The Beginning of it All for Us.

msmith2015   February 14, 2019   | 31157 Views
This was the beginning of it all for both of us. We actually had talked with our therapist about how we would manage the idea of me watching Julia having sex and having an orgasm with… cheating

This was the beginning of it all for both of us. We actually had talked with our therapist about how we would manage the idea of me watching Julia having sex and having an orgasm with another guy. We explained to her that we had fantasized about this for years and she definitely had someone in mind. Someone that she was very attracted to physically and could easily allow to have sex with. The therapist agreed that keeping it a "secret", the blindfold, and even some light bondage, was actually a good idea as long as I was there to guarantee her complete safety. His advise: the last thing you want is for the guy to think that it's anything other than a purely physical experience to satisfy a married woman with a heightened sense of sexuality. Julia gets pretty passionate during sex, almost out of control, and the less feedback he receives (eye contact, facial expressions, physical contact, etc.) from the experience the better.

Julia and I both knew that he (yes, our therapist) has had a crush on Julia for years simply by the way he looked at her when he didn't think we noticed. Honestly, Julia is so attractive with such an amazing body that I can't imagine any normal guy in his right mind passing up an opportunity to have her even for a short time.

I set it all up and made sure he believed it was a 'secret' and that she didn't know that it would be him or know what was about to happen (but of course she did). I had her blindfolded, lights dimmed, with her wrists tied to our bed posts one evening completely naked and I quietly snuck him into the bedroom to take my place. The rules were that he could only orally stimulate her nipples and pussy and that there was to be no additional touching and when she said 'stop' that meant he was finished and had to leave quietly.

Needless to say it went perfectly - a complete dream come true for everyone including my wife. He slipped into the room and immediately got on the bed and lightly sucked her nipples which clearly got the ball rolling. He quickly and silently moved to her pussy. What surprised me was how much she actually enjoyed it - she didn't even say stop after her first orgasm which is what she usually does with me. She did clamp her theighs on his head preventing him from continuing for a few minutes like she always does with me. But this time, after she relaxed and her legs fell back open again, she let his tongue continue for quite a while slowly giving her a second orgasm. That eventually brough her to a huge climax and almost a sceam to stop. He was a complete gentleman and left immediately - leaving me to enjoy her for the rest of the night.

Since then we have done it several more times - each time more sexually intense then the last. The blindfold and ties are now completely gone. Julia is now enjoying no boundaries including full intercourse from him and even having him ejaculate completely into her mouth. We have never sexually had her at the same time, but at times have shared her back and forth taking turns being the observer.

I always wonder if this is something that most woman would be OK with or maybe even fantacize about. She has shared it with a few of her close girl friends, all of who have sucessfully tried it and all of whom had a 'great experience' and definitely want it to continue. Maybe it just proves what I don't know about woman!

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