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Brad: Anish how's your laptop working? Anish: all fine.. what happen? Brad: just wanted to see an update! Can I borrow your laptop? Anish: sure We were living in an apartment together in the lockdown. cheating Basically we techies in Bangalore live a normal consolidated lifestyle!

Me and my friend Anish were locked together, not sure if it was meant to happen!

I'm Bradeen nick named Brad! an athlete and alpha type! And I'm working as a marketing director at a very well established organisation. 28 and pretty established already.

Anish is my childhood friend and it was his plan to get an apartment and live independent once we both got a good job.

Here I'm locked with him and it's very hard to keep myself not hard.

I had an issue with my laptop and had to use his for an instance but luckily I found some of his hidden pictures which was quite fascinating.

My best friend is a crossdresser and I found the most sexiest version of him in the pictures.

Brad: Anish I found some of your hidden images and it wasn't actually hidden but in a folder out in desktop named "special"...

Anish: I totally wanted you to see and comment bradhu!
(He called me bradhu when he wanted to sound sweet to me)

Brad: but is that you in the pics? I never knew you'd this version of yourself..

Anish: I wanted to open up to you for almost a decade! But I never thought you'd like me..

Brad: well I don't!

Anish: yeah right! Your girlfriend is a model! Why would you like me!

Brad: I'm sorry but I'm engaged...

Anish: don't explain I understand....

"* After the awkward conversation.. we didn't speak to ourselves properly for couple of days..

I'm sitting on the couch Saturday evening watching something on TV! Which was a pleasant moment.. until I saw the next..

Anish: surprise!!!!
(Anish in a woman's clothing someone could blindly get a hard on)

Brad: what are you !!! Anish what's this!?

Anish: I just wanted to show you Anisha! Nothing else..

Brad: but no Anish! I don't understand why you'd try this all of a sudden..

Anish: I love you Mahn! Why don't you understand!?

Brad: I love someone else and I'm engaged you know that Brother why don't you understand that!

Anish: I understand Brad I'm just I don't know I'm sorry..

Brad: It's okay Anish! I hope you find your person someday.. but I'm not the one..

Anish: but can you fuck me for once?

Brad: what! No!

Anish: please Bradhu!

Brad: noways I'm doing that! Quit this game and get back to the normal you Anish!!

"* He just went back and got back to normal.. it wasn't a pleasant evening after the awkward interaction between me n my best friend..

Later the entire night went quiet and I just drank and got to bed..

I was hungry and when I went back to kitchen I tried to make something for myself but it didn't happen..

I couldn't stand the hunger! But my saviour came by..

Anish: bradhu you want me to make something for you baby?

Brad: yes please Anish I'm so fucking hungry!

Anish: come sit here I'll make something for you!

"* Some scrambled eggs and bread toast made me full but it was the hands of my best friend his love and care filled me tonight.. I was thankful for that..

Brad: Anish I'm sorry about being so rude before.. 

Anish: I totally understand you Bradhu! You're the nicest person I've ever met..
My life, my body is all yours from the day you saved me from those barbarians that night I was getting raped..
After that incident my life changed completely!

Brad: are you talking about the school day? The day seniors tried to do something to you..

Anish: one senior fucked me and when the other and rest of the gang was about to fuck me I thought I was gonna die! But You saved me that night..

Brad: really I never knew you were fucked! 

Anish: I was embarrassed to talk about it bradhu! But you saved my life and I owe you this life..

Brad: I'm glad I did! But don't say that you owe me n all! It was just the thing I would have done for anybody..

Anish: for you it's anybody but for me it is just you..

Brad: now thank you for the good food you cooked babe.. but you know I'm not the one.. let's get to bed I'm sleepy..

Anish: did you just call me babe?

Brad: that was damn I didn't mean!

Anish: can I ask you something?

Brad: sure!?

Anish: can we sleep together like the nights we used to do sleepovers! I mean we never did anything before and I'm sure even now you will not do anything!

Brad: ehm no!!

Anish: please!?

Brad: just this night!

Anish: yay!

To be continued!!

Pleas share your comments..

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