The One that Got Away

MikesGirl13   December 09, 2019   | 18823 Views
Remy isn’t the shy reserved young lady Mike knew from high school. She let him get away back then but she’ll make sure she doesn’t pass up the opportunity to show him the new her. rings

She couldn’t believe it... after all these years. 


Mike was always the dream guy.. the one that got away back in high school. She had never forgot about him. When they reconnected at a kid’s birthday party it was obvious a lot of time had passed. 


In the years since high school they had each gone to college and had since had kids as well. 


Over the years hearing of Mike with other girls made Remy jealous and she couldn’t understand why. It had been so many years since she’d seen him and they were just friends (except for one date) in high school. 


Seeing him at the party though she was surprised by the excitement she felt. It was as though she was back in high school. She couldn’t let the opportunity pass but she wanted to respect his situation or what she had heard his relationship was with the mother of his kids. 


A few years after the party, Remy nervously sent Mike a message through Facebook and was so relieved when he responded quickly. They talked for hours and it was obvious both of them were trying to hold back and keep things platonic. 


They couldn’t help themselves the passion had only grown since high school. A few months of talking had passed when they first started hanging out. The first time they hung out, he came over, she made breakfast and soon after the movie they put on started, she was rubbing his dick through his jeans. She couldn’t help it. Remy always wanted to have sex with Mike and could no longer hold back. He was trying to be a gentleman but Remy wanted to get fucked right then and there but they didn’t. She got to suck his dick and it was better than she could’ve fantasized. 


Remy would replay having Mikes dick in her mouth that first meetup over and over again. The feeling of his big thick dick in her mouth. The veins pulsating in her mouth putting pressure on her jaw as she took him in her mouth, taking him deep into her throat until she was gagging. Seeing the look of pleasure on his face only turned her on more. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. 


Their meetups after that day were very intense and passionate. Their chemistry was undeniable. Remy was different with Mike than she had been with anyone else. She felt safe and knew she could be free sexually. He respected and cared for her and would never hurt her and she felt that and enjoyed rewarding him for it. 


Over the next few years there would be a lot of firsts with Mike. 


The first time they had sex was perfect. He had arrived ahead of Remy and set the hotel room up with wine, chocolate covered strawberries and planned everything with so much care. 


When Remy arrived she was undressed in seconds and couldn’t wait to finally feel that dick inside her wet throbbing pussy. Mike’s dick was huge. As soon as he was inside her wet, warm, tight pussy Remy could see the pleasure on his face. She could see he wasn’t ready and was caught off guard. She capitalized on this. She wanted to keep him surprised and blow his mind. 


She would let him fuck her and after he came she would suck his dick and lick it clean. Mike ate her pussy so well. Gently and attentively. She was turned on by how much he enjoyed her taste. While he at her pussy she took him in her mouth. 


It was such raw passion. She climbed on top of him and rode his dick hard. She made him cum hard over and over making sure Mike new that dick was now hers. 


Remy couldn’t believe they fucked over and over all day. It was thrilling and Mike satisfied her better than she’d ever been before. 


They both had busy lives but they would take advantage of any time they did find. One time at his place, Remy was excited about sucking his dick. She was aggressively deep throating his dick and something came over him. Mike grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth hard. She was so turned on. He even shot his cum in her mouth. She was just as satisfied as Mike when he finished in her throat. The idea that after all these years she could make Mike feel so good was amazing. 


They would have other meetups and Remy counted down to those sexually charged sessions. Between meetups, they spoke daily, which included phone sex, trading pictures, and video FaceTime sex sessions - all things Remy had never done before Mike. 

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