Peeping Jane at the apartments

Butta17   January 10, 2018   | 14602 Views
When my girlfriend and me broke up, I moved in to some apartments that was on the other side of town. It was a nice apartment,  it overlooked the pool, and it was on the second… banner2

When my girlfriend and me broke up, I moved in to some apartments that was on the other side of town. It was a nice apartment,  it overlooked the pool, and it was on the second floor. The bad thing was the glass door  leading to the deck outside and the drive to my job. The drive to my job was a 30 minutes without traffic and a 45 minutes drive with traffic.  I love my job, and I feel to dress up , and I get to have fun almost every day.  When I get home from work, I strip all the way down to my underwear.  My underwear collection is not like other guys collection.  I have some thongs, jockstrap, boxer briefs,  briefs, and pouches. All of them are revealing. Most girls don't expect me to wear all these different types. Some of them like it and others don't. I just strip my clothes off and walk around my apartment in my little underwear.  One nght I got the cops called on me because they could see me in my apartment  in my underwear. I asked the copwho it was,  he didn' tell me. The next day I saw a note in my mailbox, it says  I am sorry I call the cops. S. I  didn't care because I had a date tonight.I just threw the note away and  I Went up to my apartment to change.I didn' even care if my blinds were open. I change and I went on my date. After my date , we went back to my place. We started have sex  all over the living room. She left and I went to sleep. The next day I saw another note from the same person, but it said I love the way you fuck.  That night I decided to give her a show, and masturbate. The following days,I have been trying to catch her , and one day I caught her leaving a note. I caught her and took her up to my apartment.  I started to ask her questions about her noted, and why she call the police that one night. She didn't know how to answer them. She was short with Huge tits, and plump ass .She was sexy and smell good. She asked me are you going get comfortable.  I said yes, wouldn't you like that.I strip all the way down and I was wearing a purple thong that show my shape of dick. I found out her name was Sarah.  She just look at me while i walk around the apartments.  I was just picking up little stuff.She wonder what I did for a living because I am ripped tatted and I am always dapper when you leave for work. I told her since you see all of me a lot of times. I asked her something crazy, do you wanna see my collection of underwear,  so I can show what I look like in them.  She said sure. She looked at me then my underwear.  She was shocked. I asked her have you ever masturbated to me , she looked appalled,  when i asked that.  I said come on, you watch me everyday, and you haven't stop looking at my crouch and ass. She said yes, especially when you fuck that girl, AND you masturbated. I  askedTell me about yourself while you strip . She looked at me dumbfounded.  I told her that I will stop all my teasing and put blinds up if you don' strip. She stripped  and all she was wearing a iight blue bra and pink thong and some heels. I was getting hard.i decided to get naked. She saw my big hard dick and push me down  on the couch. She told me that all these skinny girls that you been fucking, can't fuck and suck like me. I said oh yea  probe it. She push me down and started to give me head, while she was doing that, she snapped her bra off. Then  she got up and bend over in front of me and took off her thong. I got up and stuck my dick in and started hit it from behind. She screamed loudly . Then she surprise when I pick her up and carry to the room. I laid her on the bed and hit it in her pussy with her short chubby legs up in the air. She came. I got up and masturbated for her so she pleasure herself again.  Then she saw me cum and lick it up,  and left.  Every once a while we would have sex,and I continue a show knowing she is watching. 

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