His mother’s best friend

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Although she was same age as his mother, and his mother's best friend, but she turned him on, to an uncontrollable level, read it to find out. rings His mother’s best friend

By Dina Petro

Macey is a single parent of an 18-year-old son, living in an apartment next door to her best friend’s apartment Julie, Julie is a single middle-aged woman, who lives alone, her neighbor Macey was the closest friend ever, they got a long together well.

Julie was off work that day, she woke up late, she had a call from her friend Julie, “Good morning lazy pump, still asleep?”

“Good morning, Macey, I just woke up” Julie answered.

“Why don’t you come over, I have fresh coffee here?” said Macey.

Julie was sleeping in her football Jersey which was large enough to look like a mini dress on her, only a few inches below the rim of her panties when she wears any panties, she got up, walked to her friend’s house, Macey was all busy cleaning the house, she poured a cup of coffee for her friend, asked her to sit down and drink it.

Julie asked, “I thought you were off today, why are you rushing in cleaning your house today?”

Macey said, “I was supposed to be off, but my boss had just called me, asking me to report to work half a day, and you know it is Jimmy’s birthday party tonight, so I have to get the house cleaned and ready before I go, I will not have enough time to do it when I come back”

“When do you have to go to work and where is Jimmy anyway?” Julie asked.

Macey said, “Damn, in less than an hour, and Jimmy is out with his friends, I don’t know when he is coming back, you know how sloppy in timing he is”

Julie said, “Listen, I am off today, and I have no plans whatsoever, why you don’t go take a shower and get ready to go to work? don’t you worry about your house, I will take care of it”

“Are you sure about that?” Asked Macey.

“Of course, I am, what are friends for?” answered Julie giggling.

Macey walked to her, hugged her so close saying, “Thank you my sweet, best friend, you are a real-life saver”

Macey took a shower, got dressed and ready to go to work, after her leaving, Julie drank another cup of coffee and relaxed a bit till she got all energized and started working on cleaning her best friend’s house. Julie was at the kitchen doing some dishes behind the counter when Jimmy walked in saying, “Hi aunt Julie, where is Mom?”

She answered, “Hi Jimmy, she had to go to work on her day off, they called her for an emergency” she kept doing what she was, just looked at him over her shoulder then continued working, Jimmy had always liked Julie, found her sexy with a hot erotic body, although she was same age as his mother, he had fantasized a lot about her, Julie thought he went to his room while he took a seat in the living room quietly and was watching Julie’s actions and moves in the kitchen, he was admiring her sexy legs and thighs showing under that football Jersey which was so short.

Jimmy was concentrating on the lower tip of the Jersey and was wondering if Julie had some panties under it, especially when she was pending over to do some work and the garment was rising to the utmost it could, he wanted to discover and find an answer to the erotic question he had on his mind, he had to lower his head and peek if he really wanted to see all the way up her semi mini dress, but he was afraid to be caught by her and she would consider him a pervert.

At one point, Julie bent over to the lower drawer under the counter to find something in there and he was rewarded with a clear flash of her bare pussy under the Jersey garment, he was totally shocked by how gorgeous her balled, fully shaved, silky soft her pussy was, he was totally losing control over his hard on under his shorts trying to hide it to the best he could but failed to do so, he stopped trying, not caring about what happens.

Julie wanted help sending the garbage bag outside the house to the trash can, she called Jimmy loud “Jimmy, will you come and help me quick please?”

Jimmy acted like he had just come from his room rushing to her in the kitchen which was totally open to the living room area, forgetting all about his hard-on, she asked him to take the trash bag out, as soon as Jimmy was closer, her eyesight fell on his crotch, where she could easily see his clear hard-on under those training shorts which seemed to be one size smaller than his’ and his cockhead was already, uncontrollably showing from under his shorts upper rubber pants. Julie’s mouth was wide open, her lower jaw almost fell to the ground on the unbelievable scene she had just witnessed.

It took jimmy a few minutes trying to get the lose bag together, tying its upper end with the special rubber band without noticing his cock was showing or Julie looking at it, Julie was mesmerized staring at the boy’s cock which seemed much bigger than what a boy his age would have, and why was it hard like that, she realized she was wrong by staring, she looked at him, he wasn’t paying attention, busy with the trash bag, she decided to let go and not mention it to him to avoid embarrassing him.

Jimmy got the bag together and took the bag to the little side room specified for such trash and went to his room, All what was on Julie’s mind while she tried going back to work was that unbelievable scene she had just seen, she happened to be a sex loving woman, as of a sudden she felt itching in her pussy and was fully turned on feeling some juices leaking from her pussy, she felt so horny, she tried to kick the idea out of her mind, he was like a son to her or at least that is how she thought of him all the time.

Jimmy seemed to have sneaked back to the living room trying to see as much as he could of the goodies Julie had to offer under her short, pantie less mini garment, he was so horny that he had lost control over his thinking as well as his cock, he wanted her so bad no matter what happens.

Julie’s pending over and straightening back up action seemed to have left her Football jersey to stay up at one point leaving her ass showing, to Jimmy, she had an ass to die for, he was unable to think, he just walked straight to the kitchen, stood right behind her without her noticing him, he just wrapped his arms around her, gluing his crotch to her ass, he planted a kiss over her cheek from the side, Julie almost jumped out of a shock saying, “what the fuck”, when she realized it was Jimmy she cooled down a little saying, “what the hell do you think you are doing Jimmy”

Jimmy pushed his crotch much closer to her ass and she felt his hard on poking her ass by then, to her surprise, she had already felt his bare cock rubbed to her bare ass, how could that happen, how did he manage it? He said, “You are gorgeous Julie, I can’t help it, I have to have you”

Without jumping, retaliating, or trying to stop him she said, “what the hell are you talking about, I am the same age as your mother Jimmy”

He said, “I know, but I don’t care even if you were my mother”

It seemed like his cock found it’s way in between her legs from behind, he was humping softly and slowly, by then she could feel the head of his cock poking her pussy lips once and rubbing her pussy from under neath on the other stroke. Deep inside, Julie was enjoying what he was doing, she was so horny already and her pussy was leaking wet, but she knew that was wrong in many aspects, age difference, her best friend who happened to be the mother of that young man, besides her being the elder person at the scene who had to act properly.

Julie tried to push him a way or turn over, but she found out he had pinned her to place with all of his power which of course overpowered her soft, feminine power, she said, “what do you mean Jimmy?”

Jimmy was still humping her body from behind, but a little faster and she was clearly feeling his bare, rock hard cock pushing itself to her wet, willing pussy, he placed his lips next to her ears whispering, “I am going to fuck you willingly, I know you want it as much as I do, I can feel how wet your pussy is Julie, please forget all obstacles and let me do it”

Julie was calming down a little, almost accepting what is going on, or else enjoying it, the boy was right, she wanted it so bad, she had to have him inside her pussy, loosening up a little, and pending forward, slipping her legs a part for an inch or so allowing his cock to get in between easier, she giggled saying, “you are almost inside me Jimmy, what choices do I have?”

Jimmy was taller than her, he was pending his knees allowing his cock to go upwards towards her slit, rubbing it’s helmet to her pussy lips each stroke he made but not pushing it in, he knew it would go inside of her as soon as he gives it a little push, he whispered in her ears again, “Auntie, I know you are older than me, but that is me, I love MILF’s and you are very hot and sexy, too gorgeous to be resisted, I can’t help it, I have been dreaming about this moment, fantasizing about fucking you ever since I met you the first time with my mother”

It seemed that those flattering words and the actions taken by Jimmy were just like the spark which had ignited the fire, which was already built up in her body, it was just like pouring gasoline over fire, she backed up to him saying, “do you really mean what you have just said Jimmy?”

He said, “Yes, all of it, by all means auntie, I want you so bad”

Feeling so close to have an orgasm from his words and movements, she moaned louder saying, “then fuck me babe, what are you waiting for”

As if he was waiting for it, before any of them thinks about it, his cock found his way deep inside her cunt, he was balls deep inside her in no time, by then she grabbed the counter edge with both hands, extended her hands longer, pushing her body back, pending over the counter giving him the total full access of her, steamy hot, willing fuck hole, he was rocking her brains out, fucking her, slamming his young, strong and large cock in and out of her pussy like a rocket.

Her first orgasm struck her body, she was trembling and shaking, screaming her head off asking Jimmy to literally fuck her and satisfy her cock hungry pussy, although, the young man acted wise and patient, but he did not have the long experiences she did in sex, he was ready to cum, he could not hold for long, he was asking if he could cum in her and she screamed “Yes give it to me, fill my cum thirsty pussy please, cum deep inside” he sure did, he was pumping his fresh, young juicy cum deep inside her cunt, once he pulled out, all the cum was leaking out of her pussy down to the kitchen floor.

She turned around, took his cock and started sucking on it, cleaning it dry again, to her own surprise, his dick was as hard as he started his actions, it did not soften a bit, but she knew that after all, he was an eighteen year’s old boy who had all the young sex power it takes to fuck an older woman and satisfy her may be twice, three times and more.

She got up, held his cock and walked him through his dick to the living room, took the first couch, laid on her back, spread her legs, pulled his head down asking him to lick her pussy and he sure did, he was eating her like a pussy hungry guy, he made her cum one more time eating her cunt, she got up, asked him to lay on his back, she rode his cock and was dancing over it inside her pussy till they both came again.

She sucked his cock dry again, he went inside to the bathroom for a shower and she gathered herself taking the other bathroom to shower and clean up.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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