Twinkle jiske bare mai hum bata rahe thhey.” (This is Twinkle, whom I was talking about.) They looked at me as if I was being scanned by x-ray machine. “Ghum ke bhi dekha!” (Turn around and let them have a look.) Said Suresh Sir. I quietly followed my orders as a good slave but I got the rough idea of what I was called for. The way I was presented in front of his friends, I was feeling as a universal sex slave. “Idhar aa zara!!” (Come a bit closer.) Said Ramesh Sir. I would give a brief detail about all the three men shortly. I again followed the orders given by Ramesh sir and took 2 steps backwards as my back was facing their front. He placed his bare hands on my back curve going all the way down to my stiff yet soft ass cheeks, squeezing each of them twice and spanking the left cheek with his hard right hand and pushing me by my back to return to my original position in which I was 2 steps earlier.

Suresh Sir is a 50+ yrs old person with a house wife and 2 kids almost of my age. He is a tall yet a very hefty person. He would surely weight more than 100kgs. As a dominant master, his turn on are Public Humiliation, Excessive and Brutal Hitting, Toilet Bondage and Western Dresses. He is a big time ass lover and he could spend even more than 2hrs either licking or getting licked his ass hole at a stretch. He has pretty small Penies or cock as they say. And I guess that is the reason why he doesn’t lick sexual penetration much. His heavy body often gets me into tremendous pain.

Anil Rathi Sir is also around his 50’s. He is a divorced man but is currently dating more than 3 girls just by his money power. He is an average heighted person with a well maintained body. I guess he must not be more than 65-70kgs. I have no idea of his turn on or his stamina in bed and other personal details since I haven’t been with him on bed yet.

Ramesh Shetty must surely be more than 50. He is a medium tall person but a very solid built body. A very dark toned person like typical South Indian. He owns his own chain of restaurant in Mumbai. He seemed a very strict person, the kind of very punctual and obedient. Same as Anil Sir I had no idea about his performance in bed.

Coming back to the story from the place I left, after being pushed by Ramesh Sir I stood back there in the cabin with my back facing the guys. Anil Sir said, “Andaman ya tho Goa chalte hai, March ending ke bad koi kam bhi tho nahi hai. Iska testing bhi ho jayega.” (We should go to Andaman or Goa. After March ending as it is we are free and during the trip we can test and explore her as well.) Ramesh Sir said, “Goa sahi hoga. Date fix karo aur batao mujhe. Mai nikal ta hu abhi tho, phone karta hu kal.” (Goa will be the right place. Fix the dates and let me know. I’ll take a leave for now; I’ll give u a call tomorrow.) Ramesh Sir got up to leave. Suresh Sir indicated me to drop Ramesh Sir to his car. I followed Ramesh Sir towards his car. His driver opened the back door of the car and he took his back seat in a slim looking Honda Accord. The driver closed the back gate of the car and took is position to drive Ramesh sir to his destination. Ramesh sir slowly sided the window down and placed his left hand out of the car with a 500 Rs note between his two figures. I gracefully accepted the tip and thanked him and the car left. I returned to the office cabin, absolutely lost with whatever happed in the past 20 min. I knocked the door of the cabin to take the permission and entered the cabin with head facing downward after getting the permission to enter the cabin. “2nd ko Goa ke liye nikal na hai. Out station audit ka reason ghar pe de de. Aur taiyari chalu karde, ise bar teeno ka entertainment karna hai. 2nd – 6th, yaad rakhena.” (On 2nd we will be leaving for Goa. At your house, tell your parents that you are going for outstation audit. Start with your preparations, this time you need to entertain all three of us. 2nd – 6th, keep the dates in your mind. ) “Haan ji Sir. Aur kuch Sir?” (Yes definitely Sir. Anything else Sir?) I asked. Suresh Sir gave me a very stern look. I got cold feet with that facial expression. “Idhar aa jara!!” (Come here.) As I took 5 tiny steps towards the Suresh Sir, I got a drop of sweat rolling down from my face towards my lips. He quickly grabbed me by my hand and pulled me down saying “niche” (Down). I quickly understood what I was supposed to do. Without any further delay I sat on my keens facing towards Suresh Sir with my face parallel to the floor as usual. His rough language and behavior towards me was enough for me to understand I crossed my line. I think it was Anil Sir due to which I did not get a slap which I had deservingly earned. They again started to discuss the details about the hotel and the areas of interest and I kept sitting on the knees which had by the end started paining. Around 20 min of sitting with my face downwards and thinking what all will happen at my when I will be in Goa; they end their so called meeting over their Goa planning. I was pretty much scanned completely by Anil Sir while his talk with Ramesh Sir. I could feel I was sitting nude in front of Anil Sir and he was enjoying his view. But later I though as it is in a few days I will be sitting nude in the position he orders, so there is nothing to be conscious of. So soon the meeting was finished and I was directed to join Anil Sir in his car since he was suppose to drop me around my house. As usual I had no option and followed Anil Sir and sat in has luxurious Mercedes SUV (4 Matic). He was driving on his own since he had no driver and I feel that was something in my favor, since he could have explored me much more with a driver driving the car. Yet in the 15 min drive to my house he tried exploring everything possible. His first attack was my thighs. He flaunted my thigh region. Though I was wearing jeans but he had a good feel of my thighs I can promise you that. He swiftly moved his hands upwards asking me to take my hands away first and then pulling my t-shirt up side to gain access to my pussy region. He pressed his hand hard to enjoy the feel of my pussy lips. He squeezed his hand inside and felt the warmth of my pussy region. I was pretty tensed during his exploring session. He then further pulled my t-shirt upwards and he got an access to my belly button. He played with my belly button for a quite long time. He then one by one inserted all of his five fingers in my belly button to its end. I felt he was trying to check which finger was fitting the best. By the time he could get the perfect fit, my journey was at its end. He was forced to drop my since we were very close to my house. But I can clearly see the disappointment on his face for the lack of time he got. But I could think all these disappointment will backfire me pretty badly during my Goa trip since he looked very eager to hunt my body down and enjoy his meaty meal. By the time I was walking towards my house which was only a couple of min away from my drop zone, I received a Text sms from Suresh Sir stating to check my e-mail for further details.

Soon reaching my house my first task was to formal notify mom that I have been selected for an outstation audit to Goa. At Our place my dad takes all the decision so notifying mom is only a way to express your mind to my dad.  Surprisingly dad agreed to the trip without further questions which was quite astonishing for me. Generally he takes a person’s brains out in such situation but I was not asked a single question. After getting the permission back home I was suppose to prepare for the trip. There were a few things I was supposed to start eating and maintain my health since entertaining just Suresh sir for 4 days is very hectic so this time it would be next to impossible since they were 3 guys. I quickly went in my room to get my laptop out and check my email. After around 15 min I had the entire mail of Suresh Sir in front of me. I was divided into five parts. The first part had a scanned copy of our Sex Slavery Contract. The clause of “Multiple guest service” was highlighted with the signature of mine as well. This was just to make me realize that whatever he was planning is allowed in our relation since I had my contracted read and signed. I never expected Suresh Sir would actually use that clause to his benefit but since he is doing now, I had no other option to just move to the second part of the mail. The second part had details about my diet that I need to follow from the next day itself till the date of services. The main highlighting things I was supposed to follow were:

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