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I'm not making any excuse or justification for it. I also do not feel guilt or regret. Okay, so I’m a slut. Sue me, but I can’t get enough sex. I can’t help it being so horny. I was born this way.

My Younger Sister and the Stolen Dildo

Kathrin - August 19, 2016 | 283006 Views
I grinned, when I listened to the sounds, coming from my sister's room. They were the noises she always made, when she was in there, “busy” with herself. I licked my lips. Let's see how she's going to wiggle out of this one, the little slut, I thought, and gripped the door handle tight. With a quick, decisive push, I threw her door open wide, loudly entering her room. “Hey sis!” I called, sending her reeling in her chair. I had to admire her, she was sneaky. With one smooth motion she flung something underneath her bed and sat a little contorted in her chair, as if to cover something up. “What're you doing?” I asked.

Ananda's Serum

ghillieinthemist - August 21, 2016 | 68985 Views
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Ananda sat up grinning. “How does that look honey?” Jade’s jaw hung and she slowly reached out and touched the massive cock. Jade softly and timidly caressed her mom’s new cock. The shaft of the huge dick seamlessly ended at the top of her mom’s pussy, and the balls hung over Ananda’s sweet cunt. Jade suddenly could not help herself and she placed most of the head of the penis inside her smooth mouth. “ooohhhh yes!” Ananda exclaimed as Jade’s tongue ran circles around her cock.
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Harry Johnson is an 18 year old boy, growing up in a typical London suburb. He lives with his 44 year old single mother, Linda Johnson, and his three sisters, Julie, 18, Laura, 18
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