Spontaneous Surprise Part 9: Pajama Party

Swiftcreek   December 29, 2020   | 18304 Views
This pecker-neck leads my slut to a room in this house that had shackles on the bed at the hands and feet. He so wanted to be a Dom but when he told my slut to get on the bed and to get ready, she was having none of that. She grabbed his face and squeezed his cheeks as she spoke down to him. She grabbed his crotch and told him what was going happen, and you should have seen this sissy cower into his place. rings

I had asked my little cum slut when she was going to her pajama party and she finally confirmed that it was this evening. “You know you are taking me to the party, right?” she said. “I had not planned on it, besides what am I going do at a pajama party? I don’t even have pajamas” I told her. “Oh, you have pajamas! I bought you some so you wouldn’t feel left out” she said. 

I can only imagine what she will have me wearing. “And where is this pajama party anyways?” I said curiously. “You have been there before. You loved it!” she said. “The party is at the swinger house?” I said. “Yep, and I can’t wait to see what they think of our pajamas”. I knew they were going to love her mint green chemise, but hopefully she got me something comparable. 

 As I picked her up, she was dressed in her pajamas already, but was covered up by a huge black mink coat. This mink coat made my brain really kick in and after she climbed into my SUV I asked her, “Where did you get that beautiful coat, babygirl?” “It was a gift” she said with a devious grin on her face. One day, I will get the nerve to ask her about her past, but I may not want to know. I am going to just “enjoy the ride while it lasts” is my motto for now. 

As we rode to the swinger house, I could smell the vanilla scent that she knows drives me crazy. She had a bag with her and pulled out some mint green silk pajamas for me that matched the chemise she had on under her coat. “I thought you would look hot in this” she said as she showed them to me. I thanked her and noticed the driveway to the house was coming up. We pulled in and the place was just as immaculate as ever. 

“Put your pajamas on before we go in. I also want to taste that cock first” she said with a giddiness in her voice. Valet allowed me to park myself and I undressed to my briefs to put on the silk pajamas in the car. My little cum slut was so anxious to get her mouth on my cock. She is one of the horniest ladies I know! I mean, she just milked me dry a few days ago under my desk at work and in my SUV at the coffee spot. I was not going to complain as I sat back in my seat and allowed her to do her thing. She has always been very good at sucking my cock. She stopped after about four or five minutes intentionally leaving me with blue balls. She was satisfied and was ready to see who had arrived at the party. I slipped on my pajamas and we headed to the front doors of the estate.

As we walked inside and headed towards the dual spiraling staircases, we were stopped by the owners of the house as they recognized us. The wife was very affectionate and gave me a kiss on the cheek and then one for my little cum slut. They were in their pajamas already.  The hubby had on flannel pj’s and the wife was rocking a little pink teddy with white lace trim. Her perfect tits were on total display. As confident as my little cum slut is on a normal basis, she seems to humble herself a lot when she is around this lady. I may ask her about it one day, but tonight is not the time. They asked us to go and have some fun, but I figured from the look I got from the wife that I will be seeing her before the night is over.

We walked into the giant living room and there were already eight to nine couples there. Some I remember from last time, like the brunette that I was cock deep in and her “friend” I guess who lasted about 2 min with my little cum slut. There were some other couples that I did not recognize. They, of course, were in the same age range of early thirties to early fifties with bodies to die for. 

I was getting those nerves again and my little cum slut could sense it and guided me over to the bar to grab a shot. This gave me a chance to really scan the room, and get a feel of the surroundings. I would not let my cum slut in on my thoughts, but there was a hot red head in the room that was in a periwinkle lingerie set. I’m not sure she was a natural red head, but with the body on her, I don’t think anyone would care. 

Her date or friend or whatever he is was a lot older and seemed disinterested in the whole situation. I must have given myself away as my little cum slut whispered in my ear, “Her name is Eve. Do you want me to bring her over? She is a lot of fun, but she likes anal and I know anal is not your thing.” How did she know that anal was not my thing? We have never discussed it before. I said, “what do you mean that anal is not my thing?” I said to her with a shocked expression. “Daddy, if you were into anal you would have already raped my little sphincter” she said to me rolling her eyes. She was right though. It is not that I am not into it, but I have just not been with anyone that really pushed to have it performed on them. 

It was now time for the auction. “Auction?” I said to my little slut. “Yeah, I forgot to tell you about tonight’s format. Some of the ladies are going to be auctioned off and their dates must watch” she said. Well this was going to be awkward. The owners of the place talked a bit and revealed which ladies would be auctioned off as this was on a volunteer basis and wouldn’t you know it. My little cum slut had volunteered. The proceeds were going to go to a charity that the owners were on the board of directors of.  I was not sure how I was going to react to this format. I was not sure whether she had volunteered on purpose to see how I would react to watching someone devour her. I guess I could outbid everyone, but looking around I am not sure my pockets are deep enough. 

The bidding began and a few of the first Ladies went for a fair amount of $5000. A little steep for me in a spot where I was not aware of such an auction. My little cum slut was next. I bid on her around $3000 and this pecker-neck across the room began running up the bid. I took it to $4000 to be nice to my little cum slut, but this guy runs it up to $5000. I could tell that he really wanted to win her. I kept going and we were up to $8000 and I looked at her and said “this guy has deeper pockets than me darling” She understood and the guy won her for $8500. I was a bit embarrassed, but I think the guy would have went to $10000 if I let him. 

 There was one more lady to be auctioned off and it was Eve. “Since you couldn’t get me, why don’t you help the charity and bid on Eve” my little cum slut said to me as the bidding started. I looked at her and said, “who is that fucking guy and why does he want to fuck you so bad?” “He has fucked me before and it won’t last long. I will make sure of it. You only get one pop by the way” she told me with a wink. 

 This still did not make me feel any better, but then again, we are not exclusive although it feels that way a bit. The bidding for Eve got heated up around $6000 as the deep pockets had already bid and won what they wanted. I bid $6500 and the room got a little quiet. Then a bid came in at $6600 and I went to $6750. I ultimately won the auction for Eve at that amount and went back to settle up for it. As I came back to the living room again, it was time for me to go and watch my little slut get devoured before Eve and I would get together.

This pecker-neck leads my slut to a room in this house that had shackles on the bed at the hands and feet. He so wanted to be a Dom but when he told my slut to get on the bed and to get ready, she was having none of that. She grabbed his face and squeezed his cheeks as she spoke down to him. She grabbed his crotch and told him what was going happen, and you should have seen this sissy cower into his place. 

She kissed him and led him to the bed as she secured his wrists and ankles. His little cock was hard and was only about three to four inches. She put a blindfold on him and began to rub his chest and began to slide down to his cock. I thought I would be jealous about this scene as she sucked his cock, but it was more of a pity party for this guy. His date also had to watch and was on her phone disinterested in his demise. I kind of felt sorry for him, but sorry not sorry as they say. 

I enjoyed watching her take this guy all the way into her mouth. She even was able to take his shaft and balls all at once. That was something I did not expect. He was so enjoying this. She got up and went over to some toys on a bench over in the corner. She got out a chastity cage to put on his cock and balls. Fuck, that looked like it hurt. She then sat right on his face and forced him to lick that sweet pussy. 

After a good five minutes of that, she removed the shackles from his ankles and forced his legs spread open and in the air. She then finger-fucked him good. She removed his cock cage and began to stroke him. She then grabbed a strap on to really get this guy moaning. This guy was loving getting pegged with this strap on while she stroked his cock. I had not seen this side of her before as she always played the sub role with me. 

I was really turned on although I would not be into having her do this to me, but to just see another side of her was rewarding. She then removed his blindfold and his wrist restraints. She took off the strap on and demanded him to fuck her doggie. She knew what she was doing because this guy lasted about minute and a half. He pulled his little cock out and shot his seed all over her back. He was totally spent after cumming on my little slut. He looked over at me and said, “you are one lucky dude, man.” I gave him the courtesy nod and took my semi hard on and walked out of the room to go and find Eve.

As I headed to the bar, there she was. What a fucking angel this lady was. Her date did not give a fuck about her. She sat there by herself other than the bartender and the lady of the house whom fucked the shit out of me last month. I introduced myself and she acknowledged who I was and that she had heard some good things from the head mistress. I had to ask, “who is the head mistress?” “She was just talking to me all about you and your satisfying cock” she said as she smiled. 

Then she said something that has rocked my world and I am still trying to wrap my brain around it. She said, ”So, how did you meet the head mistress’s daughter?” I was like a deer in the headlights as I spit my drink out a bit. “The head mistress’s daughter?” I gasped. “You didn’t know did you! Shit, maybe I was not supposed to say anything. Yeah, this is her parent’s place. She moved out on her own after a bad fight with her mom about a year ago” Eve said as she discussed some details that I had never put two and two together with. 

I understand now why she acts so different around her. Then it hit me that I have fucked her and her mom. Generally, that is bad for a relationship, but it seems to not even have fazed my little cum slut. As I took Eve to a back bedroom, I now realized where the mink coat came from. My little cum slut has Daddy issues! Can’t wait to see where this goes next.....
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