Tom meets Mira

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"A model from Onlyfans meets one of her followers when she's stops over in his town, asking him to show her around and shoot some new content for her site, but one thing leads to another..." banner1 Author's Notes "While this story may depict two real people, it is fictional. The woman involved is a real OnlyFans model, whose user name is mira.clegoddss and has approved of me writing this story."

Part 1

I got home around 4:40 AM, around the same time I usually would after I got off work. It was hard work what I did, usually, depending on how big the delivery was that night, but I did get a couple of breaks and a lunch, so that made the night a little bit easier for me.

On the plus side, I had been chatting with this girl on Instagram who liked my nature photos. She was really hot, which made things a plus, and she liked nature herself, which was also a plus. However, she also lived on the other side of the country, which meant there was no way I was going to get with her.

"Oh well," I said to myself, "at least her OnlyFans page is free."

Well, it was free to join her page, and she had many free photos and even a few videos, if you want the good stuff, you had to pay up.

It was understandable. There was no reason to be posting naked photos and pornographic content and not make some money off of it. Hell, some people might even argue that it's better to let people join your page for free, give them some stuff to see and let them buy what they want.

And yes, I did buy some stuff from her. Not too much, just to be within my budget of what I'm willing to spend.

I checked my phone again, checking all my social media sights to see if there was anything new that I would find interesting, or if anyone left me any comments.

Finally, I checked out Onlyfans to see if anyone had any good updates, or even sent me a message. I did get a couple. One woman trying to sell me a photo and video set, and then one from Mira herself. That surprised me. I thought she would have been asleep by now

"Hey, just wanna let you know that I'm going to do a little bit of traveling, and I think I'll be near where you live!" the message read, which both surprised and excited. I replied to her, "when are you coming in?"

"Tomorrow. I'm leaving for the airport now." She responded before adding, "Would you be able to meet me tomorrow?"

I grinned ear to ear, and responded, "I sure can! I'm off tomorrow."

"Great!" she responded, and then gave me the name and address of the hotel she was staying at before asking me, "Can you pick me up around 10:00 AM?"

I thought about that for a few seconds before responding, "Sure. That's fine with me! That will give me enough time to rest."

"Okay! I'll see you then. I cannot wait to see some of the places you take all your nature photos at!" and with that, we ended our conversation.

I arrived at the hotel Mira around 10:05 AM. A little late, true, but traffic was a bitch. I messaged her too, sending her a picture of my SUV, as well as myself in front of it. I had already sent her a photo of myself, I just wanted her to know what I was wearing. She responded to me, "I'll be out in a couple of minutes."

When she said she would be out to meet outside in a couple of minutes, she meant it, being outside and coming up to my vehicle within a couple of minutes of our last message.

Mira was a good-looking young Latina in her 20's. Not as tall as me and thick, but in a good way. She had dark hair with blue streaks in the front, and most noticeable of all, big, natural breasts.

Now just to be clear, I couldn't give a damn if they were fake or not, or even big or small, although I did prefer big. I just cared that they looked nice, that's all.

She waved and came up to my SUV, wearing a pair of light-colored jeans shorts that showed off her nice, big Latina ass, and a tight white tank top that covered up her breasts, and that's pretty much just it. She was wearing a bra under it, which I could tell due to the tightness and thinness of the fabric was both white, and not a sports bra. Probably it was made out of lace.

I was about to shake her hand when she came up to me, but instead, she kissed me! On the cheek, but still, it was unexpected.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Tom!" she said, giving me a big smile, which caused me to smile at her back and say, "it's nice to finally meet you too, Mira!"

Mira gave me a small hug. "Friendly," I thought to myself before she asked, "did you bring your camera?"

"She probably wants me to take some photos for her OnlyFans page," I thought to myself before opening the driver's side rear door to reveal my camera bag and hiking gear.

"That's great!" she said, and then proceeded to place her gear in to back seat alongside mine. A couple of hiking poles, a side pouch with a couple of bottles of water and whatever else she had in it, and a duffle bag that I would soon find out had more than just hiking gear in it.

I closed the door once she had stepped back, and was about to open the passager side door for her when she asked with a sheepish look on her face, "I hope you don't mind it if you could take a few photos of me when we're out in the forest? For my OnlyFans page?

I smirked at her and said, "that will be no problem at all, but we need to be careful. These are public lands, and people do like to go hiking, especially now that the weather is getting better."

Mira giggled at this and told me, although not very truthfully, "I'll be a good girl. I promise."

I almost burst out laughing at her display, and informed her, "no need for that. Just need to be observant."

Mira gave me a wink before telling me, "Oh, I know."

I proceeded to open the passenger side door for her, to which she commented, "such a gentleman." I then got into the driver's side and took off.

Part 2

It took us about half an hour to get from the hotel to the first overlook on the parkway. Along the way, we were having a nice conversation. Nothing too important, just some chit-chat, what we like to do in our free time, and stuff like that. A couple of minutes after we got onto the parkway she did comment, "there's a lot of deer out here."

I nodded my head and said, "yep."

"They're so cute!" she exclaimed in a slightly higher pitch before asking me, "have you ever hit one before?"

I shook my head and told her, "nope. And I don't want to either."

"Yeah," she said, a little sadly, "it would suck if you killed one."

"Yeah," I agreed before adding in, "and it would suck if it killed me, too!"

Mira nodded her head and made random talk until we got to the first overlook. We got out, and while I had seen it many times and still enjoyed it, Mira on the other hand was just awestruck.

"Wow!" she said, turning to me and saying, "this is beautiful! Thank you for taking me here!"

Mira gave me a hug, which I returned. She didn't kiss me, but I was okay with that. I was just doing this as a friend. I wasn't her lover. She then asked me, "wanna take some pictures of me?"

I smile at her and said, "sure" grabbing my camera out of my back seat, and proceeded to snap some pictures of her. Nothing too revealing, although she did lift her top, revealing that she was indeed wearing a white lace bra, and then lifted that to show me her uncovered breasts and dark nipples.

I was tempted to ask her if could suck on them. Hell, I wanted to fuck the hell out of her right then and there, but I knew I couldn't do that, as we were too out in the open, so instead I just took a few more photos of her pinching her nipples before telling her, "let's stop before we get caught. I hear some motorcycles coming."

She sighed in disappointment, but did what I told her to do, and lowered her bra and top just before a group of five old men on some motorcycles came up to the over.

I greeted the group, and we chatted about the view for a few seconds, and then the two of us were off to the next overlook.

"Damn old men on their death machines," I thought to myself, "just when things were starting to get good."

I looked over at Mira, and she too had a look of disappointment on her face, so I placed my hand on hers and told her, "don't worry, there's a lot of other places where we can take pictures and videos at."

She gave me a small smile and said, "I know. I was just starting to have some fun."

I smiled back and said, "Oh, we'll have more fun today! But that place was just too out in the open. We really need to get out in the woods some to get some privacy."

I drove up the parkway for a few more miles, until we finally got to an overlook that I knew would give us some privacy.

We got out, and Mira looked around, asking me, "are you sure we're safe here? We're still out in the open."

I pointed over to the side where there was the entrance to a trail, and told her, "If we go in there, we should be fine. There are some big boulders to keep us hidden from the road."

"Okay. That's good." She replied, opening up the rear door and taking out her duffle bag. She then took a hold of my hand, telling me, "let's go!"

We went up the trail, hiking a bit until we got to a section where I was sure we would have some privacy, so I stopped and said, "okay. we can shoot here."

Mira smiled once again and sat down her duffle bag, only to unzip it and pull out a purple, foot-long, double-ended dildo.

"I guess she's going to be self-pleasuring herself with that," I thought to myself before asking her, "do you want photos or video?"

"Photos at the start. Video when I start using this," she giggled, casually waving the big plastic toy.

I gave her a thumbs up and then started taking some photos as soon as she started rubbing her breasts, slowly lifting her tank top to reveal her sexy white bra.

Mira lowered her bra a bit, revealing her brown nipples to me once again, and then touched the tip of the dildo to each one before placing the head in her mouth, pretending to give it a blow job. She did this for several seconds until she took it out of her mouth, and started to unzip her shorts, pulling them down first, and then her thong panties.

I knew what she was going to do, so I switched my camera from photo mode to video and began recording her fucking herself with her toy.

I only recorded four minutes of her masturbating. She didn't need to do much more than she did. Just need some content for her site, and that's it.

Mira put her dildo back in her bag and then proceeded to strip her clothes off.

"Um, what are you doing?" I asked, wondering if I should keep taking photos or not.

"I'm changing," she replied, getting undressed and taking out a green with yellow outline thong bikini.

She quickly put it on, did a turnaround, and asked, "how do I look?"

"Sexy and beautiful," I told her, which was pretty damn honest. Hell, I wanted to rip the damn thing off of her and fuck her right here. But I restrained myself and let her put on a pink, sleeveless shirt, and black shorts that looked like something a person would hike in. They still showed off her curves, but they were looser than her jean shorts, and a bit longer too.

"So where do you want to go next?" I asked her, curious as to why she would switch from her sexy lingerie to a sexy bikini.

Mira smiled at me, and said, "you told me there was a waterfall nearby that would be good for photo shoots. I thought maybe we could go there?"

I shrugged my shoulders, helped her gather her stuff, and took off back to my SUV.

Part 3

I drove down the parkway, passing several vehicles and bikers along the way to head to the waterfall.

Technically there were two waterfalls along the way, but the one I was going two was much closer to the road. It would still be a bit of a hike, but still closer than the other one.

We arrived at the parking lot after driving a bit, and I was thankful there were no cars there.

"Looks like we'll have some privacy, " I told her as we got out of my SUV, and grabbed our hiking poles out the back. I handed Mira's her's and informed her, "You might want these."

She smiled when I handed her poles to her, and thank me, telling me, "you're really sweet, you know. Most guys would be too scared to do this."

I smiled, shrugged, and said, "most guys don't know about these places. Plus, they might be scared you're trying to trick them in some way. People don't trust people anymore, although there's good reason for that."

Mira sighed in disappointment, and then smiled at me, telling me, "I'll have to do something special for you!"

"You could let me suck your titties and fuck you," I was about to say, but kept it to myself, not wanting to scare her off and think that I was some sort of creep that expected sex for taking her out here and making some new content for her page. Besides, I'm not like that always. I try to show some respect towards women, even if they make pornographic content.

After several minutes of hiking, we finally got down to the bottom of the waterfall. Both of us were sweating at this point and had taken several drinks of water. While the hike wasn't too long, certain sections were steep, and it was getting warmer out. Not unbearably hot, just warm.

Halfway through our hike, Mira took off her shirt, complaining about getting sweaty. I didn't say anything because her breasts were still covered by her bikini top, and I've seen other women do this out here before when it got too hot, or they started to really sweat.

Once we got to our destination I helped her over where I felt would be the best place for her to stand, and then took her shirt from her. She took off her shorts too and handed them to me. I slung the garments over my shoulder, stepped back a bit, and began to snap away.

Mira began to pose, giving me both innocent, playful, and sexy poses, even crotching down to splash some water on her. She didn't go under the waterfall itself, as she didn't want to get too wet. Plus, it really wasn't the type of waterfall you could stand under.

After a few minutes, Mira removed her top and started splashing some water onto her tits, making for some great shots. She then took two of her fingers and began to slide them in and out of her mouth, simulating oral sex. At that point, I switched from photo mode to video and began filming her self pleasuring.

Mira sucked on her fingers for a couple of minutes before slowly moving them down her body, lowering her thong, and revealing her shaved pussy to me and the world, a pussy that she proceeded to stick her fingers into her lower lips.

This sexy Latina masturbated for a couple of minutes, making moans of pleasure as she did so. The whole scene was very erotic, and I was half tempted to go over there to replace her fingers with my cock.

"Down boy, " I told my cock, not wanting to ruin the scene, or do something to her she didn't want me to do.

After a couple of minutes, she stopped, took her thong off, and began to pose in the nude.

I took about a minute of her posing before switching back to photo mode, and taking several more pictures of her before she asked, "think we got enough?"

I quickly scanned the folder containing the pictures, and told her, "yeah, I think we do,"

Mira gave me one of her cute smiles and began to get dressed, coming over to me and handing me her bikini before taking her clothes from me.

She put her clothes on, with nothing underneath, which caused me to ask, "you're not going to put your bikini on."

She shook her head and told me, "I don't want to wear a wet bikini under my clothes. I don't like how it feels."

I shrugged my shoulders and told her, "I understand. It's not very comfortable, but your tits are gonna show through your shirt."

Mira giggled and said, "don't you like seeing my tits."

I snorted at this, and informed her, "Of course I do! I wouldn't be subscribed to your page if I wasn't!"

Mira gave me a sexy little moaned a little, and asked me, "you wanna touch? You think of it as a way for me to repay you.

I looked around, making sure we were alone and slipped my hand under her shirt.

I rubbed on her soft tits, her nipples hardening under my hand as I gently twisted and played with them.

"Mmm... this feels so good, " she moaned as I continued to play with her breasts, deciding to go for broke and lifted her shirt, revealing her still slightly wet tits to me. I then lower my head to her right nipple and took it into my mouth.

Instead of getting mad and jumping back or slapping me, she held my head closer, and almost commanded, "that's it, baby, suck on them harder!"

I did as I was told, sucking them as hard as I could, getting as much breast meat into my mouth as my mouth would allow me. While I was doing this I began to slip my hand into her shorts and was about to start finger fucking her, when I heard some voices nearby.

"Shit," I thought to myself as I detached my hands and mouth from her body, and pulled down her shirt.

"Just when things were starting to get good," I commented, to which Mira nodded in agreement.

"Might as well go, " said handing Mira her hiking poles while grabbing mine, and taking off to the parking lot.

It took us a little while to get back to my SUV, having to go uphill instead of downhill. We passed two couples along the way, so it was a good thing we did stop, as the first one almost caught us.

We said hi to them, but that was it, as we wanted to get out of there quickly, and head to another overlook that would offer us some privacy.

Once we passed the second couple, I commented to Mira, "you have some great tits."

She gave a little giggle and replied, "so I've been told. And you play with them well."

"Maybe I'll have to play with them later," whispered into her ear. She whispered back, "oh, for sure!"

We got back to my SUV, and she quickly changed back into her old clothes. I was going to say something about her getting naked in public, but I guess she wanted to wear those clothes to the next shoot.

She was about to get into my vehicle, but before we did I told her to, "hold on" and then lifted her tank top and bra to give her nipples a couple of kisses before pulling her garments down, and telling her, "just one more for the road."

Mira smiled at me and then got into my SUV. I got in myself and drove off.

Part 4

Mira stood there at the overlook doing a few sexy poses. She wasn't naked yet, but that would change in a minute, which made me glad this overlook was a bit hidden. I still had to keep my ears and eyes wide open, just in case someone came by and caught us.

She raised her tight white tank top, revealing her lacey white push-up bra. She then lowered her bra, revealing her large, natural tits.

I was so tempted to suck on them right then and now, and while I'm pretty sure she would allow me to, I needed to keep my composure, so I just snapped away, taking a few close-ups before backing away and getting a few full-body shots.

Mira took one of her titties and lifted it to her mouth where she began to slowly lick it while putting her free hand into her tight shorts and began to finger herself. When she began pleasuring I switched from photo to video, because I knew her subscribers were going to want more than just some still photos.

I recorded about three or four minutes of her licking her tits, with occasional little sucks, as well as her pleasuring herself with her hands. She had pulled her pants down just far enough to reveal matching white lace panties, which she had also pulled down to reveal her hairless pussy. A hairless pussy that she was slowly rubbing two fingers over.

Mira said nothing over the next few minutes of masturbating in front of me, only moans of pleasure as she slowly rubbed and finger fucked her.

After about minute five, she stopped pleasuring herself, and I took this as my cue to stop recording. I switched over to photo settings to take some more pictures of her rubbing her nipples, when she stopped and motioned for me to come over to her, and told me, "suck on my titties!"

I looked around and didn't see or hear anyone, so I just shrugged, smiled, and walked over to her. I then placed my camera on the ground to us, and when I stood back up I gave both of her nipples two light kisses before taking her right breast into my mouth and giving it a good suck.

I sucked on her for several seconds, all that time I moved my hand between her panties and bare skin until finally my index and middle finger hit her hole, which I began to move in and out of, causing this Latina to moan in pleasure even more.

Mira moaned in pleasure as I finger fucked her, moving from one tit to the other, coating her nipples with my saliva, making them shiny. I started pulling on the gently with my teeth, causing her to moan even more, and was about to move down her body and eat her out when I heard a car pull into the parking lot.

"Well shit," I said to myself as I stopped enjoying Mira's body, and pulled her bra and shirt down. I then said to her, "I guess we've got to stop."

Mira zipped up her shorts and said with disappointment, "yeah, I guess we do." She then got a naughty look on her face, and suggested, "unless they want to join us?"

Before we could even ask came a couple around the corner with two kids. Two small kids.

I whispered in her ear, "I don't think they want to join us."

She kissed me on the cheek and asked, "you wanna go for a little hike, and try to find a place more private?"

I smiled back at her and said, "might as well finish what we started."

We greeted the family coming up to the overlook, but took off down a trail as quickly as we could, but not so quickly that it looked suspicious. The adults might have known what we were going to do, but didn't say anything.

We got a ways away from the overlook, and once I was sure we were alone I put down my camera bag and started kissing the younger Latina, slipping my tongue into her mouth, an action that she replicated.

Our tongues danced with each for about a minute while I moved her against a large tree. Once her back was against the bark I moved down her body, using my tongue and teeth to grip the bottom of her tank top and lift it over her large bust. I then repeated the action with her bra, revealing her large breasts to me once again. I then took her left one into my mouth and began to suck on it, hard.

Mira began once again to moan in pleasure as I sucked her tit, enjoying her breast meat for several seconds before moving to the other one, and sucking on it hard too.

After several seconds of sucking on her right tit, I released it from my mouth. I then took a quick second to look at them, and commented, "I turned your breasts red."

"Mmmm... it's okay. I love it when you suck on my tits!" Mira half moaned out, smiling at me.

I smiled back, and then sucked both her breasts for several seconds before licking around the tips of her nipples, and giving them a lite kiss.

After I was done with her breasts for the moment I kissed my way down her body, stopping for a moment at her navel to lick around it a few times, and flick the little hole with my tongue. While I was doing that I began to undo her shorts, slowly pulling them and her panties down at the same time.

Once the pair of clothes were down around her ankles I helped her remove them, and then told her, "spread your legs apart a little."

She did as I told her to, smiling as she did so because she knew what I was going to do. I placed my mouth on her waiting pussy, licking around her lower lips while I placed my index finger into her.

"That's it, lick it! Lick my fucking pussy!" She demanded through clenched teeth as I used my tongue to play with her clit while using my finger to fuck her hole.

I did this for several minutes, using my finger to fuck her while my tongue licked everything else, getting a good taste of her pussy juices, before she half-shouted, half-whispered, "I'm about to..."

I stopped, not wanting her to come just yet. I instead stood up, a bent her over. She did not say a word, either because she knew what I was about to do, or because her mind was too much in ecstasy to focus.

I got behind her and quickly whipped my super hard dick out. "I've been needing to do this all day," I thought to myself as I stuck the head in, and pushed the rest of my hard shaft into her soft cunt.

Mira began to moan again I began to pump her, slowly at first before going faster and harder.

It was a good idea that I ate her out first, bringing her to near orgasm, because she came within a couple of minutes of me fucking her, almost crying out in pleasure from my cock. However, I still wasn't done, because I kept fucking her for another minute or two, releasing myself into her, and filling her with my cum.

I pumped her a couple more times before finally removing my now half-hard cock from her private parts, which now had cum dripping out.

Mira just stood there, bent over for a few seconds, recovering from the sex we just had. I helped her stand back up and gave her a long kiss before lowering my head down to her breasts and giving them a good suck.

"Okay," Mira said between labored breaths, " that was good! I should have fucked you earlier."

I gave her a lite kiss, and told her, "but then we wouldn't have gotten so many photos and videos."

Mira gave me a small smile, and told me, "that's true."

I gave her nipples a small kiss before asking her, "so what you wanna do now?"

"We can take some more pictures," She suggested with a sly smile.

I shrugged and said, "sure" retrieving my camera from its bag and began to snap away as Mira began to play with her tits, rubbing and pinching them, even bringing the up to her mouth to lick. When she began licking them I switched from photo to video mode on my camera to capture the action. While she was giving her nipples a good tasting she was also fingering herself. Not enough to cause her to come, but enough to get some of my cum onto her fingers, which she soon brought up to her mouth and licked clean.

When she was done licking her fingers clean she gave her nipples one more slow lick before kissing towards my camera, signaling me that she was done.

I put my camera back in its bag and went over to her to kiss her before lowering my head and giving her breasts two more good sucks.

"You love my breasts, don't you?" Mira asked, already knowing the answer.

I gave her nipples a couple of quick pecks before telling her, "I'm a boob guy, and I love sucking on yours!"

Mira smiled at this and said, "and I love it when you suck on them."

I smiled back, lowering my head back down to her chest, and proceeded to suck on her tits for another minute, licking around the tips and gently pulling on them with my teeth, making her moan in pleasure even more. While doing this I thought about fucking her again, but I, or should I say my dick wasn't fully "recovered" just yet, so instead I just enjoyed sucking on her breasts, which was fine with me. I could suck on them all day, and if I'm being honest, have been wanting to since I picked her up from the hotel.

I removed my head from her chest and helped her get her clothes back on. First I grabbed her shorts and thong panties, helping put them back on and kissing her navel after I was done. Then I stood back up and gave her tits one more suck before pulling her bra and tank top down. We then kissed and headed back to my SUV.

Part 5

It took us several minutes to get to my vehicle, but halfway there Mira stopped so she could take her top and bra off.

"Why are you taking your top off?" I asked, looking around to make sure we were alone.

"It's getting too hot to wear this bra with this shirt," she replied as she put her tank top back on, which now showed off the outline of her nipples. She then half-joked, "and the fact that you made them so wet from sucking on them doesn't help."

I came over to her, lifted her top, gave her tits a couple of little sucks, and told her, "sorry. I can't help it. I love to suck on them!"

"I love having them sucked on too!" she smiled. I then proceeded to give her tits a couple of more sucks, this time ones where I put as much of her breasts in my mouth as I could, and released them with an audible pop. After I was done I lowered her shirt, and kissed her.

We kissed for a few seconds, our tongues dancing a little before I broke it off and said, "come on, let's go. We need to decide where to go next."

"Umm... you don't mind if we got something to eat first, and then head back to my hotel. It's been kinda tiring today, with all the hiking... and sex," Mira giggled when she said that last part, and I couldn't help but chuckle at it too.

"It's okay. I'm getting a bit hungry myself, and trail mix can only go so far," I replied, adding, "plus I need a shower."

Mira whispered seductively in my ear, "maybe we can take one together?"

I smiled and kissed her, followed by a couple of kisses to her nipples through her shirt. She giggled at my actions, and commented, "you're supposed to lift up my shirt first before you do that."

I shrugged, did as she suggested, and gave her now bare nipples a couple of kisses before pulling her top back down, and took off once again to the parking lot, which we reached a few minutes later, not stopping for me to get a mouthful of her big titties.

Once we got back to my SUV Mira removed her tank top, put her bra back on, and put on her pink shirt. She then took off her jean shorts and put on her looser-fitting black shorts instead.

"I guess that stuff looks more appropriate than what you wearing," I commented, to which she replied, "yep. Don't want to get too many people staring at us, or even get kicked out if we go somewhere to sit down and have lunch."

I smiled at her and said, "don't worry. The place I have in mind sees hikers and motorcycle riders all the time in there, and they don't say anything. I've gone in there dressed worst than this, and they have no problems seating." I then stepping forward to her, lifted her shirt and bra in one motion before telling her, "but before we go."

I lowered my head to her chest, and took as much of her right breast into my mouth as I could, sucking on it and shaking my head a little as I did so. I then moved to her left breast and repeated the motion. Once I was done and removed my mouth I licked around the tips of each of her nipples before giving them both a kiss.

I raised my head, lowered her bra and shirt back into position, and kiss her. Mira smirked after our kiss and asked, "couldn't resist?"

I kissed her again, and informed her, "that, and the fact that except for that one parking area for the waterfall we were at, we won't have any other private area where I can do that at."

She got a slight frown on her, and informed me, "that's too bad because I love to have my tits sucks. It really makes me horny."

I was going to give her tits another suck, but a car came into the parking area, so it wouldn't be possible for me to "get one more for the road", as some people would say, so instead, I just gave her one more kiss. We then got into my SUV and took off.

We got to the restaurant about twenty minutes later, and if it wasn't for the fact that one hidden parking area had several cars there, we would have been there at least a couple of minutes later.

We went into the restaurant, hand-in-hand, and were seated a few minutes later. A couple of minutes after we were seated a waitress came over and took our orders. We both ordered sweet teas, and Mira ordered a Caesar salad, while I ordered a burger and chips for myself.

While we were waiting for our orders, Mira looked out the expansive window, and commented, "wow. That's pretty."

I nodded my head, and replied, "yeah. It is. Want to go walking around it a little after lunch?"

Mira smiled at me and said, "sure."

What lay before us on the other side of an expansive window was a small, manmade lake with a small island. Around the lake was a trail that circled the entire thing.

We waited for several minutes for our food to arrive, during which time we made some small talk. While we were chatting I asked her, "so how do you want me to get those photos and videos to you?"

"I have my laptop in my duffle bag," she informed me, "we can copy the stuff on there."

I was a little surprised by this, and had to ask, "you didn't leave it in your hotel room?"

Mira snorted at this, and told me, "nope. Don't want to risk getting it stolen."

"That makes sense," I commented, adding, "you don't want them stealing all your important stuff."

She laughed a little bit at that, and said, "nope. They need to pay for it."

I couldn't help but laugh at what she said. I was about to say something else, but our food finally arrived, and both of us were pretty damn hungry since I hadn't had anything to eat since midnight, and only coffee and tea between then and now, and Mira told me she only had a lite breakfast.

We ate and tried to not look like we were half starving while we do so, but we did eat pretty fast.

"Damn," I said in slight amazement, "you ate that faster than I ate your..." I stopped myself from finishing the sentence because there were too many people around to say the word "pussy".

Mira knew exactly what I was about to say. She smiled knowingly, and commented, "well, seeing how fast you ate that burger, it doesn't surprise me."

I looked back down at my empty plate, then back into Mira's big brown eyes, and told her, "I was hungry."

Mira giggled at my comment and said, "I know."

I wondered if she meant the burger, her pussy, or both? I decided not to ask, and just let the question hold an air of mystery to it. A few seconds later the waitress came over and asked if we wanted anything else. We told her no and she said she would be back with the check shortly. She came back a minute later, handed us the check, and took our plates. I took out my debit card, wrote in the tip, and hand them to the waitress when she return.

Once everything was settled we went to the bathroom, did our business, and went outside to walk off our lunch.

We walked along the pathway, hands together, with most people paying us no mind as they assumed we were a couple, which technically speaking we were at the moment.

While we were walking Mira whispered to me, "not many private places around here."

I whispered back to her, "why do you ask that? Do you want me to suck your tits some more?"

Mira giggled at my question and answered, "I want you to eat me out! I'm still horny!"

I smirked at her, and asked, "aren't you always horny?"

She laughed at my question, and answered, "not all the time." She then playfully punched me on the arm, which I mocked being hurt. I then leaned into her ear, telling her, "I think I know another place that might offer us some privacy.

Mira took hold of my hand, and almost command me, "well come on, let's go there then!"

It took several minutes of driving down the parkway, but we finally got to where I wanted to take us. A parking area that was hidden behind a hill.

We got out, and Mira asked, "so this is where? Aren't you afraid we're a little bit out in the open here?"

I went over to sexy Latina and lifted her shirt and bra to give her tits a couple of good sucks, pulling gently on her nipples with my teeth before telling her, "not here. But there is a trail here that will lead us to somewhere more... private."

Mira kissed me deeply for a few seconds before I broke our kiss, and gave her tits a couple of more good sucks, making a popping noise when they came out of my mouth. I then gave her nipples a final kiss before lowering her shirt, not bothering to lower her bra, taking her hand, and walking over to the trail, which we slowly went down at first due to it being a bit steep, and then went as quickly as we safely.

Within a couple of minutes, we got to a large rock face that had next to it the remains of a burnt-out campfire.

"This is it," I told her, lifting her shirt and proceeding to give her two big tits two big sucks!

I sucked on them for about half a minute each, covering them in saliva and licking around the nipples before I licked my way down her body, briefly stopping at her navel to kiss it a couple of times, as well as flick it with my tongue, all the while I slipped off her shorts and panties.

Once her lower garments were down around her ankles I continued to lick my way down, going over her pubic area and slipping my tongue into her lower lips, causing her to suck in air and moan in pleasure.

As I began to give her oral sex I slipped in two of my fingers, causing her to moan even louder as I both licked her and finger fucked her at the same time.

I licked and fingered her as fast as I could, her putting her hands on my head to both encourage me, as well as stabilize herself.

I'm not sure how many minutes it took me, but she finally came, twisting and almost screaming as she did so. While she was doing this I removed my two fingers and lapped up her wonderful pussy juices, licking her until she began to calm down.

Once I was done I kissed my way back up her body, giving her a lingering kiss on her pubic area before kissing my way back up her body, briefly stopping at her navel again to give it a couple of more kisses, and a few more licks before circling it with my tongue four times, licking it a little more, and kissing it.

After I was done using my mouth to play with her navel I continued to lick my way back up to her breasts, licked under her right tit, and proceeded to take the piece of breast meat into my mouth.

I sucked on it gently at first, and then hard, pulling on her nipple with my teeth, gently, but stretching it out a little before releasing it and kissing it. I then got back on my knees and kissed her navel once again, sticking my tongue into the little hole before I licked my way up her body, placed my tongue under her left breast, and then engulfed her tit into my mouth.

I sucked on it for another minute, switching from soft to hard as I did so, pulling on her nipple with my teeth and stretching it out a little before releasing it. After that, I licked around the tips of both of her nipples before kissing them and kissing her on the lips.

I gave her tits one more little suck pulling her shirt and bra down. I then helped her with her shorts and panties, giving her navel one more little kiss before standing back up, and kissing her.

"I needed that," I informed her, with her replying, "me too!" She then put her hands under the back of her shirt and pulled out her bra.

"Why'd you do?" I asked, curious why she just did that.

"Just in case you get the urge to suck on them again," she said with a smile and a wink before continuing, "and we can get somewhere private."

I lifted her shirt again, and gave her tits two more sucks before telling her, "if we did that, we wouldn't leave here, and you would never make it back to your hotel room."

She kissed me again, and told me, "no. we need to get back."

I gave her tits two more good sucks before lowering her shirt and taking off to the parking lot. I would have sucked her tits one more time, but a car drove in, causing me to curse out, "well shit."

Part 6

We drove a bit down the parkway, not getting to any place good to stop. Most of the overlooks were either occupied or too close to the road to stop at in the first place. This was starting to tick me off because I was horny as Hell, and I wanted to suck Mira's titties again!

Finally, we got to an overlook that was both unoccupied and had trees blocking it from the road. "Finally," I thought to myself as I pulled into the parking area, the two of us quickly got out as soon as I stopped, and went over to the side that faced the overlook.

I didn't waste any time and immediately began kissing her, passionately, as we put our tongues in each other's mouths. During this time I lifted her shirt, revealing her large bosom to the world once again!

I broke our kiss, and lower my head to her chest to once again get a taste of her delicious breast, taking in her right nipple before taking in as much of her tit as I could.

Mira moaned in pleasure as I did this, and then moaned in even more pleasure as I slipped my hand into her shorts and between her panties and skin, and inserted my middle finger into her woman hole.

I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit as I continued to suck her tits, moving my mouth from one breast to the other, sucking hard and causing them to turn red when I did so.

It didn't take long for her to come, maybe about two or three minutes. I wondered if my sucking her tits helped her come faster while I was fingering her. "It probably did help," I thought to myself, as I gently pulled on her left nipple with my teeth, stretching it out a little as moved back over to her right breast, got as much of it as I could in my mouth, and slowly pulling back until my lips were around her nipple, which I gently put my teeth on and pulled a little, stretching it before releasing it.

I gave her nipples a couple of more kisses while staring at them lovingly and then got down on my knees to place my tongue into her belly button, flicking it with my tongue several times before licked my way up her body, licking under and over her right tit before taking as much of the large tit into my mouth as I could, sucking on it hard for half a minute.

Once I was done I got back down on my knees, and stuck my tongue into her navel once, kissing and flicking it with my tongue before licking my way up her body once again, and licking under her left breast before taking it into my mouth, and giving it a hard suck for another half a minute, pulling on the nipple with my teeth when I was done, and giving both her nipples a kiss before I stopped, and gave her another kiss.

"Damn, you are horny," Mira said with a smirk and a giggle, which cause me to give her nipples another little suck. I would have continued sucking on them, but I heard a car coming up the parkway, so I pulled her down. Fortunately, the car didn't stop at the overlook, but I knew if there was one, there would soon be others.

I breathed a sigh of relief, but I knew I needed to stop, so I kissed her nipples over her shirt, and told her, "let's head back to the hotel."

Mira smiled and kissed me, telling me, "yeah. I'm really horny! But let me change back into my tank top first."

I helped her take off her shirt, giving her tits a couple of more little sucks before letting her retrieve her tank top from her duffle bag.

Mira put her tank top on and put her other shirt back into her duffle bag. She then turned around, revealing two nipples poking through her top.

I gave her covered nipples a couple of more kisses, and told her, "let's head on out before we get caught."

We both got back into my SUV and took off as quickly as we could, the two of us now horny as Hell.

We finally got back to the hotel, having not stopped at all to play, although there really wasn't any other place to do that.

We quickly got out with me carrying my camera bag and her duffle bag for her as we went up to her room, the person at the front desk paying us no mind as we did so.

The two of us were in her room a minute later, and as soon as the door was shut I gently placed the duffle bag and camera bag on the floor, and stuck my tongue into her mouth, only breaking our kiss briefly so that she could take off her top and shorts and shoes, getting totally naked in front of me.

I continued kissing her for another minute before we went into the bathroom, where I got naked as well, and asked her, "Wanna take a shower?"

Mira smiled and nodded, turning the water on and setting it warm before stepping in, which I quickly followed afterward.

As soon as I was in I continued kissing her, fondling her breasts as I did so.

We got wet and slippery, and I would have soaped her body, but I didn't want to get soap in my mouth, so instead I let the water wash off her body while I kissed her neck, and then kissed down her chest, taking her right tit into my mouth and hungrily sucking on it shaking my head a little before removing it with a "pop", and moving over to her left tit to do the same.

She moaned in pleasure as I sucked her breasts as well as the fact I was finger fucking her once again, and I would have made her come with my hand, but I wanted to taste her once again and began kissing down her briefly stopping at her navel to lick it a couple of times and licking my way down her shaved pubic area, and sticking my tongue into her lower lips, French kissing it and holding onto her ass, giving it a few lite spanks.

I licked up and down her pussy lips slowly, playing with her clit with my tongue. This action caused her to moan in pleasure, and while I was about to make her come, I stopped, turned off the water, and told her, "let's finish this in bed!"

She smiled at me, and I gave her pussy lips a kiss before standing up and stepping out of the shower.

We left the bathroom, being careful not to slip, and then went over to the first bed. I wasn't concerned with getting dried off, because there was a second bed in the room.

"Get on your knees," I told her, and Mira did so, knowing what I was about to do. Then got on the bed myself, getting behind he and placing my hands on her ass cheeks, gripping them as I plunged my dick into her waiting pussy one more time!

Mira moaned as I fucked her, fucking her hard as I did so while she gave me a reach around, and gently felt my balls.

She came within a couple of minutes giving several more cute moans as she did so, so I pulled out. I had not come yet, but I knew a way she make me!

Mira, once she got her bearings back, spun around and saw my still hard cock in her face, and asked, "you didn't come."

I shook my head and smiled, suggesting, "I know a way you can help with that!"

Mira smiled at me, knew exactly what I was suggesting, and licked around the head of my cock several times before licking on the underside a couple of times, and taking my entire member into her mouth.

She quickly moved her head up and down, sucking me and making me grit my teeth from her blow job. It didn't take long for me to come, and when I was about to I told her I was. All she did was smile and continue sucking me.

It took me another minute before I finally came into her mouth, and she took all my cum like a good girl, swallowing my load and licking the head clean.

I got off the bed and got a cup of water for her to wash down my cum before I kissed her, and stick my tongue into her mouth.

We kissed for about a minute before I lowered myself, and began to suck on her tits again, taking the right one into my mouth and sucking on it for a minute before moving to her left one, and sucking on it for a minute too. Once I was done, I kissed both of her nipples and told her, "let me get those pictures and videos for you."

"Back to work, huh?" Mira teased, giggling when she asked.

I gave her nipples a couple of more kisses before giving her a small kiss, and telling her, "gotta get them to you at some point."

I sucked her tits a little more, kissing her nipples before getting off the bed and grabbing my camera. Mira got off the bed as well and took her laptop out of her duffle bag.

We went over to the little two-seated table at the back of the room, set our equipment down, and didn't even fool around while we waited for the computer to get on the home screen.

Once the home screen was fully up I plugged my camera into her, waited for a minute for the laptop to see its files, and then let her copy the folder that all the videos and photos were in over to her documents folder.

"Okay. All done," she announced as she unhooked my camera from her laptop, and handed it to me.

I took my camera, went to put it back into my bag, and went into the bathroom to get dressed. I came back out with her still sitting at the computer, and uploading a new post to her OnlyFans pages.

I went over to Mira, with her standing up to allow me to kiss her, and then leaning my head down to give her breasts a couple of sucks before I told her, "I need to head home. I need to get some more sleep." I honestly wanted to stay here tonight, but I didn't ask her that, because I knew that would get her in trouble.

"Okay," she said, smiling at me and asking me, "could you come back at six in the morning and take me to the airport?"

"As long as I get to this before you go," I gave her nipples a couple of more kisses before continuing, "I'll have no problem doing that!"

Mira kissed me and told me, "you better!"

I smiled at her, and gave her tits two more good sucks, shaking my head for each one and slowly moving my mouth off each one before I kissed her one last time, kissing her and telling her, "see you in the morning."

With that, I went out the door, went to my SUV, and headed home.

The next morning I went to Mira's hotel, messaging her as soon as I got there. She reply to come on up, that her door was unlocked, and that she was waiting for me. I smiled and head on up, ready to get one more taste of her tits before she headed to New York. I thought about having sex with her one more time, but her flight was at 8:30 AM, and I didn't want to risk her missing her flight.

I got up to her room and opened the door, with Mira standing there, holding her duffle bag and her rolling suitcase. She was wearing black pants and a black tank top, with her bra straps showing, telling me she was wearing a blue bra.

"Ready to go?" I asked, knowing she was, but she then asked, "don't you remember what you wanted to do before we went."

There was a lot I wanted to do before we went, but we didn't have time for that, so instead, I just smiled, walked over to her, and lifted her top, revealing a blue lace bra to me. I then lifted her bra, and put my mouth over her left breast, sucking on it hard for half a minute before moving over to the right one, and giving it a hard suck as well.

I finished things off by kissing both of her nipples, pulling her bra and shirt down, and kissing her. I would have done more, but she didn't have the time. She had to get checked out and have me drive her to the airport.

I took her stuff and told her, "I'll take this out to my car while you get checked out."

"Thank you!" she said with a smile as we walked out of the room, and over to the elevator.

I went out of the building while Mira went to the head desk to check out, and right after I got her bags in the back of my SUV she came out of the hotel, kissed me, and whispered in my ear, "thank you for yesterday."

I whispered back, "my pleasure!"

Mira giggled and said, "I'm sure it was!"

We got in my vehicle and arrived at the airport a few minutes later. I parked near the entrance and helped take her bags out of my SUV. "Thank you," she told me, kissing me before telling me, "if I'm ever in town, we'll have to do this again sometime.

I smiled and told her, "for sure" kissing her one last time before telling each other goodbye. With that, Mira took her bags and headed into the airport.

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