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How to Train Your Daughter Ch. 2

RobertLStevenson   June 27, 2022   | 13816 Views
…Girls were often nude around other people, but until their Festival they were never touched while naked except by their father or a trained professional… Lesbian

Dave's question had struck a chord with me, and I realized that I hadn't carefully considered what the best option for styling my Jennifer's pubic area was. We'd been working really hard in preparing her in every other way, and I would have hated for a slip-up here to be the deciding factor in her not placing well. I decided to take Ramer up on his offer of a house-call, and scheduled an appointment for the following Tuesday afternoon.

I had three daughters. Jennifer was the oldest, followed by the twins, Selena and Serena. Jennifer took after her mother and was long, slender, and lean, with dark hair and light skin, and dark brown eyes. She had an exquisite hourglass figure in spite of not having very wide hips, and her breasts were small B's that had just enough fullness to project from her chest with a soft roundness on their undersides, but didn't hang or sag. Her nipples were surprisingly dark and large, and seemed to be in a constant state of semi-erection. The twins inherited my Norwegian stock, and were blue-eyed, sandy-blond, and surprisingly curvaceous for their age, with narrow waists, smooth shoulders, and impressive bosoms in spite of their athletic figures.

This was my first Festival, and I wanted it to be a very special for Jennifer. I had read a lot of books, and we had done our best in raising our daughter to be ready for this important night, but I was still nervous about many of the details. I was glad for the opportunity to learn from George Ramer, and looked forward to whatever wisdom he'd have for us today in our private consultation.

After I arrived home from work on Tuesday, I poured myself a glass of scotch and sat in the living room waiting for Ramer and reflecting on the history of the Festival and what it meant for our family.

Fifty years ago, the golden age of the internet had launched a sea change in sexual mores, and the mid-2000's were a defining moment in an already rapidly progressing culture. Porn had become a mainstream phenomenon, and suddenly thousands of normal young women were shooting videos and photo spreads as a means of sexual exploration and a tidy income.

Many would simply set up their own simple website and livecast themselves in their bedrooms naked, masturbating, or having sex with friends from their high school while charging a modest fee for viewers to enjoy the show or even participate. Others would audition for 'modeling' agencies and sign with established porn studios, and Eastern Europe was full of massive estates which maintained stables of hand-picked young women who were essentially maintained in luxurious captivity for the sole purpose of shooting high-quality pornography and, of course, servicing the owners of the compounds and their friends. For their part, living in a paradise of good food, glamorous clothing, the best physical care, and a considerable paycheck was considered a fair enough trade for many girls to be the sexual playthings of what had become a legitimate business of sex, and the porn produced by these houses doubled as an advertisement for new bodies, a need which an increasing number of American girls were happy to fulfill.

Concern began to arise, however, as the scale of participation became evident. Unprecedented numbers of 'girls-next-door' were selling themselves on the free market, and two major issues finally came to a head as American men realized that their neighbors, their daughter's classmates, and sometimes their own daughters were suddenly appearing in the porn they were enjoying which was being produced in other states and countries. First, safety was an obvious issue. It was great that young women were feeling more free than ever to express themselves sexually, but certainly many were being forced to do so with unsavory individuals, and the danger was simply not acceptable.

Second, there grew a realization that these young women were extraordinarily valuable, and it was ridiculous that because of antiquated moral scruples the most beautiful and desirable of them should have to go to such lengths in order to satisfy their natural urge for sexual explorations while ultimately only profiting (both financially and sexually) men who had no connection with or care for them or the community they were raised in. There was no denying that young girls wanted to express themselves sexually; it was obvious that either they would do so for the benefit of unscrupulous and possibly dangerous individuals who cared primarily about how many dollars they could wring from these nubile young bodies, or else American fathers would step up to preserve the precious resource of their daughters' sexuality and keep it in the families, towns, and the country that had invested so much in making American girls the amazing examples of healthy sexuality they were. It was time to harness that sexuality and guide it carefully and safely, and ensure that it benefited those who had done the most to create it.

Starting with op-eds and features in news magazines, continuing to grassroots 'town hall' meetings and petitions, initiated in small communities and spreading to the larger cities as a movement, and finally through legislation at the federal and state level, the next fifty years saw sweeping changes in the United States that were felt to result in the most honest and natural form of sexual practice in the history of the country.

Girls were now taken in hand by their fathers and groomed to be excellent expressions of female potential. They were raised to be perfect ladies, polite, generous, gentle, and elegant. Starting in the home, and gradually expanding to friends, strangers, and the public, they were conditioned to be proud of their bodies and the pleasure they brought to others. Girls were to never feel shame about any part of their bodies, and became keen observers of what parts of themselves brought the most enjoyment to different people.

Their virginity, however, was inviolate. They were carefully chaperoned at all times, and while they were likely to spend significant amounts of time in the nude in front of other people as they grew up, they were never touched by anyone while naked, except for their father or a professional specialist who might be engaged for the purpose of advancing their rigorous training. They were strictly prohibited from pleasuring themselves, and disciplined summarily if they were caught violating these rules.

As they grew, it was the father's responsibility to ensure that they would have the benefit of the best nutrition and exercise he could provide, so that as they reached maturity they were healthy, firm, toned, flexible, and confident adult women ready to debut at their Festival.

The Festival was an annual community event in which that year's crop of new young women were celebrated as sexually mature females and released to the public. An elaborate pageant was staged in a concert hall or similar venue and carried live by local television and radio stations, in which the girls were put through their paces by their fathers, verified to be virgins, and evaluated on numerous criteria.

After the final judging, the girls were ranked based on their aggregate scores for desirability. First place was a tremendous honor to the family, and the father who had raised that year's most sexually desirable new female (and, by extension, advanced furthest the ideal of the female sex) was awarded the privilege of deflowering his choice of the other contestants there on the stage. After he had 'broken the seal' he formally pronounced his pleasure to the assembled crowd, acknowledged the girl's father for a job well done, and then offered her to the rest of the community as an exquisite asset to be cared for and enjoyed. Each father, in order of his daughter's placing, then took his choice of the remaining young women and repeated the ritual until they were all released to womanhood, with the public standing witness to their transformation.

Following her festival, a young woman began to prepare for marriage. Strong, happy marriages are important to family and community stability, and obviously a more sexually skilled woman is more desirable. It was felt that this was something that should not be left to chance or the peccadilloes of an inexperienced girl's emotions. There was no way for a debutante to know what she would like or be good at sexually before she tried it, and a lingering mistaken sense of modesty or shyness, left to itself, might result in a valuable young woman missing out completely on certain subtleties of sexuality that could have a huge positive impact on her marriage. Legally, then, debutantes did not have the ability to give refusal to anything that could be justified as furthering their sexual education. They were, at this point, simply in a more advanced stage of their training, and since the community stood to benefit from her excellence as a married woman, the community assumed the responsibility for her education. Practices were implemented to ensure that by the time a girl found a life-long mate, she would have as broad an experience and education in sexual matters as possible, the better to please her husband no matter what sort of tastes he happened to have.

At the same time, some structure was seen as necessary to prevent exhausting or damaging a young female, or wasting her prime sexual years on individuals who had done nothing to progress female sexuality in general. Thus, a clear code of right was established:

1. A young, unmarried man may only have sex with unmarried females in a dating or courtship situation, and only with the female's consent, or with unmarried females over the age of 40 at his discretion.

Young men had little experience of their own, and certainly had not earned the right to enjoy the most desirable females, so they were required to treat a girl with respect, take her out like a gentleman, and attempt to actually woo her in order to have sex. The odds were definitely against him, though, unless a girl truly liked him and was interested in marrying him. They were expected to gain sexual experience by availing themselves of older, unmarried women whose primary role was being available for such exploration and experimentation.

2. Married men WITHOUT daughters may have sex with any unmarried females over the age of 30, at his discretion.

Once a man had married, he was considered to be in training for his future as an educator of young women. He was expected to start working on conceiving his own daughters with his wife immediately, and in the meantime to learn as much as he could about good sex by practicing on any woman he cared to who, for whatever reason, remained unmarried over 30 years of age.

Most girls were married fairly young, and if a woman still had not found a husband by the end of her twenties, she was expected to assume a teaching role of her own by helping young husbands learn everything they could about sex. Although most women found it a pleasure to serve in this important capacity, it was a legal requirement, not an option, and the youthful enthusiasm most young husbands showed for mastering the intricacies of their upcoming responsibilities meant that many unmarried women spent the first couple years of their thirties with little time for anything but their copulatory duties.

3. Married men WITH daughters who are in the year of their Festival, or have already celebrated it, may have sex with any unmarried females who have celebrated their Festival, at his discretion.

Once her virginity had been taken at the Festival, a girl was essentially continually available for intercourse to any man who had an adult daughter of his own. These men had first of all done their part to advance the cause of improving female sexuality, and so had earned the right as connoisseurs to enjoy the finest quality female bodies available; secondly, since they had daughters of their own, it was felt that they could be trusted to treat such priceless assets with respect and focus most of their energy on making the experience educationally valuable for whatever young woman they might have at hand. 'Educational value' was a broadly applicable term; ultimately nearly anything that could be considered sexual obviously offered the possibility of a fresh and valuable perspective for a young girl, and since time was at a premium (the intent being to create a perfect intersection of fresh, young physical attractiveness with a comprehensive catalog of sexual skills and tastes), the fathers of a community treated the education of their young women with a sense of urgency. Once she had celebrated her Festival, a girl was in a constant state of training and subject to vigorous lessons, at nearly any time, whenever it might occur to a father that he had something of value to teach her.

There were exceptions to a girl's availability, of course; if she was in a class or at her job, she was not to be removed from the situation for sex. If she was at home or with her father or another man, her chaperone had right of refusal and consent concerning anyone who might wish to enjoy her. And it was generally considered unreasonable to expect a girl to have sex with more than three men in a span of twenty-four hours. Other than these examples, however, a girl's sexual education was brisk, adventurous, and frequent until she was married.

Society rapidly became focused largely on improving the sexual desirability of young women in a systematic way, which meant that a young man had a vested interest in marrying the most attractive woman he could in order to father the highest-quality girls possible, so that he had better chances of them placing well in their Festival, so that he could in turn enjoy sex with the most attractive debutantes.

As an 18-year old young man, I had certainly learned my share from several older, more experienced women, and as soon as I got married at 20, I went to work with pretty much every 30-year-old woman I could find. I had learned much, and gained a lot of experience that would prove to be valuable, but I was excited for this next phase in the journey. My wife had been the only very young woman I had ever slept with, but now, with Jennifer on the cusp of her Festival, I was preparing for a glorious next few years of enjoying nearly any girl I wanted, when I wanted. I would take my job as sexual mentor for these new adult females very seriously, and knew that it would be a lot of work, but I was prepared to do my part in helping each of them become their best.

So now, as I waited for Ramer, with much hanging in the balance of this first Festival, I hoped that his expertise would help us place well, and I looked forward to a future of working closely with many young girls as I took my place among the fathers of adult daughters.

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