Bhabhi - Such a Beauty!

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A story oh how I seduced, satisfied and enjoyed my Bhabhi! Luxury

Hi Readers! This is my first story here. Please bear with me in case of mistakes. So this is a story about how I played around and indulged with a bhabhi of mine who was unhappy and dissatisfied with her life!

A brief about me. I am from Kolkata, have an average build body, about 5 feet 9 in height and got a 6.5-inch Tool. Have a special fetish for mature woman. Not that it is less for the others. So feel free to reach out and indulge. Always open to new connections.

Now getting to the story. This is about a couple of years back. I was preparing for my entrance examinations for my master’s degree. while selecting the location for the exams I figured I would have to travel to one of the Tier II cities for the examinations.

Now after much deliberation, it was decided that I would go to Pune where my cousin brother and Bhabhi had shifted sometime back. This was quite a good news for me as I was looking forward to meeting them. I would be lying if I said I had never helped myself fantasizing about this beautiful lady.

After all, who can resist imagining riding curves like those she had on her. The Stats – 34-28-34! Now isn’t that something. Although she isn’t that tall (stands at around 5 feet), but a fair complexion with a really pretty face just adds to the irresistibility. To be frank, I really did not imagine that things would pan out the way they did.

The day of the exams got nearer and they were also awaiting my arrival. I was a bit disappointed when I heard my uncle and aunt were going to be living there too at that time. But I soon figured they would be around for a day or two only. So I planned my trip accordingly.

So I got to spend a few days with them and a few more after my exam when they are gone. Finally, the day of my travel came by and I was greeted by my brother and uncle on arrival at the airport. We went home directly and met my aunt and bhabhi. She was looking beautiful in a well-fit salwar kameez.

It just seemed as though each inch had been well measured and fitted to reveal the shape in its full glory. Couldn’t have resisted my junior there, but the jeans did their bit to cover up pretty well. A little orthodox type of a family setting they had.

I was going to hug my Bhabhi. But she just moved back a little pointing at her in-laws through the corner of her eyes as if to suggest not now. She did hint that she personally didn’t have that kind of a mindset from that small eye-act of hers. So things settled that day and not much happened.

Of course, I did make my way to the washroom a few times. Fantasies never stop, especially when you have what you desire right in front of you. In the next couple of days, I didn’t really talk much to her on a one-to-one basis. Firstly I was busy with my preparations and then the oldies were always there to have a look.

But I did see her frequently. She was the one who was looking after all my requirements. She would be visiting my room every now and then. There would be times when our hands would touch while she was helping me out with something. Or I would brush her hips at times by mistake.

But she never complained. To add to this playfulness, her lovely body-hugging clothes would keep my sensations going on. What a bomb she looked. Trust me, any guy being there would just find it impossible to control themselves including me. But somehow I just had to.

Washroom would be the go-to place quite a few times in the day for me. But during these few days that I realized that she wasn’t really happy and enjoying her life now. I could hear aunt and uncle shouting at her from the room while preparations for even the smallest mistakes.

And it wasn’t like my brother was supportive either. When he would be back from office, the aunt would complain to him. He would add salt to the wounds instead of hearing her out and listening to her perspective of things. There wasn’t much that I could do about it at that point in time. So I let things be.

Why interfere when you can’t make things better?

Then my exam day came by. It was a Sunday. My cousin had said he would help me with my travel to and from the center as it was a little far from their place. So that was sorted. Uncle and aunty would have left by the time I would be back.

My cousin had also applied for a leave for the next day so that they could take me around. The exam went well and I was pretty happy. I was expecting my cousin outside the center but he wasn’t there. So I switched on my phone and saw a few missed calls.

There was a message saying that he had to travel to Ahmedabad for an important meeting in the morning the next day. But Bhabhi will be there with me and take me around the city. That instant feeling of your dreams being realized is something I felt that day.

And trust me it was quite an amazing feeling. I called Bhaiya and confirmed the same. He was already on his way to the airport. And I just booked a cab and zoomed my way home. Bhabhi was there to welcome me. This time this wasn’t the traditional Indian beauty that I had been greeted by a few days back.

This was a makeover into a ravishing hot babe. A deep neck sleeveless top and the tight cotton hot pants that chicks wear at home. And yes, I got that damn hug! And what it felt like, I cannot describe! Goddess of wet dreams! The hard-on could not be covered this time and she felt it well while hugging.

The slight blush after it told me that pretty well. She understood that I was a little awestruck and smiled. She told me about how my cousin had to leave and how we will have to make do with each other. But she didn’t know how happy I was inside. Especially after these small clues that she had been giving me.

I had made up my mind that I would add to my score here. The only way was I couldn’t make it too obvious. I had to wait for a loophole from her to let her guard down. Then I would shoot right in. And that opportunity wasn’t very far. She asked me to freshen up and then we sat down to watch TV.

I was hardly looking at the TV. Least bothered about what was going on. She started a general conversation. From general topics to my exams to the TV series. Then I asked her how she is enjoying her married life, alone with bhaiya here. Must be a lot of fun and happiness I added.

I knew from the last few days that things weren’t the best for her here. The way she was yelled at and treated. So I used this as a way of getting to win her trust and penetrate further from there. It seemed to turn out pretty well. She started to tell me about her in-laws don’t really like her.

Whenever they are around she is subject to criticism. Then I intentionally brought my cousin into the discussion. Praising him and saying that he must be very supportive and keep you happy at such times. That is when she broke into tears and opened up about her life.

He had completely changed from what he was during the courtship period. They didn’t really talk much now. The opportunity was created and I needed to cash in now. I moved closer to her and wiped her tears. She lay her head on my chest and sought the comfort that she desperately needed.

I had to probe further and move into the physical side of things. So I asked her in a surprised manner as to how he had become like this. I added that he seems to be so open and allows you to wear such modern outfits. But still, he stays away from you. How is that?

She replied in a helpless tone, “But what’s the use? When he doesn’t even care to see and compliment.” And there I had my loophole. Thrilled at having made my way to it. I didn’t want to leave the chance and took the chance on the ‘Free Hit’.

“Only a fool could do something like that and not realize how lucky he is,” I said. Instantly, she looked up and with a naughty look asked me, “Why do you think that he is lucky?” And I had cleared the boundary. I knew she was in. She was sad, waiting to be loved, unsatisfied and on my chest.

And with this question, she was eagerly waiting for me to satisfy her needs and give her all that she has been craving for. I accepted this request with open hands. I said, “Come on, bhabhi, just look at you. Only a man who is not in his sane mind would be able to ignore a beautiful and sexy lady like you.”

The naughty look now turned into a more seductive naughty smile and tears were all dry. I sensed that she was getting into the groove. She then asked me, “What makes you say that I am sexy?” She was playing around a little more. Was probably testing to get words out directly from me.

After all, she did want appreciation and compliments from my cousin as well. I replied boldly and more directly this time. It was time to get things moving, the talk tease was going to make way for some action. I started from her eyes, trying to describe my understanding of its depth and the love it seeks.

Turned out to be the perfect bait to get her hooked. From there I moved to the softness of her cheeks while slowly caressing my fingers through them. Then to the perfectly carved lips made to induce a man to want to suck the juice out of them. She was already beginning to lose control in all of this.

I got my hands down from her cheeks to the side of the neck. She had closed her eyes and started feeling herself up. She was enjoying every bit of it. I pulled her closer and planted a kiss on her neck. She let out a soft moan. And there it was, the fantasies were turning into a reality.

I was with the woman of my dreams. She was all hooked and left wanting for me. I kissed her around her neck and she was moaning in pleasure. I could imagine the desperation in her. Quite a few months without satisfaction and she couldn’t control herself from the lightest of touches on the neck.

Pulled her up on my lap on the sofa. She was sitting above me our bodies fully jammed into each other. We started making out. She got wilder with each going second. Tongues interlocked, we started biting each other. I got hold of her plump ass and started squeezing it hard.

I have a thing for big asses I must confess. Babe had gotten really wild. She was chewing and biting my lips. She was riding me from the top with the clothes on. Couldn’t resist her desire any further. The riding got intense, but I pushed her down. Didn’t want her to reach her orgasm this soon.

I laid her on the couch and pulled apart her top. I laid on top of her and started feeling up her melons from above her bra. Those nipples couldn’t hide and pointy they were. She was constantly pressing my tool against her pussy and trying to rub it as hard as she could. But I wanted to tease her more.

Well, sometime back she was trying to play around too. And guys will second me here – there aren’t too many better moments than seeing a woman crave for your tool with all her desire. I wanted to enjoy the pleasure myself too. I licked neck her and she just kept moaning and shivering.

Pulling me towards her with all her might. She pulled me up and started making out like crazy again. Her hands caressing my hair and me squeezing those round melons from under the bra. I forced out of the kiss and held her hands tightly. Pulling out her bra with the other hand.

The lust in her eyes turned me on further. I attacked those 34D boobs. Firm and round, they would remain intact without the bra too. Sucked at them and then she moaned. With every moan, I just sucked her harder. I pinched and I bit and then I licked. Those nipples just got harder and harder.

She wanted me now. Wanted me in her too bad. “Please fuck me now babe,” she pleaded, tearing apart the buttons of my shirt in her attempt to dominate. “Fuck me! Make me your slut baby!” I licked through her cleavage all the way down to the belly button. She was aroused.

The moans were a pleasure in itself. I pulled down her shorts and I could see her floral panties drenched in cum. My bhabhi had already had an orgasm and was gasping for more. She removed my pants and winked at my tool from over my underwear. Holding it tight and squeezing it.

She went inside in no time and started giving me a handjob. And man! Was she happy to see the size and thickness of my fully erect tool? She confessed that she hadn’t seen a cock this size. Bhaiya was not anywhere close. It made her want it even more now. She pulled down her panty and my underwear.

And there we were stark naked. The girl of my dreams laying bare in front asking to get fucked. I licked around the clean-shaven pussy, as though she had planned for this moment and prepared for it. Caressing her plumpy spongy ass and licking around her inner thighs. She was moaning and trembling by now.

Putting on a condom I slowly entered her pussy in missionary position. It was pretty tight. A testament to the dry spell she had been having in her life. By the time I was fully inside her, the moans had turned to screams. I could see tears roll down from the corners of her eyes.

Again she had tears, but this time they were of pleasure and satisfaction. I started fucking her slowly. She screamed my name again and again. I started increasing the speed slowly. I continued fucking her for 15 minutes. Then I was going to cum too.

And for the final burst, I increased my intensity to the max for around 20 good seconds. And the scene was pretty intense. Then I finally cummed. I could see the gleam of satisfaction in her eyes. She had multiple orgasms. Something that she had been craving for a long time.

I got to fuck the girl of my dreams. The babe with the perfect shape. We cuddled for some time and then we cleaned ourselves up. We had our indulgence multiple times before I left for home. And yet we still yearn for more at every opportunity we get.

I hope you all liked the adventure that I shared. Please reach out with comments at [email protected]. For all those ladies/girls/aunties out there, looking to have some fun online or offline please feel free to reach out. Privacy Assured. Will be waiting. Thank you for a patient read.

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