Naughty at Saba U. 4

Lpink   February 19, 2024   | 1313 Views
I got a text from my sister Julie saying and it was genuine….. saying that she missed me and that she loved me. She wanted to make love to me……. banner2

I got a text from my sister Julie saying and it was genuine….. saying that she missed me and that she loved me. She wanted to make love to mE the usual way.   Kinky.   I was wondering if the the affair with Trey was to break us up.  But it was working.  
when I went to where Trey was living he said he haven't seen Julie.  So i text her about her located.
123 love street
that was the  red light district....what was a  renowned forensic scientist doing living in the red light district.   Was she up to her old tricks.  When I went To the apartment comple, it was run down and ugly.   Then in a skantly clad "outfit" there she was.  
"Julie what happened to Trey."
"he was calling you all sort of names and I didn't like that."
"realy " I asked as she started to massage me.
"come in and make love."
when I went into her Apartment  it was dark and dingy.  she started kissing me gently and I did not resist.  She was suggesting that we go to her bedroom, when she brought me to her bedroom, she started make out with me, and she was touching me in places that only an M.D. would only know. i started to relaxed as she was fingering me.
"you like!"
" Mmmmmmmm, yes julie."
"Kim I missed you." She gently open my legs and started to make make love to me giving me oral.
she was giving me oral as if she was eating me as a cake.  She was desperate  to make love to me and to taste me.   I held her head close to my clit.  as she was teasing my clit she started to massage My breasts.  Teasing my nipples erect and hard like diamond.  When she saw that.
she proceeded to make love  to my nipples, licking and teasing them.
"JuliE, kiss me" I said.  " I haven't tasted the your breath with and my essential juices since the Saba university."
"do you want to go back, Kim."
we made steamy love as she was making love to me intensely.  Fuck me it felt good to be with my sister.
as for Saba university I wanted to change from ME, to GP. I wanted to work with living instead of dealing with Trey and the dead.
" Let's go back."
"but Kim I will see, about swit specialities for you. " but then she said yes.

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