Their First Night Out

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“You’re not even going to take them off?” She asked. “Fine. Use me. Treat me like your whore, but I won’t like it.” She knew what his cock looked like, but she still wanted to see it, to feel it grow hard in her hand, but most of all she wanted to suck it and hear him gasp when her teeth gently passed over the tip, but Jason wasn’t having any of it. He wanted her, and he wanted her now banner1

"What if we see someone we know?" she asked Jason.

"Then they're sinners just like us," he said. 

Nichole’s heart raced beneath her skimpy black dress and she checked herself in her compact’s mirror. Her long blonde hair was curled in big loops that bounced off her shoulders, and her dress showed off her voluptuous cleavage, but her anxiety didn’t stem from her looks-she knew she looked good- but rather from where they were about to go for the first time.

The girl behind the check-in counter calmed Nichole's nerves a little bit; she talked about sanitation, safety, and comfort. “And remember,” She said to Nichole, “You are in charge of what happens tonight.”

The first floor took her aback. Soft-core porn played on a screen high above the entrance and girls - patrons, not professionals - danced in a cage set on a stage that rose above the dance floor. Another hundred or so were gathered around the bar, everyone dressed like a regular night out at a dance club. Most of the woman wore revealing clothing, except for some of the older ladies who dressed somewhat more modestly. The men, like Jason, were all dressed in their Saturday night's best, but he still looked better than the rest she thought. A driving, repetitive techno beat powered a crowd of a hundred-plus people dancing, some playfully, some with intent behind their motions. 

“Shall we?” He pointed towards the stairs leading to the second floor. 

The upstairs held a few more bedrooms, all of which had windows with optional shades, and an oversized mattress ringed by a counter with barstools. Jason had excused himself to use the restroom, and she made her way through the crowd looking into the unoccupied bedrooms. She felt eyes on her - a lone animal surrounded by predators just waiting for a taste. Sex was in the air, not the tension of impeding sexual possibilities, but actual sex - fucking, was everywhere, and nowhere was this more evident than the last room down the hallway. A couple like her and Jason, in the tail end of their twenties had the window wide open. She watched. She couldn't help it, it was just so…exhilarating. 

The girl was blindfolded, her face eager with pleasure. 

Nichole felt her body pressing close to the glass, her breasts touching its cold surface, bringing her nipples to attention beneath her clothes. The girl behind the glass was a slim brunette with small breasts that couldn't have been more than three feet away from Nichole's. The man stooped behind her, his face buried in her pussy, and judging by the sway of her hips, licking all the right spots. Nichole's hand absentmindedly fell between her legs, feeling the warmth between her thighs. 

She bucked against his face, he responded by grabbing her hips and pulling her tight against his tongue, making one last forceful push before pulling himself up, revealing a face slick with her pussy's fluid. For the first time, he noticed they had an audience, and looking directly at Nichole, pulled his underwear down revealing a thick, hard erection and turned the girl in what seemed like an impossible direction, that only made sense to Nichole when she realized she was suspended from the ceiling via a sex swing. His cock seemed too big to fit in such a petite thing, but it slid in effortlessly. 

They were fucking right in front of her! She couldn't believe it! But what was more surprising to her was that she couldn't turn away. The girl's face knotted up in a mix of pain and delight as the man swung her effortlessly against himself. Bap, Bap, Bap, Bap… the sound of her ass meeting his thighs was barely loud enough to make it through the glass, and Nichole inched even closer, bringing her ear to the glass and Nichole could hear the girl letting out a high pitched squeal with each accompanying thrust from the man. 

Nichole’s right hand pushed on her clit through her dress. It was firm to her touch and sent a familiar electricity from her center to her fingertips. A harder push turned the sensation to a dull hunger that needed satisfied and Nichole, slightly- almost imperceptibly-moved her hips against her fingers. 

“Fucking pervert,” a voice whispered into her ear, and Nichole jumped, her heart beat thudding into her ears.

“Jesus Christ!" she said. “You’re an asshole!” She hoped no one would notice, but saw the man in the room, the man with his cock inside of his girl, laughing at her. Nichole’s cheeks burned red “You’re in so much trouble,” she hissed. “But first we need a room.”

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked. “I thought we were going to take things slow.” Nichole didn’t feel like herself. She didn’t feel like a nice girl, she didn’t feel like the girl who volunteered at the animal shelter on the weekends, she didn’t feel like the girl who brought her co-workers healthy treats from the boutique grocery store, or the girl who made sure her television was turned down so low that she could barely hear it just for the sake of her neighbors, and she sure as hell didn’t feel like the kind of girl who was going to answer a stupid fucking question like that one. 

Instead, she reached out and grabbed Jason by the necktie and pulled him towards her face. Her lips attacked his - her tongue forced itself against his. And then she stopped, pushed him away… and slapped him across the face. Her husband liked it rough and she could see a fire light in his eyes.

“You naughty fucking girl,” he said. Before she had a chance to say anything, before she had a chance to even think, he shoved her 180 degrees and pushed her down so her face was against the bed.

“Oh my…” she said with a facetiousness she knew would set him off. “…are you going to spank me?” She wiggled her ass up at him. “I bet you don’t even know…” Before she could finish her sentence her dress was up around her skirt and Jason’s hand was pressed against her pussy - his thumb resting against her asshole, he controlled all of her now.  

“No,” he said. “You don’t get what you want. Not after that little episode.” Jason rubbed his palm into her pussy, pushing the sheer fabric of her thong inside her quickly swelling lips.

“Why not?” she whined. “I was such a bad girl. I slapped you and…and I can’t even tell you the rest.”

“You can’t tell me how you started to fuck yourself watching those two across the hall? Or you can’t tell me  about how fucking wet you are?” To emphasize his point Jason pulled his fingers away and held them up to her face so she could see them shine with her juice in the dim light. 

S-M-A-C-K! She heard it before she felt the sting across her ass, her body involuntarily pulling away from his hand. “Fuuuck,” her voice came out muffled by the pillow she was suddenly biting. Holy hell, she needed his dick, and her right hand shot back into his lap instinctively reaching for it, but he pushed her away before she could wrap her fingers around it. “Please?” was all she could say.

“Tell me what you want,” he said. 

“No,” she said. 

“Bratty girls don’t get what they want,” he said. “They get what they deserve.” 

S-M-A-C-K! Another jolt shot through her body, this one even harder.

“That fucking hurt!” she cried. “You’re a jerk.”

“Good. Now tell me what you want.”

He was standing behind her, and she could hear him pulling at his belt, and the zip of his pants coming undone.

“I don’t want it anymore,” she said. “Not if you’re going to be like that.” 

Jason was on top of her, his body weight pressing down her back and his breath hot in her ear. “Then I’ll just have to take it.” 

His hand was back against her warmth, pushing hard, sending pulsing waves through her with each stroke, but she tried to pull away for the sake of their twisted game, and suddenly his hands were at her waist, pulling her towards his face and she felt a sharp feeling as he gave a little bite to her ass cheek, then his fingers pulling her panties to the side. 

“You’re not even going to take them off?” She asked. “Fine. Use me. Treat me like your whore, but I won’t like it.”

She knew what his cock looked like, but she still wanted to see it, to feel it grow hard in her hand, but most of all she wanted to suck it and hear him gasp when her teeth gently passed over the tip, but Jason wasn’t having any of it. He wanted her, and he wanted her now.

A guttural, animal like sound came out of his mouth as he entered her, and she felt her own sound cross her lips too. Jesus, he was hard. She knew he couldn’t last long, not when it felt like this and she sank her hips back to take all of him inside of her.

“Does my brat like this? Does my brat like getting fucked from behind?” 

She didn’t answer him. Instead she pushed herself back even farther so he could fill her deepest parts and then worked it against him in circles, he took a deep breath in through his nostrils and exhaled out his mouth.

“I asked if you liked it,” he said. His right hand reached around so his palm put just enough pressure on her throat to arch her head back and make her stare at the ceiling while he forced himself inside her.

“What the fuck do you think?” she spat at him. He had to be close to cumming, she knew his rhythms well enough to know that the roughness of it all would send his cum spasming inside her any moment. His hands gripped both of her ass cheeks and spread them so he could slam his hardness all the way inside her. 

“I wish you could see what I can babydoll,” he said, his breath growing sharp. 

“Uhhh…” she heard herself moan. “Are you going to give it to me baby?” she panted. “Are you going to give me your cum? Please baby…please. I need it.” She was lost in the moment, inside their own primitive wants, but at the same time she calculated her words to make him cum. 

“Fuck!” he barked. His hips beat a faster rhythm against her ass, and his muscular arm wrapped around her waist, and then she felt his dick turn to stone at the moment of release. “Uugggghhh…” 

Nichole craned her neck back giving him a wet, sloppy kiss as he spasmed inside her, filling her with a sweet warmth. 

His arms gave out and he fell onto her pushing them both onto the bed, their tongues wrapping around each other’s. She felt his sweat against her forehead and pushed him down, to see his eyes dreamy with post-orgasmic bliss, and kissed his forehead.  “My big, tough man…,” she said, her lips turning to a smile. He mumbled something into her cleavage, but she couldn’t tell what it was, and she didn’t want to ruin his bliss enough to ask again. He lifted his face to meet hers.

“When is it going to be your turn?”

“Oh baby.” she stroked his hair and looked into his blue eyes. “I don’t think I’ll be able to cum here, it’s just too…too…” Her words stopped the same time her heart froze, and she felt her still warm insides drop through the floor down to the basement. “OH. MY. GOD.”

“What?” his voice raised with concern, but she couldn’t answer, all she could do was stare through the window- the one they’d neglected to draw the curtain on, as the exhibitionists she’d watched fuck across the hall had now turned to voyeurs at their sake. The girl, the brunette with pale skin gave her a small wave as she and her man turned and walked away.

Back downstairs, and in need of another drink- even after the one she’d downed after the embarrassment of having been watched without her consent, she clung to Jason. A part of her wanted to leave, to just go home and forget about it, but the rest of her wanted to dance and drink and probably, most likely, definitely, positively do that again. Jason had only laughed about what happened, everything was a fucking joke to him. Sometimes she wanted to slap the smirk off his face.

“We’re all sinners,” he said. “They were just returning you the favor.”

So they danced. Jason held his arm around her and gyrated his leg between her thighs to songs that they would never listen to on their own accord, and she’d almost forgotten about her shame when she excused herself to the bathroom where she felt the last of Jason drip out of her. The music permeated through the wall, and it took a second or two before she realized someone was speaking to her, and her heart skipped again when she saw who it was. 

“Sorry if we startled you,” the girl said. Nichole felt slightly uncomfortable as she felt the girl’s eyes trace her body from head to toe. “But you did sort of have it coming.” 

Wildfire immediately engulfed Nichole’s face. “Ugh..about that…it was just…I’m so sorry…” she felt sentences forming in her mouth only to disappear before reaching her tongue. 

“I’m Allison,” the libertine said. Nichole took Allison’s outstretched hand, a delicate little thing that ended in thin, stiletto fingertips and gave it a light shake. 

“I recognize your face,”  she said, sending Nichole into a panic spiral. Where did she know her from? Work? Was she a friend of a friend? Someone she’d gone to school with. 

“It’s the same face I had when I came here for the first time. Isn’t this place a trip?”

“How is it even legal?” Nichole exclaimed.

Allison laughed- a fragile, high pitched sound that bounced off the walls. “Right?” she said in agreement. “Follow me, you should meet my husband Patrick.”

Nichole felt at ease with them, they were nice people, certainly not the kind of people who would be having sex in a club, but neither were her and Jason, and here they all stood. It turned out they had more in common than she ever guessed, they were vegans - something she aspired to be, and both were young professionals who worked in the city. They had dogs, and a mortgage, and Jason was talking to her husband about whiskey, and comics, and everything was so normal that it just felt normal, until Nichole saw Patrick whisper into Allison’s ear and her head nod “yes” in an almost imperceptible motion. Nichole, subconsciously squeezed Jason’s wrist in anxiety. 

“Ummm…” Patrick started. “What do you two think about going to one of the rooms together?” 

Nichole’s mind went blank with fear and possibility.  

“Babydoll?” Jason asked, his voice leaving it an open question. They hadn’t really talked about this possibility, at first they didn’t even know how long they’d stay, but here they were confronted with a very real occasion. 

“Like…to swap?” Nichole asked.

“No, no, no…just to play around a little,” he said. “We’re not swingers or anything like that.”

Jason leaned in close enough his lips touched her ears, “Whatever we do is up to you, babydoll.”

Her chest constricted and her stomach felt like she was on a tilt-a-whirl, but more interestingly, she felt her body’s center warm to the idea, and she nodded.

Inside of a new room, one with a much larger window- who’s blinds were immediately drawn to keep out prying eyes- all four of them got on the bed together. Still clothed, Jason spooned her and she felt some of her apprehension slip through his arms and away into the ether. The tone between the two of them was a complete 180 from the aggression they displayed on their own, what she needed now was a protector - someone to hold her and help her through this experience..

In the dim light, Nichole watched Allison undo Patrick’s pants in what seemed like slow-motion, and remove his soft cock. “Mmmm…” softly escaped from Allison’s lips as she took him into her mouth. Patrick undid his shirt and threw it to the floor revealing a narrow chest that gave way to abdominal muscles that snaked down towards his cock. Jason’s hand wrapped up under her dress rubbed slow circles around her clit.

The whole situation made her lightheaded and she leaned back into Jason for support, which came with complementary kisses from her collarbone to her ears. His hands came from under her dress to the back where her zipper was situated, and pulled the zipper down. Exposed, but comfortable she let him slide the dress over her now bare feet where it fell to the floor. Next, his fingers hooked around her panties, while he simultaneously kissed her inner thigh. Gentle and wet, his tongue pressed into her flesh making a direct line to her pussy. 

A slight squeal jumped from her tongue when he made contact with her clit. Unhurriedly he consumed her inch by inch, and her hips pushed into his face in response. “Ahhhh…” she writhed her body to the pace his tongue set. Absentmindedly, her hands clutched at her tits, needing to feel a pinch on her nipples, she undid her bra, and rolled her hard nipple in between her thumb and forefinger.

Patrick was now standing at full attention, and Allison was busy bobbing her head on it, taking as much of it into her mouth as could fit while she stroked his cock with her right hand as her left hand was under her dress, rubbing herself so that she moaned through her stuffed mouth. Nichole and Patrick didn’t make eye contact, it didn’t seem right, even in this darkened room dripping with sexuality but she knew he was staring at her, watching her play with her tits while her husband licked her to nirvana, and… HOLY FUCK, it turned her on. 

“Goddammit,” she shouted as she pulled Jason’s head tight between her thighs, before pushing him back so that he was standing with his dick at just the right height for her to undo his pants and take it into her mouth. She admired it first, gripping it tight and feeling his heartbeat through the thick vein on the bottom before she took it into her mouth. Too excited, she swallowed him whole, letting out a small gagging sound that brought tears to her eyes and extra saliva to her mouth. She spit the excess onto him and used it as lube to jerk him while she inhaled his shaved balls into her mouth. Nichole knew this was his weakness, that any other time the combined sensation of her mouth on the underside of his balls and her hand on the tip of his cock would ensure a face full of cum if she kept it up, but now was not the time for that. 

“Come fuck me,” she whispered. In an instant he was on top of her, rubbing his cock against her pussy lips and along her clit, before he plunged deep inside of her. 

“You’re so fucking wet baby doll.” 

She relished in his amazement as he pushed himself all the way inside her, his pubic bone grinding against her pleasure spot. Her hands gripped his triceps and she felt their sinewy structure flex with each slow pump. She felt a presence beside her and looked over to see Allison’s face next to hers, contorted in her own satisfaction as Patrick went from a slow tempo, to a deep pounding that made Allison squirm. Nicole, on her own willpower, but seemingly beyond her control, reached her hand up to Allison’s face and pulled her face close enough to share a simple, but moist kiss.

With a tacit understanding, their hands explored each other, Allison’s hands cupping Nichole’s overflowing breasts, first gently, but then with a ferocity that mirrored how hard Patrick was fucking her tight little pussy.

"Too rough?” Allison whispered. Nichole’s hands pinched Allison’s nipples with a mischievous curiosity as a response and then moved up and down her slim torso.

Looking down at her husband’s cock penetrating her, Nichole felt something stirring deep inside her, something she never thought she’d experience in this place, and she quickly put the thought out of her mind, lest she scare it off. 

Allison licked her lips, thin yet inviting, and Nichole went back for another kiss, deeper this time, her tongue exploring another woman’s mouth for the first time in over a decade. They moaned their approval into each other’s mouth, until suddenly Allison pushed her away and Nichole felt her body tense up beside her. 

“I’m gonna cum!” she shouted. “Oh god, I’m going to cum.” 

Patrick’s pace sped up with her cries, his dick slamming into her with abandon.

“OH GOD, I’m cumming…I’m cumming all over your fucking dick,” she screamed. Her body flailing against his, and her head falling into Nichole’s breasts, heaving in time with Jason’s movements. 

Nichole felt the stirring grow stronger, it was undeniable now, the beginning of her own orgasm was just barely out of reach. 

Patrick, spurred on by his wife, pulled out and took his considerable cock in his hand and rubbed it, captivating Nichole. She could hear how slick it was with Allison’s cum, and briefly she wondered what it would taste like. His brow furrowed, mouth opened, and groan escaped him as cum shot from his dick with enough force to spray all over Allison’s lithe body, even getting some on her own tits. Nichole smiled a shocked smile, and rubbed his - this relative stranger’s - wad around her nipples. 

“You naughty fucking girl,” Nichole’s husband said for the second time that night. “I’ll show you naughty,” he said. 

Still driving into her, Jason scooped the semen from her nipple with two fingers, and quicker than she had time to comprehend, stuck them into her mouth. She bit down on his finger and tasted the salty, bitter taste of another man’s seed as a burst of light exploded from between her legs and traveling along every nerve, every muscle, every tendon until her whole body was convulsing and her vision blurred at the edges. 


“OH FUCK!” she pulled Jason into her and felt his cock twitch, shooting whatever spunk was leftover from earlier between her legs.

The four of them collapsed in a heap, Nichole holding Jason close to her as she digested what had just happened… What the fuck had just happened? Her body felt like it was vibrating in harmony with some type of greater purpose, or maybe it was just the overwhelming afterglow of an event she had never expected. Whatever it was, it made her smile from ear to ear while her husband panted into her chest, and Patrick and Allison held on to each other like mutual life rafts. 

“So,” Nichole said to Jason. “When are we coming back?”

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