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Spontaneous Surprise

Swiftcreek   September 09, 2020   | 4226 Views
I had been texting with a beautiful lady throughout the day that I had met online several days prior and we were hitting it off quite well! Lesbian It was a long day at the office. I typically don’t get off until 8 but this night was an exception as I did not get out until almost 9 with an hour drive home ahead of me. I had been texting with a beautiful lady throughout the day that I had met online several days prior and we were hitting it off quite well. We were discussing my difficult schedule and how we could try and line out schedules for a meet. I decided to stop at a local place to have a drink and let her know that if she wanted to join me, she was more than welcome and that drinks were on me. I knew the vicinity of where she lived so I made sure where I stopped was close by just in case she actually took me up on the offer.

I arrived and had a drink as I unwound the day all by myself in a booth back in the corner. As I finished my drink off and began the slide out of the booth to head out for the night, a voice said, “Hi handsome!” I was taken back a bit but as I looked up to see who it was, I was taken over by the excitement of seeing the sexy lady from this week’s conversations, pics, and videos. I immediately asked her to have a seat across from me and gestured the wait staff to come over for another drink order. We began to talk and pick up right where our texts left off. I guess my smile from ear to ear was pretty noticeable. She was dressed in the prettiest sundress. It was floral pink and I could see herbra was lace underneath. Her brown mane was perfectly fixed with a wave and highlights in all the right areas. Her makeup was perfect and I could smell her from across the table. It was slight hint of berry and vanilla that hit the air.

After a couple drinks, I could tell she were starting to feel a buzz and loosen up. I began to stare into her brown eyes as I felt something in between my legs. I did not want to be obvious and look straight down, but she had taken her shoe off and was massaging my crotch area with an intent on rubbing the bulge in my trousers. I was blushing a bit as my cock was hard in no time. She raised her eye brow and bit her lower lip as shecontinued to feel my hard cock through my pants with her foot. I requested the check and she pulled her foot back to gather herself and she looked dead at me and asked, “ Want to come to my place and let me take care of that?” I was not shocked by this as I was hornier than a teenager in high school at this point, but I could not believe how fucking hot you were. Funny the camera did not do you justice with your online pictures. I asked if she could guide me there as I needed to move my car. She had walked since her place was right around the corner, so she hopped into my car and as soon as I closed my door there was a hand on my belt and she had my cock out in no time. Hermouth was so warm and the sound of spit and slobber was amazing as she took my cock in and out of her mouth. I laid my seat back a bit and enjoyed this most heavenly blowjob. It was a great mixture of mouth and her hand stroking me. The way shelooked up at me as she enjoyed herself so was amazing. Shethen took my cock out of her mouth and said to me, “ Pull into that parking garage and go to the roof top level. I want to fuck you!”

I was not going to argue with her as my cock was so hard at that moment and our discussions over the last week had been getting more and more naughty. I really wanted to get a good taste of her pussy as well. I pulled my SUV to the top floor of the garage and of course it was just us up there. As we were parked, she wanted to lick my cock some more and really lathered him up with her spit as she stroked him with her free hand and polished his head. She had some great pouty lips too that made watching this sight so fucking hot. I grabbed a hand full of her mane and thrust her head down to take all of my cockinto her mouth. There was not even a gag as he slid it down the back of her throat. I pulled her head back and my cock flipped out of her mouth and stood right up at attention. I told her to hike her skirt up and lay across the back seat leaving her pussy right at the edge. She complied eagerly as I got out of the vehicle and walked around to her side. I was holding my pants in place which was a bit awkward. As soon as I got to the other side, she was on her back with her legs up and bent back to her chest exposing that super soaked slit of hers. I let go of my pants and they fell to my ankles as I wanted both hands on herhips as I dove my face into her pussy and licked up every juice she had produced. I introduced a couple fingers while I licked her. She began to moan and massage her beautiful breasts. I began to flick her clit fast with my hand and then suck on it to pull the additional blood to the surface to enhance her feeling. Her pussy began to tighten as she got closer to cumming for the first time. I just kept alternating my mouth and fingers and tongue until she could not hold back any longer and she grabbed the hair on my head and pressed my face into her pussy as she squealed in her enjoyment of that orgasm. As she calmed down and her leg twitches subsided, I pulled my briefs down and pulled her by the waist half way out the door so I could massage her pussy with my cock on her clit and sliding him forward and back along her engorged lips. She was biting her lower lip from the sensation and how good she thought it would feel to finally get my cock inside her.

I knew at this point she was as ready as she ever would be when my cock slid into her super soaked cunt. It was like a hot knife through butter as she gasped when my head breached her. A quiet “fuck” was heard after my second good long and deep stroke. I began to pick up the pace a little from there as there was nothing to stop us from going at it full throttle. There was not a cloud in the sky that night and the moon had just enough light to see her beautiful body tamed by me. I changed up my strokes from slow to medium to fast and back while pulling him out periodically to slap him on her pussy and then slam him back in for some good hard fucking. The whimpers were like angels singing as I fucked her. Two more climaxes came as she took every inch of my cock. I had her turn over and stand to bend over and grab the seat bottom as I slammed my cock in from behind her. I grabbed her breasts for some good leverage too. She could feel my cock swelling as I was coming close to releasing my seed. “Don’t you fucking pull out” she said to me in a demonstrative tone. “I wanna feel it in my pussy and then running down my leg!” I knew you were a cum slut and as my build up reached peak, I gushed every ounce of cum from my cock into your pussy. I was groaning and moaning like a wild beast since it had been almost a week for me. She was surprised at how much cum I dumped in her. She tasted almost all of it as she scooped most of it out with her finger as it ran out onto the seat. She came prepared as she reached into her purse to grab a wipe to clean the seat and her pussy. “Well I am going up to my apartment if you want to join me?” she said as I realized we had just fucked in the garage of where you stay. I was still getting my wits about me as I was pulling up my briefs and pants up from my ankles. “Right behind you” I said as we went to your apartment. And the rest of the story is for another time.....
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