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My Neighbour Anti

naughtyharshith   September 11, 2018   | 117569 Views
Hello sex story readers. I am Harshith from Karnataka. This incident is from my real life and my first sex experience. I born and studied in Mangalore. This incident was happen during my 2nd year M.Sc holidays. Without any delay let me start this. banner2

Hello sex story readers. I am Harshith from Karnataka. This incident is from my real life and my first sex experience. I born and studied in Mangalore. This incident was happen during my 2nd year M.Sc holidays. Without any delay let me start this.

For my M.Sc 2nd year holidays I went to my grandfathers home. It was a remote village. There was no transport to near by town, no power during day time, also I didn’t had any friends in that village. So I felt very bore, until I fucked hard my aunt. Of course after this incident I love this village much much more.

One day in village some girl mature function is going on in my neighbour’s home. So there were many guests came to their home one day before. For my luck my sexiest aunt also came in the previous day only. Let me tell some details about her.

Her name is varsha and aged around 35. Her husband works in army. She was staying with her 2 children lonely in near by village. She was a very very hot women with milky big boobs trying to jump out from her jacket, long hair which attracts every men eyes and with white skin tone. She was also one of my relative. So I had already know her. When we met earlier she used to say I became elder and by seeing girls pictures in mobile she used to ask whether I have any girlfriends or not? I didn’t understand the inner meaning of these words until this incident happen. Let me come back to the story.

My aunt didn’t get place to sleep in neighbours home on that night, so as we are her relatives, she came to my home to sleep. She came in blue saree. She never wears night dresses as she is a desi aunty. By seeing her in that saree I wanted to squeeze her milky boobs and wanted to fuck hard, tight.

She along with 2 children came to my house. So now it was time to sleep, ever is looking for a place to sleep. My grandfather went outside to sleep, her 2 children slept on floor with a bed sheet, my grandmother also slept near to them. My sexiest aunt slept on bed lonely. All of we were sleeping in the same room, as only this room was having fan. So now this is my turn to choose a place to sleep. I was going to sleep on a big wooden table near to my aunties bed, but in my mind I wanted to sleep besides my aunt. Luckily while I was going to sleep there, my aunt said that I can sleep besides her if I want. I wanted to jump with happiness at that time, but by seeing my grandmother and children I controlled myself. To my sadness, due to shyness I could not able to go and sleep beside her.So I slept on the wooden table.

After that my grandmother switched off the lights and there was no bed light in that room, so the room was complete dark. I was thinking in my mind I should fuck her in that night at any cost. So I wanted to go and sleep besides her. So after 20 minutes I took some dare and shifted to bed slept besides her. Now I am just few inches besides my sexiest darling. I was full happy and thinking about how to start my process to fuck her. By these thoughts my body temperature was going up. I was keep on thinking in my mind that I should not waste this chance and should fuck her. I removed my shirt, my desire to fuck now increased more and more.

So now I want to keep my hand on her boobs. But I didn’t have that much daring to do this. So I closed my eyes and counted numbers 1,2,3,4,5,…. I counted 100 numbers. Now I wanted to touch her boobs but again did not get dare to do this. Again I counted another 100 numbers. Now my desire to fuck her overcome my fear. I touched her boobs. Oh my god…. I felt like I kept my hand on a softest mete-rail in the universe. It was so so big and soft. Oh… Ha…Oh… I kept my hand and moving up and down. I thought she will wake up and she will scold me. But even then also I am moving my hand on the softest meterails in gods creation. I did like this for almost 10 minutes.

Now my mind again remained me that I should fuck her. So I just wanted to check whether she really sleeping or she is encouraging me to do. So I removed my hand wanted to count another 100 numbers before keeping my hands on her hot thighs. But I could not able to wait until 100, so I kept my hand after 10 numbers and rubbed her hot thighs. Again oh my got I felt like I touched a hot pan which was just removed from stove. I moved my hand on her thighs and massaged her thighs.

Now she wake up and slowly shouted as what are you doing? But by this time I get ride of my fear and only desire to fuck exists in my mind. So I didn’t stop my work and moved my hands to her boobs and pressed them. Ha… Huh… Super… I was keep on pressing them and there was no resistance from her. By this I understand that she gave a green flag to me and I can do celebrations on that night. So now I wanted to kiss her soft lips. So I went up on her body and tried to kiss but she thought I came to fuck and she raised her saree up. Now the hair on her pussy touched my body, I already changed to lungy from pant. So that touch also like heaven feeling. I kissed her on lips and pressed her boobs hard and hard.

Now again she raised her saree to fuck her. But my mind resisted now. My mind was saying you didn’t have condom, so you should not fuck. How stupid I was, even though a hot aunt giving her pussy to fuck I am not ready. How sad it was. I am so innocent during my M.Sc days. So I did not fuck her and came down from her body. But still I am pressing her boobs. She whispered in my ears to fuck. I said I don’t have condom so will do it again. How sad it was? Then she kept my head between her massive hot boobs. Oh my god… I cant control this feeling. I don’t have any words to explain this. Heavenly felling. Super… Awe sum… Heaven… Perfume smell from her jacket closed my nose.

I asked her to remove her jacket, so that I can enjoy more with those boobs. But she said it would be problem if my grandmother wake up and turn on light. So after that I pressed her boobs, abdomen and total body parts again and again. Then she said it is sufficient for today and asked me to sleep. But I could not sleep so I asked her to do blow job. But she was not aware of it at that time, now I made her expert in this. So I masturbate myself and slowly went to sleep.

Next day morning I wake up lately, by that time she completed her bath and she was keeping her tilak. I saw her she also saw me and gave a sexist look. Now I have 2 feelings in my mind. One is what a sexist expression from her and second one is scolding myself for my mistake not to fuck her night.

This entire day she was busy with the function events and also she didn’t meet me as her mother in law came to function, she avoided talking with me. Entire day passed now she was going her home with her mother-in-law. There was some pain in heart that she was going, but later I realized by saying to mind that don’t worry, as she was staying near by village only. So I can go to her home and fuck at any time.

That night some how I slept with the desire to fuck her. But after wake up I could not control my feelings and wanted to fuck her. So I started to go to her village. I called her mobile and send that I am coming , she said ok. So I jumped with happiness as I thought she will prepare her bed and waiting for my arrival. So with much enthusiasm I went to her village.

I get down from auto, bought one condom packet(from at this moment onwards always there is condom in my purse) and called her. She said that she was at a bangle shop and said the address. I wen to that shop. By the time I reached shop, she completed her shopping and asked me to follow her to reach her home.

She was going front and I am following her. May be she did not want to talk with me on the road as it was a village and she staying lonely without her husband, so people will catch our relation. After a few meters walk we reached her home. When I was following her to the home I was keep on looking at her back and wanted to fuck that busty back.

Her house was on 1st floor. Her house was neatly decorated and it was very pleasant. But for my bad luck her children also there in home at that time. She gave me some juice and asked me to sit. I sat besides her and asked her I want to fuck you. She said chup, keep silent children are there.

After some time, she called me to show her home completely. She and me went to side room,as children were not there I hugged her very very tightly but she said it is very dangerous to do sex as children were there in beside room only. She convinced me and asked me to go home and call her, so that she can suggest some time when children would not be there.

With disappointment I reached home and called her. But she did not picked it. I felt fully angry, so I called again and again. Finally her children picked it but she was asking her child to say that mom is not there(her voice is audible from phone). I disappointed much more now. But daily I used to call her, even though she didn’t lift the phone. After 1 week she lifted the cal and said her children were going to their grandmothers home so I can come on that next day.

Now my feelings are same a person who didn’t get even a drop of water in mid of sahara desert gets full wine and dinner. I jumped and danced . I wen to her home on next day, I stayed in her home for 4 days completely. We fucked day and night and day and night without any difference. She thought me many angles and positions in sex. I showed her many blue films and we practiced all those positions. All those 4 days I felt like I was in heaven. Daily beer, biryani,sex. By the end of 4 days I became master in sex. She was completely satisfied with me and she also learned many thing from blue films including blow job. I made her master in blowjob. I will write another story about the heavenly experience of these 4 days, which made me sex master.

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Thank you for reading FRIENDS !!!.

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