Camping with Daddy

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   Jared had planned this weekend months ago. He needed to try something.  His daughter Molly had been sad for almost her entire high school career so far, and he was… rings

   Jared had planned this weekend months ago. He needed to try something.  His daughter Molly had been sad for almost her entire high school career so far, and he was desperate to cheer her up. He was taking her camping, just the two of them, and he hoped he could get her to feel better about herself. Molly had just turned 18, and had been a happy, cheerful girl until high school,  when she suddenly became self conscious and insecure about her body. She was a chubby girl, and although that meant she had rather large breasts for a girl her age, she also had a big fat bum and a jiggly,  soft belly. Her curly blond hair was frizzy, and her nose turned up slightly,  so it wasn't long before the mean, popular girls starting teasing her, calling her 'piggy.' The worst incident had happened earlier this semester, when the class was being paired up in chemistry.  She was paired with Shawn, the captain of the football team, her heart raced as she started to walk over to his desk. But she tripped and fell into him. He squeezed her belly and said loudly for the class to hear, "Ugh gross! I'm not working with fat piggy! Look how gross!" And he lifted her shirt exposing her fat belly to everyone. The class laughed and sneered at her as she burst into tears. The teacher tried to get the class under control but it was too late, the damage was done.
       But now it was summer break, and Jared was determined to cheer up his beloved daughter.  He thought to himself,  "I'll just keep complimenting her. Tell her how pretty she is. Make her feel like a beautiful princess. " He finished packing the car and called Molly that it was time to go. Molly got in the car wearing baggy sweatpants and tshirt as usual to hide her body. Jared smiled at her. "You look nice sweety. You know we're just going camping right?"
    Molly shrugged, "Sure daddy." And they drove the rest of the way quietly as Molly played on her phone.
     They pulled up to the secluded camp site ,no one around for miles and the lake was just down a small hill. Jared immediately started setting up the tent and cracked a beer. He smiled at Molly. "Why dont you go for a swim sweety. I can set up."

    Molly looked down nervously.  "Um, I'm ok for now daddy.  

     Jared new she was embarrassed.  "Ok sweety but will you join me for a swim when I'm done setting up? I don't want to go alone."

     "Um I  um didn't bring a swimsuit with me daddy..." Molly said shyly.

      Jared smiled. "That's fine sweety, you can just wear shorts and a tshirt. Ok?"

      Molly looked up relieved. "Ok daddy."

    Jared finished setting up and went in the tent and put his trunks on. He stepped out of the tent and stretched.  Although 45, Jared was in very good shape. Both him and his wife went to the gym regularly and it showed in Jared's muscular frame. At 6'1, he was quite a handsome man , and Molly couldn't help but glance over as he took off his shirt. He smiled warmly at her, "Come on gorgeous,  let's get going."

    Molly giggled when he called her gorgeous and she went in the tent and put on baggy shorts and a white tshirt and came out.

     Jared whistled at her as she stepped out. "Wow you look very pretty Molly. You have beautiful legs." She blushed nervously and followed her daddy down to the lake.

   Jared walked out into the lake and swam around. Molly followed and the two swam around, Molly thinking about her legs. "Do I really have beautiful legs?" She thought to herself,  so desperate for compliments. She swam back to shore, wanting to see. She walked out and looked down at her pale, white chubby legs. They were so thick....she started to feel insecure when Jared walked out behind her.

     "Wow Molly! Does that shirt ever look great on you! It really shows what a beautiful woman you've become." He said beaming at her. Her soaked white tshirt clung to her belly and showed off her huge white bra. She looked up nervously.

    "You really think it looks ok daddy?" She said in a shaky voice.

    "Oh yes gorgeous.  You could be a wet tshirt model.  You would be on the cover of every magazine. " Jared went on. Laying it on thick.

    "Me? A model?" Molly said shocked. "I um I always dreamed of being a model..."

    Jared had an idea. "Well? Why not?" he said.

     "Why not what daddy?" Molly said confused.

     "Why don't we make you a model? We have beautiful scenery here, and a gorgeous model. I can take your photos on my phone, start your portfolio like a real model." Jared said confidently.

    "I um I don't know daddy...Do you think people would um want to see me?" She said insecurely.

     "I bet boys would love to see you as a pretty model in a magazine. " Jared replied as they began to walk up to the campsite. Molly's nipples tingled slightly as she thought about boys looking at pictures of her...liking what they saw....her nipples tingled again.

    "Um ok daddy. What do I um do?" Molly said quietly.

    Jared grabbed his phone and said, "Let's take them down at the beach, you can be a sexy beach model. "

     Molly's nipples ached, she wanted o be sexy sooo bad. "Ok daddy." She replied and they headed back down.

     "Why dont you stand by that rock gorgeous?" Jared said and Molly walked to it, her fat ass jiggling in her wet shorts. She turned and looked nervously at the camera. 

     "Now smile for all your fans Molly." Jared said and Molly giggled at the thought of having fans. "Very good gorgeous,  your smile is incredible.  You'll be on the cover of every magazine with a smile like that." He went on and Molly loved every second of it.

     "Do you really think I could have lots of fans daddy?" She said innocently.

     "Oh yes Molly. Boys will love looking at your sexy pictures". Jared went on. Desperately trying to build the girls confidence.

    Molly bit her lip shyly as she looked at the camera. "I um I want to feel sexy...."

     Jared paused for a moment. "Well, we never mind."

     "What daddy?" Molly asked.

      "Well I was just thinking....most models would do pictures in just their underwear...but you don't want to do that." He said. "It's ok sweety, we'll keep taking these beautiful pictures of you." He smiled and kept taking pictures.

     Molly looked down nervously.  She wanted to be a real model....She looked up at her daddy,  'I want to be a real model daddy..." She gripped the bottom of her tshirt and lifted it over her head, exposing her fat white belly and huge white bra. She looked up, desperate for approval. 

       Jared's big dick twitched in his trunks as he looked at Molly's massive breasts stuffed into the plain white bra. "Oh wow Molly. You look very sexy! The boys won't be able to stop looking at you!" He exclaimed.

     Molly giggled and she felt so naughty,  showing her underwear to boys...her fans..."Should I um take my shorts off too daddy?" She said unsurely and Jared nodded in approval. She bent over and peeled her shorts off, her white panties wet, showing her natural, blond pubic hair puffing out the sides, her breasts jiggling in her big white bra. She stood up, in just her bra and panties and looked at the camera, feeling sooooo sexy and naughty. Her virgin pussy ached at the thought of horny boys watching her as she said to the camera. "Do you think I'm sexy boys?"

       She giggled as Jared responded,  "The sexiest model ever!" His big dick was getting harder and harder as he photographed his horny, fat daughter, creating a noticeable bulge in his trunks.

     "Very sexy photos Molly." Jared said as he tried to control his erection,  but he just couldn't keep his eyes off of Molly.  She was so excited, so happy doing this....his cock doing some of the thinking as he zoomed in on her fat tits.

      "How about we do a video Molly? Kind of an interview, so your fans can get to know you a little." Jared suggested,  wanting to see how far she would go.

     Molly giggled. "Ok daddy....I don't want to disappoint my fans."

      Jared started filming, and Molly looked at the camera pushing out her big tits. "Now show your fans how sexy you are, how much you like showing off your sexy body." Jared said encouragingly and Molly leaned back against the large rock, biting her lip.

    She looked at the camera lustfully. "Do my fans like my big boobs?" She said, giggling when she said boobs. Jared's big cock stiffened and Molly's eyes were drawn to the huge tent in his trunks. She felt a rush of lust as she stared at the huge bulge and said softly, "Maybe my fans would like me to take off my bra?"

    Jared watched in amazement as his horny daughter reached behind herself and unclipped her bra. It sprung off of her and her fat teen tits spilled out jiggling wildly.  Molly moaned as she reached up and squeezed them, pinching and teasing her big pink nipples. "Oh do you boys like that?" Molly said as she continued to massage her big breasts. "Oh I'm such a naughty you boys like watching me be naughty?" She giggled and Jared nodded yes. He watched in amazement as Molly began sliding a hand down her belly to her panties.  This was going way too far, he thought to himself, but he couldn't keep his eyes off of the horny, chubby teen rubbing herself in front of him. His cock was rock hard now and was straining uncomfortably in his trunks. He couldn't stop her now, she was feeling so confident and sexy....he kept filming, eyes locked on Molly's almost naked body. She started to peel off her panties and Jared stared in anticipation as she slowly revealed her hairy, blond virgin pussy. She moaned softly as the air hit her wet pussy and she let her panties fall to the ground.

     "Do my fans want to watch me play with myself??"" She said as she spread her thick thighs and placed her hand over her bush. Jared nodded as Molly began to rub her clit. She immediately began panting and moaning and Jared zoomed in on her as she quickly approached orgasm. Molly threw her head back as her knees quivered. "OH OH OHHHHHH!!!!" She cried out as her virgin pussy gushed,  her fingers wet and sticky. Her eyes met her father's as she came hard, and she looked deep into his eyes as her orgasm subsided.

     Jared was breathing hard and he turned off the camera. "Wow sweetheart.  That um That was incredible.  Possibly the sexiest video I've ever seen..." he said, still on awe over what he just saw.

    Molly smiled. "Mmmmm thank you daddy. I felt so sexy!"

    "That's great sweety.  Why don't you go get dressed and I'll cook supper?" Jared said, trying to think oa way for him to get away and relieve his hard cock. But there was no way. There was no where to go without taking Molly too. He would just have to be patient,  maybe when she fell asleep.

     He started cooking and Molly reappeared from the tent, only she wasn't wearing her usual baggy clothes. She had rolled her shorts up so high that they were barely covering her panties and had put on a tank top with no bra and tied the bottom so it was tight on her fat tits. Jared could see everything and his cock twitched.  Jared couldn't help but stare and Molly giggled. "Do you like my outfit Daddy?"

     Jared nodded. "You look very sexy sweetheart."

     Molly squealed happily and proceeded to strut around the campsite as Jared finished making dinner. His big hard cock twitched and strained in his shorts and he barely made it through dinner as the sun went down. It got dark quickly and it was soon time for bed. They climbed into the tent and into their sleeping bags. Molly stripped her shorts off and lay in her sleeping bag in her tanktop and panties.

   "Thank you for making me feel so sexy today one's ever been so nice to me before." Molly said as her pussy tingled, thinking about how much she liked being naked for him, how intensely he had watched her.  Her pussy tingled as she fell asleep thinking about her handsome daddy.

    Jared woke up around 1am. His big cock was rock hard and it ached to be touched. The moon was high in the sky and lit up the night sky just enough that Jared could make out Molly's sleeping form in the moonlight. Her sleeping bag was unzipped and pulled back and he could make out the outline of her big tits rising and falling as she breathed heavily. Sure that she was sleeping, he slid his hand into his sleeping bag, but it was a tight fit, so he unzipped his covers and peeled them back quietly.  Slipping his boxer shorts off, he released his throbbing member and wrapped his hand around it. He thought about Molly's huge breasts and began to stroke. He stroked hard and fast, imagining her naked body. He couldn't resist, he pulled out his phone and turned on the video, watching Molly masturbate for the camera as he jerked his throbbing dick.

       Molly was fast asleep. In her dream she was in front of a group of boys, they were naked, watching her. She looked down, she was naked too, and her daddy was with her. She looked up at him as he crawled on top of her....she spread her legs....

     She woke up.

     Her pussy burned and she new it was soaked.  Her nipples ached and she slowly opened her eyes. As her eyes focused she saw her daddy, watching the video of her, stroking his big hard dick. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

    "Oh wow daddy." She moaned softly as Jared gasped.

     "Oh sweety I'm sorry.  I thought you were sleeping.." Jared tried to explain.

     But Molly barely heard him as she peeled her covers back and stripped off her panties and tanktop. She slid a hand between her thighs and moaned, "Oh daddy....I love you...please love me...."

      Jared sat up and looked down at his chubby, naked daughter. So desperate to be sexy....

       He crawled on top of her as she instinctively spread her thighs.  Jared's big daddy cock grazed Molly's hairy pussy and she moaned desperately.  He leaned in and took her hard nipple in his mouth. Molly whimpered in delight as Jared sucked hard on both of her big teen tits. His cock throbbed and he guided it to Molly's hairy, virgin slit. He rubbed the head on her dripping wet pussy and she moaned desperately,  rocking her big hips, trying to get him inside her.

    "Ohhh make love to me daddy....please make love to your sexy girl." She cooed.

    Jared pressed forward and he began to enter her, stretching the teen girls virgin lips as she groaned lustfully. He thrust hard and tore through the teen girl's virginity as she gasped in pain. He began slowly sliding in and out as Molly wrapped her thick legs around him. He started moving faster, his big cock pumping in and out of the chubby teen's pussy as she moaned and groaned in pleasure.

      "OH! OH YES DADDY!!!" Molly cried out as her orgasm took her over. Her fat breasts bounced around wildly as Jared pounded the horny young girls wet pussy. "DADDY I LOVE YOU!!!" She screamed as Jared's huge cock slammed deep inside her. 

     "Ughh Baby I'm cumming!" Jared grunted as he thrust hard. His big daddy cock throbbed as he emptied his thick, hot cum deep 8nto Molly's fertile young womb. She moaned as he filled her up, making the young girl feel sexier than she ever could have imagined. He rolled off of her and she cuddled into his arms.

      "Oh Daddy, this is the best camping trip ever." Molly sighed happily as she drifted off to sleep.

    Jared smiled as he thought to himself, this is only the first night.....






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