Bored Girlfriend

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That night, I showed up at my friend’s party after having argued with my boyfriend. He had been through a  very busy period at work and we barely did anything together,… cheating

That night, I showed up at my friend’s party after having argued with my boyfriend. He had been through a  very busy period at work and we barely did anything together, not even sex. I have a quite high sex drive compared to my boyfriend’s so the lack of attention was really affecting me. I decided to dress up as hot as possible and went to this party ready to enjoy myself and forget about my domestic life.

I wore my long black fitted dress and black shoes. It was a fancy dress party so I also wore some accessories that would give me a Cruella de Vill look. I had straighten my hair and put make up on. I am in a very good shape, petite, so that dress really showed off my assets and made me feel sexy.

The party started and all my friends from work starting drinking and dancing. When Matt, my boyfriend, texted me to finally say he was not able to come to the party I decided to down my drinks as quick as possible. Pretty soon I was pretty affected by the alcohol, laughing and sexy dancing with my colleagues. Sean, the sexy host of the party came to talk to me.

-How is it going?

-Pretty good, I really like your effort to look like Willy Wonka.- I said laughing at his hat.

-Yeah, I pretty much put whatever I had at reach. You are looking very sexy to be Cruella… I never see you this sexy at work, you have a great figure.

-Oh- I did not expect this comment from Sean, we worked in the same department and I am above him, he made me blushed though, he is so sexy.-Thank you Sean, I like dressing up a bit every now and again.

All of the sudden I could feel a hand caressing my ass. It was Sean. His eyes fixed in mine. He knew I had a boyfriend, he knew Matt! He was probably too drunk to realise what he was doing.

-…Eh… and are you okay?- I said trying not to sound too nervous. His hand was really turning me on, I was surprised I didn’t want to shout him about it.

He went quiet, just kept looking deep in my eyes, his hand was now really touching my ass, moving it vigorously up and down. I could feel my breast moving fast, breathing his breath now.

I opened my mouth to talk and he moved his, to kiss me. It was a long passionate kiss, he put his tongue deep in my mouth and I responded with mine to my surprise. We pressed our bodies together and I could feel his huge hard on against my hips, oh how could it be so big?! This made me suck his tongue harder. Suddenly I realised what I was doing and I stopped. He is my friend, my colleague, I have a boyfriend!! - Sean! Don’t worry, oh please don’t overthink this. I can’t, you know… -I manage to mumble.

We carried on dancing for a bit and then we both went different ways to talk to different people. I could feel my heart pounding and my legs shaking with excitement. I tried to make conversation with other people to get distracted but all I could think about was Sean’s kiss, Sean’s tongue… Sean’s dick. I hadn’t felt so alive in so long.

I had some fresh air with some of my girlfriends in Sean’s back patio and then I went upstairs to use the loo. The top floor was dark, I did not know my way around the house so I couldn’t find the switch. I carried on in the darkness across the corridor. When I opened the toilet door, somebody was already there, in the dark and dragged me into the toilet room. The door closed abruptly behind me. Shhhh… Shhh a man said. He pushed me against the closed door and held me by my ass.

-Do you really want me to stop?- It was Sean.

I could barely speak, so I didn’t. I kissed him as I placed my arms around his neck and my legs around his ass. My fitted dress lifted above my panties, they were getting so wet feeling that massive cock now against my dressed pussy. Sean quickly moved my panties to one side and 2 fingers entered my eager pussy.

-Oh, fuck Melinda you are so wet, you are so ready for my dick, are you?..-

I moaned whilst his fingers kept coming in and out me, he span them around inside and that made me moan even louder.

I pushed his trousers and boxers down and managed to touch his cock -Oh Sean, you are so big, how could I be ever ready for this?- Said whilst I moved my hand up and down his great cock.

Sean grabbed the hand that was masturbating him and held it above my head. He then penetrated me, hard. I screamed feeling how my vagina ripped apart whilst Sean bit my neck. I barely had time to get used to his huge dick and he was already fucking me fast. I screamed in pain, in extreme pleasure. He carried on fucking me whilst standing against the door, each thrust would make me moan and dig my nails into his strong back.

I could feel how Sean was running out of breath. He needed to put me down after being holding me for a few minutes. I pushed it to the closed toilet seat and I astride him. I took my dress off and sat on his cock, feeling how it filled each part of my vagina. We both moaned. I started moving, I rode him hard, moving expertly in circles and up and down. Sean closed his eyes and squeezed my ass, he moaned loudly. I loved hearing him. Sean unclipped my bra and my small firm breasts popped in front of his face. He sucked my nipples with hunger whilst pushing me deep inside. “Fuck, I love your tits, your nipples are so sweet.” “Suck them hard!” I ordered and Sean sucked harder whilst one of his hands touched my tits and the other one pushed my ass. I came right in that moment, it was so explosive and intense, I could not remember an orgasm feeling this intense in a long time. Sean kissed me, he was nearly about to come as well. I jumped off his dick and put his perfect cock in my mouth, I started sucking it moving my head up and down. Sean placed a hand in my head “Yeah, Melinda, you suck like a goddess” I loved sucking him, I could taste my cum all over it. My tongue played with the tip of his cock whilst my hand stroked his balls. Then I deep throated him and I could feel his semen entering my mouth. He released a few warm loads and I swallowed it all.

Sean smiled at me and we kissed gently, slowly.

I got up and got dressed, Sean did the same and we left the toilet. Still unaware whether somebody had heard us. But we didn’t care.

That night I went back home, not feeling guilty but excited thinking whether Sean and I would have a second round…soon.

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