Heavenly Experience with neighborhood aunty - part 3

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In this part I explained about how I get a great present from my neighbour aunty, because she had to leave to her husbands home town. Then what happened to her with her driver was explained by her in her views Luxury HAI friends I'm rajan, sorry for the delay.let me start my story. 

After their fight her husband asks her to pack her dresses as they were leaving to her husband's home town to attend the funeral. Kowshalya get dressed and went out to pick up her son from school as her husband was busy in his packing. I followed her back and stopped her to ask " When will she return? “ She said after a week. I got disturbed and said “I'm going to miss you Kousi." She said, “me too.” 

So as a memory I ask her for a goodbye kiss. She gave a flying kiss, I laughed and said who need this baby kiss, I want to feel your lips. 

She replied me that she also wants that but in public how could we kiss. Suddenly, I dragged her to the slum streets where many peoples casually fuck their whores no one cares. 

We hide behind a water tank, and I pull her towards me, she kissed me on my lips, we were kissing, sucking and biting each other for some time. She said, “I miss you raj" and continue our kiss, after sometime some boys laughed at us, she separated from me and said they were watching, 

I said, “It is common here so don't worry” and started to kiss again and lick her neck. She keep on moaning in my mouth. After a great kiss we got separated, and She started to move towards her son's school. I also followed her I was enjoying her ass dance while walking, after we crossed our streets, I caught hold her hand and after sometimes, I put my arms on her shoulders and walk with her. We hire an auto, but it was already very full, I said her to get in. 

First I sat on the auto and said the driver that she is my wife, let she sit on my lap we can adjust it, she also sat without any word, I keep on playing with my tongue and hands all over the body by pressing her hip, ass and boobs. I keep on rubbing my dick over her covered ass, she also loved it and leaned back on my shoulder and enjoy my hands playing all over her body. We reached the school. I waited outside, and she go in and come out with her son. She introduced myself as uncle to her son. We returned and were walking through our streets, I purposely pressed her ass through her saree. #She got blushed and said “We were near to. my home, so please mind your hands raj " 

I laughed and said, “How can I control by seeing these two creamy jack fruits(ass). I want to eat it.” 

She replied that “Please keep quite, my son would hear us, don't worry I will be yours, just one week will past as fast as a day.” 

I said, “1 week is a long gap darling, please take my number call me and if chance we can have a nude sex chat, it would be good to pass a week.” 

She accepted and saved my number in her phone. We reached our home, so, I said goodbye and retuned back to my home. After an hour a car arrives, she come out of her house with her husband and son, they get into the car, and she look around and gave a flying kiss to me and get back to normal before anyone notice her. They have gone, and I retuned back to my room. #In Evening, she sent me a message, "Hi”, I asked her about her journey, She said that they were still in their travel and her husband and son were sleeping. 

I asked about the driver, She said that “He was purposely shaking the car and enjoying my boobs dancing show.” 

I said, “Then give him a green signal, you both have a good fuck somewhere in lonely areas.” 

She got blushed and said, “Stop it, I'm not a bitch, and we are rushing for the funeral.” 

I asked her to put a video call, she refused first, but after sometime she called me. 

We talk for some time, then I started to play with her. 

I ask her to remove her saree above her blouse, and the first two hooks of her blouse. She did as I said and as my commands she starred to play with her boobs by pressing through the half visible blouse and licking it, her husband was sleeping near her, it makes me so aroused. 

I said her to play with her clit through video call, she obeys me, now she was playing with her pussy and closed her mouth though some moans escaped from her mouth. 

I was enjoying the sight of her dry pussy becoming wet. After sometime she got aroused and started to play with her boobs over her blouse. 

Suddenly, she cut my call I keep on calling her, after 3 attempts she picked my call, she was nervous, and she said that driver noticed her playing with her boobs through the mirror. Now she was talking with me by hiding by the front seat suddenly, her husband wake up, then she casually put her phone inside half opened blouse and roll her shoulders with saree to hide the phone. #I was enjoying the scene of her shaking boobs jumping according to the movement of the car. 

The car stopped, it should be a rest spot, so, I cut my phone. 

****From here Kowshalya narrates her part: *****

Suddenly the car stopped, and the driver said that. 

Driver: Let's have some snacks, tea or ice cream because we have to travel a little longer. 

I try to wake my husband, but driver stopped me and said that “He was so tired let him sleep, come let's have some tea.” 

My son suddenly shouted “I want Ice cream.” 

I scold him that “it is nighttime kid, no ice cream.” 

Suddenly driver says that " Leave it mam, eating one time won't cause cold, come I will buy you ice cream.” 

Before refusing his comment driver walk out, and my son also open the door and jumps out of the car and run behind the driver. My husband was sleeping soundly, so, I get down and walk to the store. 

When I reached the shop there stands my son with a chocobar ice cream, and there is no one in the shop. I went near my son, and it was dark there we stand there. After sometime I feel like someone stand behind me, I turned, and it was my driver who stand close to my ass and rubbing my ass with his dick. I can feel his big monster through his pant. He was keep on rubbing by back, and then he slide his one hand, and place it on my hip and keep on pressing it and got it as a grip, and he continued to fucking my ass through my saree slowly. I'm unable to oppose him because of my son's presence. But my son has his full concentration on eating his choco layer of ice cream carefully without letting a single drop. 

My son asked me “mom do you want to taste it.” 

Driver answered him “I have a tick long chocobar with me, I think she likes it, it has a tender high quality thick vennila flavor in it, to taste it she had to suck my chocobar hard. OK kid you go to car and wait with your dad. I'm so hungry, let me have some creamy spongy bun, " by saying this he was keep on pressing my ass. 

As my son run towards the car, driver slowly raise my saree from back, I stopped him and move aside then slap him hard on his face. And shouted at him “How dare you touch me, because of my son's present I keep on avoiding you and tried to stop you, but you are crossing your limits” 

He stopped me and said “Please madam everyone is watching us.” 

Everyone in the store, were watching here. This gives me more confident, and I continued to scold him more “Let them watch, You should be punished severely” by saying this I removed my slipper and started to beat driver hardly on his face. 

He got angry and caught my hand, then pull me towards him and hugged me and whispered in my ears “I have recorded your video chat atrocities by sitting nearby your husband and these men won't support you because they are all my friends, I visit here weakly once and shared more whores like you with them, so don't make any scene like innocent.” 

His words shocked me, so, I ask him to show it to me, but he refused and said, “No I'm going to show it to your husband, I think he would enjoy it.” 

I got confused and beg him not to show the video to her husband. He replied me that “It depends on you only.” 

I again ask him “What I have to do.” 

He asked me to kiss on his cheeks, where I slapped him. I refused it, but after a long argument. I have to do it, to stop him. So, I kissed his cheeks, he pulled me towards the store from dark spot and said, "Everyone have seen you beating me, let them enjoy the show also.” I cried to him, but he was strong on his command, so, I closed my eyes and kissed him everywhere in his cheeks. He ordered me to lick his cheeks, I also licked his cheeks too. 

Then he got my cheeks in his hand and gave a kiss on my lips, I'm shocked by his action. I struggled a lot but his strong hands run all over my body, playing with my ass. After a long struggle, I gave up and driver keep on kissing me and play with my body. Then he dragged me to a shop and gave a sign to that shop owner. 

Suddenly, He opened the door and let us in and lock us outside. Then the driver removed my saree, started sucking my boobs over my blouse and opened my blouse and bra within a second. He got hard on seeing by nude boobs hang free, then he started to play with my boobs, and pinched my nipples then started sucking my boobs alternatively like a hungry animal. I can't stop him because his activities make me aroused and I have started to enjoy it, then he removed his pant and make me to kneel between his legs, and he forced me to suck his cock, it was so sticky and dirty. I refused to do it. 

Then he slapped me many times and forced his cock inside my mouth. After a heavy slaps I can't refuse his dick, so, I started to suck his cock, his dirty smell cause me vomit sensation. He got grip of my mouth and started fucking hard, 

After a long time, the shopkeeper stopped him and say something in his ears. He saw me sucking his cock and keep on staring at my melons. Then driver reply something in his ears. And he leave us and locked the door. 

Driver hit me hard and said “Your bloody husband, came hear by smelling your pussy.” I got jerked by hearing this and I stared to get up, but driver stopped me and said “Did I said you to go, common bitch start sucking my balls." By saying this he make me to swallow all his balls, I struggled a lot and sucked it clean. 

I heard my husband voice outside, and came to know that he was searching on me. Driver opened the side upper door I'm kneeling in front of him which was covered by the lower door. 

He called my husband and said, “Sir 10min. Let me finish my meal.” It was my husband voice answered him that “No problem, I was looking for my wife. Did you see her.” 

Driver laughed and said that “I have seen her going to bathroom, she should be there.” On hearing this my husband was waiting for me outside the bathroom. Then driver gave a sign to suck his dick hard, so, I did as he said. He makes me to suck his dick when my husband was few meters away. 

After 5min driver keep on fucking my mouth and emptied all his load inside my mouth and make me to swallow every drop. Then he ask me to dress up and rushed me to the bathroom through the back door of the shop. The shop owner stopped us and ask something in his ears and smiled at him. Then driver said “enjoy her for 5 minutes, her husband was waiting for 15min, please hurry bhai.” The shopkeeper said thanks to him and the driver left me alone with the 65 aged shopkeeper and went out. 

I was standing there by covering my boobs by my saree rolling on it. The shopkeeper came near to me. He removed my saree and make me topless then he started sucking my boobs. I struggled a lot but I can't, he keep on sucking my boobs and make me kneel down then he removed his pant and make me to suck his cock. After sometime he caught hold my boobs and placed his cock in between my boobs and keep on fucking my boobs. After 5min struggle he came all over my face and boobs. 

Then he make me stand and removed my saree and petticoat in one, hard pull, and make me nude. I haven't expected this, then he placed his mouth on my pussy and started sucking it. I keep on shouting, driver rushed inside and slapped me hard to shut my mouth. Then he said " bhai, she's our whore we can have her anytime, but We have to go now, I will promise you that I will bring her back soon.” 

The shopkeeper accepted his proposal and hugged me tightly and gave me a deep kiss in my lips. And say that “I want her for a week package, and she want to be my slut for the whole week.” On seeing me he said, “Get ready for a good fuck bitch” and slapped on my nude ass. 

Driver accepted his proposal and Dragged me to the bathroom and gave me a last kiss and played with my body for some time and throw my dresses on my face and ask me to get ready quickly. I have no time to think about what happened to me. I got dressed and went out of the bathroom, my husband was there he was angry at me. He said that “I'm waiting here for nearly 30min what are you doing in side, and why are you so wet.” 

I lied at him that “I spell some ice cream in my dress and I take more time to clean and make it dry. By seeing this driver laughed at me, and We got into the car. And my son said, “Why are you so late mummy, How many ice creams did you ate today." I beat to make him shut. By seeing this driver smiled at me. Then he started driving the car, while driving he always stared me and sometime he gave me a flying kiss while everyone were sleeping. I got afraid of him that he was planning to make me a real bitch. So, I planned to take this problem to rajan, I have no choice because I can't bring this issue to my husband he will divorce me, so my only option is rajan ." 

Thank you friends, I think you have enjoyed my story. Sorry for the delay guys, Because of lockdown, I'm busy, so, I can't develop my next part. Please share your thoughts. Mail :[email protected].
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