Her very first Sensual Spanking

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Sue sat nervously in her lounge, feeling excited yet scared as she waited for him to arrive.

Over and over in her mind, she wondered if she was doing the right thing

This was not the first time she asked herself this question.

That morning as she answered David's text messages, following his instructions carefully, she wondered what had come over her. Each attempt to understand herself only made her more nervous and anxious.

 For some time now Sue had fantasized about experiencing what it would feel like to be spanked. Not a dominant rough spanking, but an erotic spanking from a man whose hand made her flesh tingle and sent a tingling sensation moving through her body.

Browsing the internet one day looking at spanking websites, Sue spotted an interesting looking advert in the contact’s section.

"Hi - I'm David, a good-looking Gentleman with a GSOH looking to put naughty ladies over my knee for sensual spankings."

The contact details were local, and the advert had complimentary reviews.

After mulling over the idea for 24 hours, Sue decided to ring the contact number to find out more.

David was extremely interested in helping her, so after checking a few details Sue arranged to let David visit her at her home the following day.

One thing Sue did stipulate was that her friend Avril would be there as well although upstairs, just for Sue's peace of mind, and David was perfectly happy with that.

All that morning, David had sent Sue text messages to prepare her for their first session. He would be arriving promptly at twelve noon. He wanted her to touch herself, but not to bring herself to orgasm. Not being able to orgasm would be frustrating, as Sue was not a stranger to masturbation, having used it often to help release and relieve her inner urges.

 David asking her to play with herself had aroused her, and she could still feel the moistness between her legs. His other directions did nothing to help that. He instructed her to gently rub lotion into her buttocks, as he wanted her skin to be soft and smooth. David had also requested that Sue be dressed in a bra and panties and black stockings.

 Sue was dressed like that now, underneath a thin dressing gown, just as David had told her to. She felt cheap and slutty. That feeling only increased her need to submit to a spanking, to get exactly what she deserved. The thought was so naughty, but it was also so hot, and the desire between her legs increased every time it entered her mind.

The doorbell rang and Sue walked quickly to the door to let her visitor in.

David was smartly dressed in a black business suit, with a white shirt and sober red tie. As she closed the door, she could feel his eyes on her body and a thrill moved through her. When she turned, she saw the lust in those eyes, and she caught her breath.

“Are you ready for your spanking?”

David gave her a smile that was at once casual and reassuring. The glint and brightness of his eyes made her tremble.


Sue almost whispered, and she knew that she did not sound convincing.

David took her hand and led her to the living room. He guided her to stand by the chair and place her hands on the arms so that she bent over slightly.

“This is how you’re going to stand for the spanking.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sue realized there was no other way to address this man. Calling him David or saying anything else suddenly seemed wrong. When she stood straight and looked up at him, she saw the approval in his eyes.

"I told you I would be tempted to try and claim you for myself, but that will only happen if you request it, Sue.”

A bright look entered David’s eyes, and she then understood that she had nothing to fear, as he was not going to do anything that she had not agreed to.

“I can see you have a submissive streak to you that is delicious. If you ever want to explore it, I’ll be happy to help you - with your blessing of course.”

Sue shuddered and relaxed. That would, she thought, be an incredible thing. Maybe if she enjoyed this, it would be something she could talk to David about. She had the sense that she could trust David, that he knew exactly what she wanted from him and just how far he could go.

“I’m going to spank you as hard as you want me to. I am going to start gently, and progressively get harder. But we do need a safe word 

When I reach the point that you feel you want me to stop, just say the word ‘red.’ Can you do that for me?”

“What happens when I say red?” Sue asked.

“When you say red, I’ll stop. I won’t stop before then, but if you need me to stop at any time, say red and I will.”

Sue nodded and took in a deep breath.

“I say Red any time I need to stop and have had as much as I can want.”

Sue bit her lip nervously.

“What if I can’t find the point of what I want?”

David gave a light laugh.

“I’m going to be watching you too. If your skin is getting too red or too warm, I’ll stop myself. Don’t be afraid to take pain if you’re enjoying it.

I’ve trained myself very carefully to look for signs that I need to stop.”

Sue was afraid to keep looking up into David’s eyes. She realized she could easily get lost in them. She thought it must be incredibly easy for anyone to fall under his spell and gladly submit to his wishes.

Sue removed her dressing gown, slid off her panties, and turned to the chair, placing her hands on the arm, bending forward.

David placed his hand on her buttocks, massaging them gently. The feeling was soft and sensual, and she relaxed.

The first slaps he administered were light on her skin, merely taps and teases. She relaxed further and let her mind float along the sensations.

Sue did not register that the slaps were increasing until the first jolt of pleasure moved through her body, sliding along her nerves, up to her mind, shooting through the sensual haze that filled her. The sound of his hand spanking her filled her ears as David alternated between her buttocks, each slap slightly harder, and faster than the one before it.

Her body shivered with each slap as her mind swam in the sensual warmth of his warm, hard touch. 

The feeling of his palm hitting her skin made the moistness between her legs increase and she longed for more, and the increase in her arousal only made her bottom even more sensitive to his touch.

“You are as much of a spanking slut as I hoped you would be.”

David’s voice was soft, silky, and smooth, betraying the force of his hand against Sue’s body.

The intensity of his slaps made Sue cry out. Sometimes calling for more, sometimes simply uttering a gentle moan, her buttocks glowing, and her mind lost in the pain and pleasure she was experiencing.

A few more slaps and Sue’s cries became a loud scream and her body shuddered. She felt her breasts swell and her nipples harden. As her knees buckled and gave way, she slowly sank to her knees, waves of pleasure washing over her.

David helped her to her feet and led her to the sofa.

“That can happen. Your body releases endorphins as your pleasure builds up till you cannot help but orgasm.”

He guided her to lie down on her stomach and wiped the tears from Sue’s face. She looked up at him to see only softness in his eyes now.

“You were so beautiful. I am going to call Avril now, so that she can sit with you as you recover.

If you want this again, please let me know. It would be my absolute honour and pleasure to play with you again.”

Sue nodded and felt the tears continue to stream down her cheeks. She had no idea why she was crying.

Was it the release of her orgasm, or her body’s reaction to so much pleasure?

She now realised that she so wanted David to do this and more to her again, because she loved the new sensations that he had given her.

It was the most wonderfully sensual thing she had ever experienced.

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