Fulfilled my friend wish to get baby

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Hi. I am Rocky. I stay in Bangalore and works for MNC. Coming to the queen of the story, I don’t want to mention her name, lets name her as Ramya. She is an average of 26 years old. We joined as fresher in same company at same time. As we joined at same time we became good friends. Lesbian

Hi. I am Rocky. I stay in Bangalore and work for MNC. Coming to the queen of the story, I don’t want to mention her name, let's name her as Ramya. She is an average of 26 years old. We joined as freshers in the same company at the same time. As we joined at the same time we became good friends.

We go to eat lunch together every day even though we share our personal matters also. After 6 months she got married with a guy who worked for another MNC in Bangalore. They shifted to the apartment where I am staying. I helped them in shifting and her husband also became a good friend. Sometimes I go to their house for lunch. We are like family friends, As I am a bachelor this is the reason sometimes, I go to their home when I have some free time.

After one year of their marriage they didn’t have any child. Once myself and ramya were eating lunch together at the office. She said ‘she wants some help with me’ our conversation went on like this.

Me: what help you need from me?

She was hesitant to tell this and sacred also.

Ramya: Before i tell you should promise me that you should not disclose this to anyone.

Me: Is this that much of a secret.

Ramya: yeah

Me: ok tell me.

Ramya: I wanted to be pregnant.

Me: hahahahaha then you should stay more with your husband.

Ramya: How can i tell you?

Me: What happened?

Ramya: We have been trying for a baby for six months but we could not make it.

Me: Have you gone to any doctor.

Ramya: yeah we did. The doctor did a medical checkup for both of us.

Me: what did he told.

Ramya: doctor said my hubby has low sperm count that he can not make a baby.Even we have met other doctors. He also said the same no use, if he uses any medicines also.

Me: do your husband know about his medical situation.

Ramya: yeah he knows that.

Me: So what can i do now!

Ramya: As you are my best friend. I want you to help me get pregnant.

Me: does your hubby know about what you are talking about.

Ramya: yeah he knows he only brought up this idea.

Me: give me some time to think. Let me know in a couple of days.

Ramya: ok

I was shocked after hearing that we didn’t have this type of conversation any time. I don’t have any feelings for her. I was thinking what to do now should i help her or not. The next after this conversation I met with her husband at the badminton court and we both were there in the court. Did your wife tell you what happened yesterday?. Yeah I insisted she ask you. I cant change my medical condition we were worried about the baby so that we can have respect from our relatives and society. We are in search of good looking and good person who will keep it secret. I think you are the best option for us. Can you please help us we can be a happy family, if we have a baby in the family.

By his words I was ready to help, that day evening I went to their house to discuss. Guys I am ready to help you after listening to this they were feeling happy. You can contact me for another baby too if you want they said ok. Her hubby said he will be out-of-town next weekend, i want you to do this upon my absence i don’t have any objection.

Now comes the night it was Friday night we came from the office. I went to my home to freshen up, she invited me for dinner. I entered her home at 8 PM. She was wearing a tight fit denim and I could feel her ass completely. While pressing her ass hard I would press my hand deep between her thighs and she would moan softly. I kissed her face and sucked her ear lobes and she was totally enjoying it. I would insert my hand in her top and would caress her back and she too would do the same to me. I started feeling her boobs from over her top and she started moaning. I inserted my hand in her top and started feeling them over her bra. They were soft and firm. I pulled the bra over right boob and started pressing her nipples softly and she started feeling my dick over my denim.

I pushed her against the wall and removed her top, she was wearing a black and red bra. The boob cup was black with a red strip on the top and she was looking gorgeous in that. She had very fair complexion, short hair up to shoulders and with this combination of a black and red bra, she was looking nothing less than a lingerie model. She had a flat tummy and her boob size might be 34. I was totally mesmerized by her beauty. She came close to me and removed on top and we started kissing again. I kissed on her shoulders and neck and ran my tongue all over her neck and behind her earlobes.

She was standing with her back pushed against the wall. I kissed her neck and started going downwards and kissed her cleavage and upper part of boobs. I pressed her boobs with both my hands and kissed them and kept squeezing them. She was continuously moaning all the time. I kissed her tummy and inserted my tongue in her naval and sucked it hard. I unbuttoned her denim and slowly pulled it down while continuing to kiss her lower belly. She was wearing a black panty and I could clearly see the wet spot over her pussy. I was on my knees and she was standing before me only in her bra and panty. I took a good look at her sexy body. She was perfect. Nice soft but firm round boobs, flat tummy, and milky white thighs. It was dream come true situation for me. I planted a kiss on her panty just over her pussy and she shuddered and moaned. I could smell her sweet pussy juices and that was driving me crazy. I started licking her panty over her pussy and was thoroughly enjoying it. She too started moaning loudly and pressed my face against her body.

In between, i kissed, licked and sucked her beautiful thighs also. She raised her left leg and put it over my shoulder to give me better access to her pussy. I put my left hand over her boob and my right hand was on her ass and I kept sucking her. She started to moan louder and her body was moving in a rhythmic way as she started pushing her pussy on my face and with her hands behind my head, she would press my hand hard on her pussy. She reached her climax and came and I could feel that it was a long orgasm.

She pulled my face up and gave a long kiss on my lips. I could see the glow of satisfaction on her face. Now it was her turn to please me and she herself took the lead. She kissed on my chest, sucked my nipples and unbuttoned my denim. She pulled it down and started kissing my underwear over my dick. She sucked from the point where she could feel the tip of my underwear. She would look up at me and suck it at the same time. Then she pulled my underwear down and kissed the tip of my dick. She kissed it all over and started sucking my balls. Then she put my dick in her mouth and gently started to suck it. It was heavenly. I still get a hard on just by thinking about it. The way she was doing it was amazing, she knew how to please a man. I had never experienced such a pleasure before.

Ramya was doing it like a pro and seemed to enjoying it too. She was doing it slowly but was sucking it hard and then would keep the tip of my dick in her mouth and suck it 2-3 times like a lollipop. Actually, i am falling short of words to describe it. She continued for a while till I told her that I am about to cum and she stopped and said: “I don’t want to waste those precious sperms of yours, I want them inside me”. I said, “I want you to make me cum sweety, I want you to suck me dry”.

She “no not this time baby. I need all of it inside me. Make me pregnant and I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll give you as many blow jobs as you want. Now come fuck me hard, I so want it inside me”.

Me “patience baby patience. You’ll get what you want but let me first enjoy that hot body of yours”.

I pulled her up, lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed. I removed her bra and felt her soft boobs. I started licking her nipples one by one and she again started to moan. I would softly take her nipple in my mouth and suck it like a baby. Pull it softly and occasionally would take the entire boob in my mouth and suck it hard and she would moan and say “sss aah..”. I loved that sound, that would make me so horny. I would suck one nipple and play with the other with my hand. I could feel that she was again getting aroused. I sucked her boobs for a good 10-15 mins till they became red. She definitely had better boobs. They were of apt size and still firm and nipples were soft and silky. In between, she would roll over me and would bring her boob towards my mouth.

Would not allow me to touch it with my hand and only suck it. She would pull it out of my mouth and tease me, I would try to suck it but she would jiggle it away from my mouth and make me do extra effort to suck it. All this while my hand was over her ass in her panty and I would push my finger between her things touching her pussy which was already very wet. I slowly lowered her panty and started massaging her pussy while still playing with her boobs with my mouth. She too was enjoying the game.

I pushed her and came over to her and after sucking her boobs for some more time I started moving down to her tummy and after licking her tummy for some time I reached her pussy again and this time it was without any panty. She had a clean hairless pussy and appeared have been shaved or waxed a few days back. It was all drenched in her juices and glittering. I planted a nice warm kiss over it and parted her legs to have a better view of it, she too obliged by folding her knees and spreading her legs giving me a clear access to her pussy. I ran my tongue over it and inserted it in her hole a little and she moaned. I parted her pussy lips with my hand and again inserted by the tongue in it and then licked. She again gave a loud sensual “ooooohhhh”. So I was fulfilling all my fantasies with ramya. I again dug my head into her pussy and started licking and sucking it and was slurping it and she was making all kinds of moans “aaah .. ooohhh .. fuck .. it feels so good rocky… you are too good man … I have never felt like this … “. I kept doing it slowly and gradually increased my speed. Ramya tightened her grip over my head and pushed it into her pussy and with a loud moan she again reached her climax .. I kept sucking her till her body became normal again and she pulled up and we smooched again.

I was now ready to enter her. I was lying over her and was kissing and she caught my dick and guided it to her pussy. My dick just slipped inside as she was totally lubricated by that time but still, i could feel some tightness inside her pussy and as I entered her, she released a loud moan “ooooohhhhh”. I was slowly fucking her while smoching and kissing her over neck and boob and occasionally I would lick behind her earlobe and it was very arousing for her. She said her husband has never done that with her and she herself did not know that it is so pleasurable. 

We were not having sex, we were making love.I increased my speed and started ramming her and she started making loud moans “aaah … ooohh .. fuck me rocky .. fuck me hard .. I am all yours .. I'm your slut… “. I continued to bang her at that speed and we both came at the same time. I discharged all my load inside her and was just laid over her. She hugged me and kissed my forehead and softly said thanks for making love to me. I looked at her, smiled and gave a peck on her lips. I slid to her side, and she hugged me and we both fell asleep.

I had a conference lined up at 11 next morning and she too had a meeting at 12. I woke up at around 7 and saw her lying naked next to me. She was looking like an angel, so beautiful and sexy. I kissed her and went to the washroom but since was tired so decided to sleep for some more time. I set the alarm for 9 on my phone and went back to sleep.

My sleep got interrupted when I felt very aroused in my dream and when I opened my eyes I saw ramya giving me a blowjob. As I opened my eyes she smiled and said good morning baby and again started sucking me. I had never been woken up like this before as I was feeling as if I am still dreaming. She was a pro in sucking I tell you. After sucking me for sometime, before I could cum, she came over me and we started smoching. I was still lying in the bed and she was the one who was taking the lead this time. After kissing for some time, she brought her right boob close to my mouth and held it with her hand and offered me to suck it. I obliged and sucked it gently and slowly. After some time she offered me her left boob and I obeyed her command. She was in absolute command and I allowed her to play it her way.

She did not allow me to touch her boobs just suck them with my mouth. I would jiggle them to tease me and cover them with her hands. She then brought her pussy to my face and placed it over my lips. I was sucking her and she was moaning like anything. She was rubbing it over my lips and I was playing it with my tongue. She increased her speed and after some time she came. She then sat over my erect dick and took it inside her pussy and started fucking me. She told me to let her know when I was about to come. I cupped her boobs and started squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She increased her speed and we both were about to reach our climax and I told her that I am about cum. She stopped and asked me to fuck her in missionary style as it was better for getting pregnant. I came on top of her and started fucking her and came inside her.

We kept lying for some time and it was already 9:30 by that time. We got up and got ready for our respective engagements. 

She told that although she enjoyed sex with her husband and never felt the need for another man but the last one day with me was memorable and we continued our sex for few more weeks.Well, that's all folks as far as the present story is concern. 

After a month or so I received a message from her “I have got my present rocky, thank you very much”. She was pregnant with my child and last year she delivered a baby boy. 

Please send your comments and reviews to my email: [email protected]. Waiting for all your reactions. You can also chat with me on hangouts with same email. Privacy will be maintained. It’s a promise 




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