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Showing herself to this young guy !

ALbertpark895   April 23, 2017   | 40546 Views
but this time, this exhibitionesm sex story was veeery hot banner1 Im 31 my girlfriend is 33, she is a hot blonde beautiful boobs, and a tight ass. She loves running so her body is in very good shape. She is a very open minded woman, sexually we have really had fun. but this time, this exhibitionesm sex story was veeery hot, We decided to travel for 4 hours to this city close to the beach, we have never been in that place before.

We decided to stay in this small lodge Managed by this cool old man and his grandson Charlie he was about 16 years old, So My girlfriend Sam decided to go to the beach to take the sun, the beach was like in a secret private place, very few people around, I join her minutes later She was wearing her very little swimsuit She looked so hot, people around stare at her all the time, this young guy charlie was some times around checking her out from the distance, he looked like a shy guy.
It was about 6:30pm, we were joking. the beach was a little lonely and I dared her to remove her top. She have never done that before, but I finaly convence her to do so, So she did it.

and there she was topless, around that wonderful beach.

so at night she got dressed and we came back to our room. We took a shower and make out in the shower, she was making so much noise, I had her so hard , thats the way she likes it.

then I got out of the shower  and decided to go and take a walk by byself around the lodge, it was about 11 pm, she stayed in the tub for more time.

I was out for half an hour and when I returned, I noticed that she was laughing, so I asked her what happen here? She said:

after you left,  charlie knocked at the door and brought a drink that you supposedly sent me, i looked through the window and saw that it was this young guy, as I was still in the tub I was wet and just took your white shirt and put it on. and I openned the door to receive the drink.

He was in shock when I opened the door, I said what happened charlie?
.. You have a ver wonderful body ma'am
and thats when I realized that the shirt got transparent because I was wet !! He could just see through.
I tried to cover a little but he had already seen me almost naked.
So he was so impressed, I just relaxed and I said thank you ! Do you really like it? i asked him
of curse ma'am he said.
So i turned, he was still at the door, I went for some coins to tip him and he had the chance to take a look at my ass as well.
So, I asked him to brimg me another of those tasty drinks. He is just coming back I think

Jejeje I laugh ... so you really gave him a hot show sweet heart.
I guess so she said
You turned me on with that story honey
Sure, I cant wait to see what is happening when he comes back ! You should give this little guy something good this time, he have been such a good boy.
of course I dare you babe.

And in that moment, he calls at the door----
There he is babe, impress him with that hot linguerie ... Ill be watching from behind the curtains

She opened the door and there she was looking completely hot and this total strange 16 years old guy checking out my girlfriend, somehow I was turned on !

Se said, thank you charlie, Would you like to come in for a while?
so he entered the room
i see you cant stop looking at me
do you like what you see?
for sure !
would you like to see some more?

So she took her bra out and there were her tasty boobs outside, the guy had the bonner of his life
She said would you like to touch them?
So he started touching that sweet breast!

Sam said, so i showed you, now I want you to show me that !
He took his pants out .
and My girl was abut to yerk out this 16 years old !
She put it in her boobs and started to rub it.
He was about to fell down
Do you like it?
Yes ma'am he said,
She took it with her hands and after a while he came completely !
He was so pleased.

She just said thank you for the drinks charlie !

And he left

She was so very hot ! !
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