Car Trouble-[E-29]-part-1-of-1

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Suddenly, there was a loud bang. I could feel myself losing control of the car and I swerved, trying to avoid letting the soft shoulder suck me too far into the ditch. At last the car stopped my foot heavy on the brake. For a few minutes, I just sat in the driver's seat, gasping for breath and tightly gripping the steering wheel, as I tried to compose myself. Then, as my breathing stabilized I slowly started to get out of the car. Lesbian

Car trouble

Beverly, I call her Bev had been so sweet, I thought as I drove down the dark highway. Bev was the girl of my dreams, five foot six, one hundred and thirty five pounds, long wavy ebony hair, flowing down her backless sundress. She has high cheekbones, like she has some Indian blood, bright blue eyes and full red painted cupid-bow lips. I could feel myself getting hard in my slacks just thinking about her.

I’m Aaron Markem and I’m twenty two years old, six foot one, one hundred and ninety pounds, dark-hair, brown eyes and I have a solid eight inch rock hard uncut cock. One of my earlier girlfriends claimed that I could drive nails with it. I’m a well-rounded person. I ride a motorcycle, love all kinds of music, and have an artistic side to me that very few are aware of.

Wiggling uncomfortably on the seat, I looked out the front windshield then glanced in the rearview mirror. My car was the only one on the road for miles. No one was around. Slipping my hand down into my lap, I unzipped my slacks and pulled out my hard cock. With a groan, I started stroking it as I thought about Bev. Of her ruby lips against mine, my hands on the smooth skin of her back as I held her on the dance floor. If only I'd had another hour with her, I’m sure I would have had her panties off.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang. I could feel myself losing control of the car and I swerved, trying to avoid letting the soft shoulder suck me too far into the ditch. At last the car stopped my foot heavy on the brake. For a few minutes, I just sat in the driver's seat, gasping for breath and tightly gripping the steering wheel, as I tried to compose myself. Then, as my breathing stabilized I slowly started to get out of the car.

As I shakily walked around to the front of the car, I thought to myself, “What the hell had just happened?”  Then I looked down, dropped to my knees in shock. “Fuck. I blew a fucking tire and I don't even have a spare. Son-of-a...”
Slamming my hand down on the hood as I moaned, “I’m screwed. How the hell am I going to get home now?”

The only reason I'd left Bev’s so early was because I'd had to get home in time to get a good nights sleep so I’d be well rested for an interview in Dallas. The party we’d gone to was closer to her house than to the city. So even though there was a chance I could have gotten laid if I'd stayed at her house, it hadn't made sense. It was better to just go home and get up for the interview all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

And now, this. "Son of a bitch,” I screamed at the sky. It was so late that very few cars were passing on the freeway.  And I didn't even have my cell phone with me. Well, I thought, maybe I can wave someone down and they'll call a tow-truck for me. If not, maybe they’d give me a ride home, I thought. As I watched the approaching lights of the very next car, I put out my hands and started waving frantically.

”Wow,” I thought. “I don’t believe it. The first car I waved at is stopping.”

Slowly the car pulled over and stopped in front of mine. I stayed near the open driver-side door, just in case some crazy wacko got out, intent on killing me. I'd rather take my chances inside my car, than out.

But the person who got out of the other car didn't look anything like a wacko.

The first thing I saw was her heels, tall black stilettos. Then, I saw the curve of both her calves. She wasn't wearing stockings but her bare skin in the moonlight was smooth creamy beige. Next came her thighs, half hidden by a tight black skirt that was all business, no slits.

Finally, she stood up. She was tall, around five foot nine with white-blonde hair and dark painted eyes. Her hair was finely styled and flowed in waves to her shoulders and was evenly brushed to a high sheen. Her lips were dark ruby red and moist. And I could smell her expensive perfume already.

Standing up, she stood beside her car, watching me carefully. Then she called out. "Do you need help?" 

I squinted at the woman in the dark, the only light that of my headlights and the red taillights from her car. "Well, do you have a phone? Maybe if you could just call a tow truck, I'll be okay."

"Sure, I can do that,” she laughed. Then, when she sat back down in her car and started fishing around in her purse, I stared at her long bare legs. 

Bev was a knock out but damn, this lady was stunning, a real babe. Bev was the kind of girl that you married, but this lady was the kind you wrapped around you like a bandage and had as many ways as possible, all at once.
Standing up again, she waved her phone at me. "I called the best company I know of. They should be here in about forty-five minutes?"

Chewing my lip, I leaned dejectedly against my car. Forty-five minutes? That was going to be a long wait. Oh well, at least it was summer, so it wouldn't be freezing.

"You going to be okay out here?" the lady called. As I looked up at her, she moved a bit closer, leaving the safety of her own car.

"Yeah, I should be okay. Thanks for stopping, though. I really appreciate it,” I gratefully said.

"I'd give you a ride, but I really can't allow strangers in my car. Sorry,” she explained and then with a slight blush looked away.  Then she looked back at me and smiled.

"I understand. I'm just glad you stopped, instead of leaving me stranded."

She nodded and then walked closer to me. As we talked, I noticed she was eyeing me up and down as she came over to me. "I'll wait with you, if you like?" she offered in a soft voice, her eyes locked on my body instead of my face.

"Uh, yeah, sure OK. Sure, yeah, that'd be great,” I almost stammered. “It’s going to be an awfully long wait if I have to sit here alone."

With a smile, she looked up at me for a couple of minutes and then she moved around to the front of my car and pulled herself up on the hood. As I watched, she slid casually back and leaned on the windshield. Again I was amazed at how really gorgeous she was.

What the hell, I thought; feeling only a tiny stab of guilt when I looked at the gorgeous stranger and my body reacted. Quickly, I hoped up onto the hood and slid over next to her. 

"Were you downtown?" she asked.

"Nah, I was in Grand Prairie on a date, but..."

"You had to get back this way? Closer to Dallas for tomorrow?"

With a nod, I asked, "How about you?"

"Date," the girl answered, then she looked around and added, "Didn't pan out though."

"No?" I asked curiously. When she mentioned she'd been on a date, I was pretty sure she wouldn't be interested in me. But now it appeared that things hadn’t gone quite so perfectly for her, either.

"Nah," she sighed, shaking her head.

"Didn't get lucky either, huh?" I offered quietly.

It was hard to tell but she appeared to blush as she turned and met my eyes and answered, "Nope."

Pretending to look at the stars, I smiled contentedly as I breathed in her intoxicating aroma of her perfume. "Well, the night's still young," I added.

The enchanting stranger looked at me and with a smile purred, "Yes. It is. And so are we."

Facing the girl I said softly, "Old enough to know better.”

Boldly she put a hand against my cheek and as I watched, licked her lips and moved closer. Then finishing my thought, she added, "And young enough to do it again."

"Twice,” I came back.

The instant our lips met was electrical and a fire starter. Simultaneously we both drew closer together, pressing our bodies were against each other. Confidently I slipped her blouse off and started to caress her naked breasts, as I marveled at how perfectly they fit into my hands. At the same time, her fingers were quickly undoing the buttons on my jacket and then my shirt, leaving my chest bare. Her mouth dropped to my neck as she pushed me down on my back. I moaned as her lips moved across my chest, from nipple to nipple. My breath caught in my throat as I felt her undoing my pants and then quickly slid them down.

Anyone passing us right then would have no trouble seeing what we were doing. Would they have stopped and scolded us, or would they have just kept on driving, I chuckled to myself? At that point I really didn't care. Running my hands all over her bare back, I watched in awe as her mouth went lower and lower down my bare body. I gasped as her lips covered my head and wrapped tightly around my cock. Soon she was sucking me deep into the back of her throat and then pulling back and doing it again. As her mouth continued to move up and down my cock, her hands were busy undoing her skirt and kicking off her shoes. 

Soon, she was naked and moving back up my body with her warm mouth and nimble fingertips.

She stared into my eyes, giving me that look, the one that says we're going to bed. When I returned the stare, she squinted back at me. And then she whispered into my ear, "I want you."

"Fuck, yea. I want you too," I returned, as I griped her hips. Before she had a chance to object, I was pulling her closer against my body. Then as if in a dream, I was pulling her thighs apart and forcing my rock hard cock up inside her. It happened so fast that she never had a chance to stop me. The motion was so slick and smooth, that I was buried to the hilt in her tight wet pussy before she even had a chance to gasp and moan. Regardless, she didn't object, once she felt my eight inch cock filling her like that. I was so excited that I could already feel myself ready to cum.  It was taking all I could do to keep from spurting. As I forced my cock up into her hard, she squealed and raked her nails across my chest. That’s going to leave scratches on my chest, my conscience reminded me. You'll leave and they'll be my little reminder for a while. But right now, I didn't fucking care. Not about Bev, not about the tow truck that was on the way and not about the cars driving by. I was in heaven with my cock being enveloped in her warm moist womanhood, and I he wasn't going to stop enjoying myself anytime soon. The mysterious woman tenderly ran her hands over my face and then pulled on the back of my neck, encouraging me to sit up. Following her guidance, I pulled her legs wide as I sat up on the hood of my car, all the time still keeping my cock buried deep inside her.

Our mouths met again and the kiss was just as deep, passionate and as electrical as the first. I quickly turned her over onto her back. Then moving back between her legs, I mounted her and started pounding into her, furiously and cummed almost immediately. With a primal scream of both pain and pleasure, my body tensed and spurted globs and globs of my hot cum deep inside her warm moist tunnel of pleasure. Helplessly, she moaned and writhed, clawing furiously at my back.

This beauty was insane with lust. The dirty talker craved my cock. I could hear the hunger in her voice, as she moaned, “Ohmigod, don't stop, don’t stop.”  Her moaning made my semi-flaccid cock throb. "Keep going. Fuck me, please,” she pled so I kept moving. As my hardening cock worked its way in and out of her sizzling pussy, I could feel her working her vaginal muscles, gripping my cock tighter and tighter, like opening and closing her hand.

"You want me?" I grunted against her neck, biting down hard. It made her claw me even more.

"Yes. Fuck yes, I want you. Now shut up and fuck me.” With a roar, I pulled out of her sopping wet pussy and turned her over face down on the hood of the car. Standing on the soft shoulder of the road, I swatted her on the naked butt three or four times. As she squirmed with pleasure and our legs blocked out some of my headlights, I spread the mystifying stranger’s thighs. Then I stroked my already hardening cock with one hand while I fingered her pussy with the other. She was aching for me so bad that her pussy was throbbing and she was moaning, groaning and thrashing her head from side to side on the hood of my car.

This was too fucking hot and completely unbelievable, I thought. Getting a grip on my cock, I aimed it at her pussy. Then, at the last minute, I changed my mind. Just to see if she would object, I used the swollen head of my cock to prod at her ass. Instead of telling me to stop, she squealed in delight. Encouraged, I pushed further. I'd never had a girl’s ass before, but what better time to find out what it felt like? What better chick?

I eagerly pushed the head of my cock against the pucker of her ass harder and felt a hard pop as the cockhead made it quickly past the tight rim of her sphincter. With a heave I pushed deeper in, quickly, groaning and gasping as her tightest hole gripped me firmly. She was so frigging hot, her body was perfection and her ass hole was so tight I felt like it was almost too much for me to handle. With a groan she reached back with her hands, spreading her butt cheeks for me, so I teased at the tight pucker around my shaft. She squealed again from pleasure.

Reaching down into her ever-so-juicy pussy, I scooped up the evidence of her desire with two fingers and then, deftly smeared it around her hole and my shaft. Now I could really start moving. Excitedly, I started pumping in and out of her tight ass, making the entire car rock with the force of my thrusts. "Do you like that? Huh?" I grunted as I continued to pump in and out. In answer to my savage thrusts, she bucked back against me. Writhing and squealing, making incredibly sexy 'oh' and 'ah' noises she was driving me crazy with lust.

Then I pulled out of her ass. Consumed with the desire to let her feel me, I had to have her pussy again. I didn’t just want to make her cum, I wanted to fuck her so hard that she cummed all over the hood of my car. Grabbing her hips, I lifted her up and turned her around. After sitting her down, I pulled her up into a sitting position. As I kissed her again, I held her by the back of her neck to hold her in the kiss while my other hand guided my still rigid member into her pussy. Breaking the kiss, I started nibbling her bottom lip, as I teased the folds of her outer lips and her engorged clit with the head of my cock. "Tell me you want it,” I snarled in her ear.

"I do, I do. God yes, I do. Fuck me, fuck me," she moaned. Her begging was making me so hot that I quickly gave in. I forced myself to move into her very slowly, at the same time I pulled away from the kiss so I could look down and see myself entering her in the glare of the headlights.  She was watching too, mesmerized by my slow thrusts into her with just my cockhead, head-fucking her. Dropping multiple kisses on her lips, I teasingly pulled away before she had a chance to return them. Slowly I pushed her back, lifting her legs up until they were both sticking in the air forming a ‘V.’ Now I could really pound into her. With a leg on each shoulder, I leaned forward, palms on the hood as I screwed this fantastic blonde like there was no tomorrow. I had to finish this. I'm on a roll and I just can't stop. It's no longer in my hands. I can't stop even if I wanted to. All too soon, I felt my balls tightening up again. Fuck, I thought I'm fucking going to cum inside her again. Damn, that’s fucking great. 

Finally, her breathing was coming in gasps and she was beginning to show signs of cumming herself. I opened my eyes to see her pulling almost painfully at her own nipples. Quickly, I put a hand on one of her breasts and squeezed, and she cried out contentedly.

Then she started to really moan as my cock swelled up in pre-cumming splendor inside her tight pussy, stretching her. Just as I exploded deep within her a second time, she climaxed with a huge body shacking tremor as her inner muscles clamped down, milking my balls dry in her ecstasy. Together we bucked and ground against each other, fucked and writhed, until at last we were utterly, happily satisfied and spent.

Slowly, we untangled our sweaty bodies. Gasping for air, I pulled my pants up from down around my ankles. Then I found my shirt and shook the gravel out of it. My jacket I just put over my arm, watching as the blonde got dressed again.

Once she was dressed, she sashayed over to me and with a big smile, kissed me one last time. "Here's my number, if you ever want to call," she said, handing me a card that I barely looked at. I was still too amazed at everything that had happened to think that far ahead.

"The tow truck should be here soon,” she said, “You won't have too long to wait, anymore."

I stood like a statue and watched as she went to her car and then I followed her. As I looked down through her open window, she started the car and then looked up at me. "Can I ask a question, before you leave and I never see you again?" I said.

“Oh you'll see me again," she said, licking her lips and leaning her arm on the window's edge. Then she asked, “What's on your mind?"

As she tilted her head and smiled up at me, I wasn't sure how I should ask the question. Finally I just dove right in. "Well...why did you stop for me? I you meet a lot of men this way? No one else would've stopped for me. What made you stop? Tonight?"

The mysterious girl laughed, her teeth bright and her lips moist. Finally, when she was done, she looked up at me. Then she reached out and let her fingers tugged on my fly and she smiled up at me as if I should understand.

"I don't get it," I said.

"You really don't know, do you?" she said.

Then she was laughing again, as she drove off. Stopping a few feet down the road, she leaned out the window, and then with a big smile, yelled back, "It's not everybody who flags down a car for car troubles with their cock hanging out of their pants."

Then with a loud laugh, she sped off, leaving me turning a very dark shade of burgundy.

The end…

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