First time street hooking

dinapetro   July 16, 2021   | 17484 Views
Walking down the street to enjoy the scene, I got fucked many times as a street hooker. banner1

First time street hooking

By Dina Petro

I was on a business trip to one of the Europe countries attending a conference on behalf of my company. It was springtime and the conference was held in a nice quiet town, it was considered as a tourist attraction area, the hotel was on a little hill side, very nice area covered with all green trees and grass and water all over.

I was free that day, all alone in my hotel room, it was the afternoon time, I felt board and a little horny, I was fully naked, I looked at myself in the full-size mirror, rubbed and touched my body, rubbed my pussy a little, then I looked through the window. The weather was just spectacular, very nice, warm but not hot, nice, and quiet outside.

I held my white dress in hand, it was a super sexy dress, very short, tight, light material hugging my body outlining all my body curves, I have a curvy body, with big pair of tits, a nice big, round ass, thick upper thighs, just the type of curvy body that would attract the eyes sight of any street walker in such a tight, mini dress. I tried that dress on, my hard nipples were clearly poking the dress, I wore nothing under that dress, no panties, and no bra, I did not even bother with stockings or anything else, just a pair of sexy, high heels.

I checked myself in the full-size mirror again, yes very sexy, and attractive, but if I wanted to be honest with myself, I looked more of a slut or a hooker than a sexy woman. I just told myself “fuck, nobody knows me in this town, so why the fuck not?” I decided to take a drive, may be then a walk, just to check the area and enjoy the weather and the beautiful natural scene around.

I hopped in the rented car I had and started driving around till I got to a beautiful area, the street was very wide with beautiful trees and flowers all over, I parked the car, and started walking down the street just to enjoy the scene and the weather, nothing else on my mind at that point of time at all.

I was walking slowly and as mentioned earlier, my body with the sexy, slutty dress over it was an attention catcher, I wasn’t surprised when a couple of cars slowed down and the driver’s eyes all over me as if they were waiting for a sign from me, I wasn’t stupid, I knew they thought I was a street hooker, but let them think whatever they want. The sudden surprise came when a fancy car slowed down till it came to a full stop when I was against the passenger window, it opened and a nice-looking man of at least the age of fifties smiled saying:

“Hi cutie, you sure are one hell of a hot, sexy woman, did you know that?”

I giggled with a wide smile “Thanks, do you think so?”

“Yes, I sure do with no doubt on my mind of it” he winked an eye, smiled wider and continued saying “what can you offer me sweet hottie?”

I knew exactly what he meant, he was sure I was a hooker, so I just decided to go with the flow without turning him down or getting upset, I kept my smile and decided to get smart in my answer saying:

“Well, you have just said how sure you are of me being sexy and hot, it is up to you, and how good are you in getting me to give you whatever you want me to.”

“how much would you charge me for it?”

Wow, I knew that was a hell of a dangerous thing to say, as if I was agreeing to what he was looking for, but so what, I happen to be an easy going, sex loving woman, I must admit I have done lots of hooking one way or another, may be not street hooking, but it was only different forms of hooking, so why not try it anyway. It seemed like my silence took longer than it was supposed to, so he interrupted my deep thinking by saying:

“I am sorry mam, did I get you wrong, or offended you by saying what I have said, if so, I did not mean to, please forgive me.”

“No, you did not, it is ok, and I fully understand, it is just that I do not charge, it is up to you to decide what I am worth once you get the proper service.”

“Oh, in that case, I already know you are worth a lot, and I got class and know how to appreciate diamonds my darling, please hop in the car.”

What the hell did I get myself into? I was not sure, but I was damn sure that I was brave enough and slut enough to go along with it no matter, I got in the passenger seat of his car, as soon as he pulled out, his arm went direct over my dress top, pushed his hand in and felt my tit, then he pushed the dress top further down revealing my tit. He rubbed it a little, pinching my hard nipple, then moved his hand down to my thigh, pushed it higher up till it rested over my already wet pussy by then, I felt as if I were melting in my seat, I was so horny like no one would ever believe it. He had massaged my pussy a couple of times when he came to a complete stop, he found a nice quiet place, covered with tree branches.

He asked me to hop in the back seat of the car, he followed from the other door, I lay on the back seat, my dress stayed on, he just lifted the bottom to my waist and lowered the top as well as far, he had a condom in his hand already, he must have gotten it from the glove compartment. After putting the condom over his rock hard, about average size-dick, got into missionary position between my legs, and started rubbing his cock to my engorged pussy lips, and started fucking me just like that.

We did not kiss on the lips while fucking, but he placed a few soft kisses over my cheeks and did lots of sucking on my hard nipples till he was ready to cum, it must have been a shock to him and to myself that I came twice while being fucked that way. He pulled his cock out of me, got rid of the condom, and started pulling his clothes back up on place, I straightened my dress as well.

Getting out of the back seat, we stood outside the car for a few minutes enjoying the scene without a word from neither of us. He got closer to me, placed a quick kiss on my cheek, wrapped his arm around my waist and said, “You are not a prostitute, are you?”

“After what I have done with you, what makes you think I am not?”

“I am almost sure of it, you do not act like one, you do not even smell like one, do you want to talk about it?”

I giggled saying, “Even if I wasn’t a hooker, I think I just became one, no need to talk about anything, but I can assure you I have enjoyed what we have done, I just hope you did?”

“Yes, I sure did, and I have felt your enjoying it as well, which is never the act of a street hooker.”

I thanked him for the excellent amount of money he gave me, and he gave me a lift to where he picked me up and disappeared. That could have been something I would usually do, but what came next was the unusual act of me. I realized that special street was the place where tourists catch their local hookers to fuck them. I learned these information’s from the next guy who picked me up in his car and fucked me in the back seat in another quite area.

Which means I liked and enjoyed that strange behavior of myself, not only I went with the flow and continued doing it, but I was more balled looking at the cars, once the driver slows down I would give him a sign to stop, I was literally picked up and fucked in the back seat of cars by four other men almost same manner as the first one, a total of five men fucked me one after another within a period of less than three hours in total, all used condoms, none of which had fucked me bare back, not a single drop of cum had entered my holes or even landed over any part of my body period.

I walked back to the car and drove to my hotel room, took a deep bath soaking my body in the bathtub with lots of foam and disinfectants, I just closed my eyes recalling all the details of the events happened, deep inside me, admitting I have enjoyed all of them, I felt fully, sexually satisfied, I asked myself one big question “I did all of that, but do I regret it, and would I do such a thing again?”



Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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